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Qbit Technologies Inc

Qbit Technologies IncCompany Profile1Qbit is an Innovation platform focusing in creating strong links between research on new technologies and businesses, with the aim to translate this relationship into tangible solutions and products.Through our pragmatic approach, we grow our knowledge by experimenting innovation and transforming it, to create cutting edge business solutions. We transfer this know-how to organizations, assisting them in their growth and their relationship with technology and the future, at a strategic and tactical level. We are present where innovation is made. With a presence in Silicon Valley and other innovation districts around the globe such as Israel and main European Research Hubs, Qbit draws upon a strong innovation network, through which we constantly research and develop leading edge strategy modelsand business solutions.2What is Qbit

one@computer.org2Qbit aims at positioning itself as a leading worldwide solution provider for Virtual Reality Solutions (VRS), based on innovative technologies developed in Silicon Valley with its partners. Qbit underlying strategy is to become the preeminent point of reference for a wide array of enterprises and organizations by assisting them in their Virtual Reality (VR) project design and development, as well as creating and market vertical products and solutions based on our tech platforms.3Qbits Mission

one@computer.org3A new way of conceiving the web will reshape people lives. The Internet structure and architecture is evolving rapidly as new technologies are brought to market. The vision of a 3D Web has been taking shape in the last 10 years, with various players actively involved to reach an increasing level of immersivity of 3D environments. In 2015, VR is about to hit the mainstream market, thanks to technology enablers, such as: innovative VR devices, new system architectures and increasing calculus power.In order to leverage VRs full potential, organizations will need to find the right competencies and resources to harness this new technology platform, and be able to quickly design and implement solutions to enhance their business model proposition in this new dimension..4A vision for the future

one@computer.org4The Virtual Reality Market is an emerging and incredibly promising market. It can be compared to a new wave of the Internet. By 2020 VR will be mainstream and widely adopted in homes and offices.The main technological factors influencing the rise of online virtual reality are the following:High bandwidth availabilityScalable network architectureCloud processing power and resource allocationA new conception of domain system architectureA new generation of i/o devices

Virtual Reality Opportunity

5one@computer.org5Qbit integrated operating model is the combination of three platforms and their derivatives:

6Qbits Framework for Value Generationone@computer.org6Foresight PlatformQbits foresight platform is based on activities of the Institute for The Future (IFTF), Qbits partner in Palo Alto, CA.Thanks to the IFTF research activity model, we have access to future models, innovations and new techs, before others do.The foresight platform also allows us to scout and select promising technologies or project ideas, to be developed in the Products Platform.Technology PlatformThis platform allows Qbit to develop services and solutions for clients, as well as vertical markets dedicated products. Our main VR verticals are based on the Highfidelity platform.Products PlatformThis is the platform that allows us to scale technology projects by managing a product to market process through the creation of dedicated self standing operating vehicles and start-ups.Qbits management selects the most promising commercially viable projects, and fosters their development through an incubation and acceleration process in partnership with investors.

7The Operating Platforms Explainedone@computer.org78Business Platforms ContentsTECHNOLOGY PLATFORMSERVICESAPPLICATIONSFORESIGHT PLATFORMPRODUCTS PLATFORM CONSULTINGPROJECTSPORTFOLIO SPIN OFFSFORESIGHT TOOLKITEXECUTIVE TRAININGV-SPORTSTECH CONSVRCOLLABVR EVENTSVR CONS3D E-COMMAILIVE ADVRXVR SMART CITIESVR TRAININGSIMSVR GEO- MAPPING3D MALLSNewCo XYZ PROMO BOARDSTRATEGYCONSULTINGNewCo 3D MappingNewCo 3D e-CommerceNewCo 3D Training Tools IMPACTCONSULTINGNewCo VR Confone@computer.org89The 4 main vr vertical products will be developed on highfidelity technology.Qbits VR Based Vertical Products9one@computer.org10About the IFTFIFTF is an independent, non-profit research organization with amore than 45-year track record. Itscore research staff and creative design studiowork together to provide practical foresight for a world undergoing rapid change.Among researchstaffare experienced forecasters representing a range of disciplines from the social sciences, public policy, and technical domains. They are joined by a creative design staff who render our research in accessible and innovative print and digital formats.IFTFs network extends beyond staff to include affiliateswho bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences to our research and events, from university professors to independent thought leaders and hands-on innovators.

one@computer.org10Highfidelity is an open source platform to create scalable and interoperable online 3D virtual interactive environments, using smart VR devices and hardware to catalyze a new kinds of interactions.HF is the result of years of work and dedication by a cutting edge team lead by Philip Rosedale (Founder of Secondlife, Coffe&Power).HF allows scalability and interoperability of virtual environments, leveraging the cloud processing capabilities and an innovative concept of network architecture.Qbit develops VR solutions for its clients and its VR products verticals, based on the Highfidelity platform.About HighFidelity11

High Fidelity Incone@computer.org11Qbit Global Reach & Operations

StaffContractorsPartners12one@computer.org1213Management Team Mattia Crespi Entrepreneur and Technologist, SA member of IEEE, collaborates with the Institute for the Future of Palo Alto (US) and several working groups within NATO, research centres and universities. He can boast of 20 years experience in marketing and innovation areas as serial start-up promoter.Stefano Zavattaro Economist with 23 years experience in investing in SMEs, he has headed up several pan-European Private Equity practices, completing over 30 transactions. Stefano entertains relationship with several global financial investors and supports Italian businesses in their internationalization efforts.Andrea Barbalonga Entrepreneur, starts out his career as investment banker in London. Back in Italy, he founds a consultancy promoting investments in the VC and REPE areas, maintaining a fundamental network of relations with the financial and academic ecosystems in the UK.one@computer.org1314Clients


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