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  • 1. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A531/AH531Your Essential Partner 0 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU

2. Product positioning1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 3. Positioning Fujitsu Mobile DevicesBenefits Superior Line Advanced LineUltimate Computing forIndividual NeedsMobile Office LIFEBOOK T901 All-round Line 33.8 cm (13.3-inch)STYLISTIC Q550 Standard Home and25.7 cm (10.1-inch) CELSIUS H910 Office Application CELSIUS H710LIFEBOOK T730 39.6 43.9 cm (15.6 17.3-inch)30.7 cm (12.1-inch) LIFEBOOK NH751 LIFEBOOK P771 43.9 cm (17.3-inch)LIFEBOOK T580 30.7 cm (12.1-inch)25.7 cm (10.1-inch) LIFEBOOK AH531/GFO / AH530/HD6 LIFEBOOK AH531/AH530 LIFEBOOK E751 LIFEBOOK S76133.8 cm (13.3-inch) LIFEBOOK A531/A530 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) 39.6 cm (15.6 -inch)LIFEBOOK S751 LIFEBOOK LH531 35.6 cm (14-inch) 35.6 cm (14-inch)LIFEBOOK P70130.7 cm (12.1-inch) Functionality2Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 4. Product Matrix of Fujitsu Mobile DevicesDetailed Product View Tablet PC Ultrathin & MiniMainstreamPortable= 16-inch CELSIUS H910SuperiorLIFEBOOK T901LIFEBOOK P771CELSIUS H710 LIFEBOOK S761STYLISTIC Q550Advanced LIFEBOOK P701LIFEBOOK E751LIFEBOOK T730LIFEBOOK S751LIFEBOOK T580LIFEBOOK AH531/GFO LIFEBOOK NH751All-round AH530/HD6LIFEBOOK AH531/AH530LIFEBOOK A531/A530LIFEBOOK LH5313 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 5. Portfolio of Fujitsu Mobile Devices Superior Ultimate Computing for Individual NeedsAdvancedAll-roundMobile OfficeStandard Home and Office ApplicationLIFEBOOK LIFEBOOK LIFEBOOKCELSIUS P771 S761 T901H910LIFEBOOKLIFEBOOKLIFEBOOK STYLISTIC H710 P701E751 T730/T580Q550 30.7 cm 33.8cm 33.8 cm39.6 43.9 cm LIFEBOOKLIFEBOOK LIFEBOOK(13.3-inch) (15.6 17.3-inch) S751 (12.1-inch)(13.3-inch) LH531AH531/AH530 NH75125.7 cmFrom 1.4 kgFrom 1.66 kg From 2.0 kgFrom 2.75 kg 30.7 cm35.6 - 39.6 cm25.7-30.7 cm A531/A530 (10.1-inch) (12.1-inch)(14 - 15.6-inch)(10.1- 12.1-inch) From 2.1 kg From 1.4 kgFrom 760 g Stylish, Optional Tablet PC Dedicated35.6 cm 39.6 cm43.9 cmFrom 1.6 kgultra-port- 3G/UMTS Optionalhigh-(14-inch) (15.6-inch)(17.3-inch)able design Ultimate 3G/UMTS performanceFrom 2.2 kgFrom 2.5 kgFrom 3.6 kg Slim and Unbeatable Convertible/ Stylish Ultimatesecurity Ultimategraphics lightweightnumber ofTablet PCSlate PCmobility with (incl. ATP)securitycard Reliable Reliable Appealingdesign interfaces Optional Multipleoptional Lightweight(incl. ATP) Optionaland solid and solid design Optional Optional 3G/UMTStouch and3G/UMTS3G/UMTSdesigndesignpen input with Active/ Optional 3G/UMTS3G/UMTS GPS support Ultimateexcellent Ultimate Optional Optional Optional dualdiscrete Long battery Long battery Dual securitydesign securityBlu-ray 3G/UMTS and graphics, 3G/UMTSdigitizer* runtimeruntimedigitizer(incl. ATP)(incl. ATP) DiscdiscreteBlu-ray or GPS Long battery Berliner Ambient Light Long batteryruntimeglass option* CAD,DCC,combo drive graphicsDisc drive, Antiglare Sensor runtimeVIS certified Spill- Spill-3G/UMTS wide-angle Ambientresistant resistant 5-way displayLight Sensorkeyboardkeyboard with surround UltimateNumPadspeakerssecuritysystem(incl. ATP)* Depending on model4Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 6. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A531/AH531 Highlights 5 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 7. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A531/AH531High-quality design and performance for demandingbusiness and entertainmentStrength: Excellent entertainment Thanks to a large 15.6-inch and16:9 format HD-LCD display and a HDMI connection for large LCD orplasma screens Powerful components High-performance Intel Core i7/i5/i3processors and state-of-the-art Intel HD graphics Energy efficiency Due to an LED backlight for high-value viewingquality and long battery runtimes Usability Special flat cap spill-resistant keyboard with full num pad Optimal flexibility Optional available 3G/UMTS connection forlocation-independent working and mobile data transfer39.6 cm (15.6-inch)2.5 kg 6 6Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 8. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A531/AH531Technical Summary 7 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 9. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A531/AH531 Product description Screen size: 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) HD Weight: 2.5 kg Battery runtime: Up to 7:20 h Appealing design - Premium high-glossy design finishor stylish matt black designTechnology 2nd generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and Intel HM65 chipset Choice of glossy or anti-glare display Memory: up to 8 GB RAM (DDR3 1333Mhz) Hard disk drive: 750, 500, 320 or 250 GB Onboard graphics: Intel HD Graphics orIntel HD Graphics 3000 (depending on CPU) Intel Wireless Display technology 1.3 Mpix webcam and integrated microphone 2 built-in stereo speakers Connectivity: optional embedded 3G/UMTS,integrated WLAN (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth and Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000) Interfaces: HDMI, 3x USB 2.0, VGA, memory card reader, ExpressCard slot (34 / 54 mm) 8Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 10. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A531/AH531Feature Function Benefit9Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 11. Performance ProcessorFeatureFunction Benefits 2 generation Intel Intel Core i3/i5/i7 nd Getthe best mobile Mobile processor processorperformance when technologysimultaneously working with two or more applications Mobile Intel HM65 Supports Intel Anti- chipset Theft Technology (Intel AT) for PC protection that can disable a lost or stolen PC and reactivate it data1 One processingwithout compromise toSingle core CPU core in one core. data2 the system or data Two processingDual core CPU data1 core simultaneouslydata2 core in dual core.10 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 12. Performance Graphics FeatureFunctionBenefits IntelHD Graphics Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics take /Intel HD Graphics integrates high- advantage of graphics 3000performance graphics being integrated into and media processing the processor, thus right on the processor, significantly boosting putting the two keyperformance, while gaming components eliminating the need for CPU processing and separate hardware and graphics together on the design and a single chipperformancechallenges thataccompany them. Significant 3Dperformance for animmersive mainstream& casual gamingexperience supportinga broad range of gametitles 11 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 13. Performance Intel WiDi FeatureFunctionBenefits Intel Wireless Enjoy all of your Ease of use Display personal and online You can sit back and content on a big screen experience your with a simple wireless favorite movies, connection videos, photos, onlineshows and more onyour TV with greatimage clarity andsound 12Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 14. ReliabilityFeatureFunctionBenefits Spill-resistant Protection against Enough time to shutkeyboardsystem damage down the notebook andcaused by accidentalremove the liquid fromspillsthe notebook13Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 15. Everywhere Anytime Online Feature Function Benefits WLAN Ideal connectivity Be online under allthrough integration of conditions, in andIntel Centrino outside the office, withWireless N1030 WLAN WLAN Bluetooth Ideal connectivity Synchronizedatathrough integration of between severalBluetoothdifferent devices wirelessly with integrated Bluetooth Embedded 3G/UMTS 3G/UMTS transceiver Extends anywhere /(optional) anytime connectivity to locations not covered by public hotspots or WLAN14Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 16. Ease of use Feature FunctionBenefits Status LED Even if top cover is LED intercity control forshut, the battery status lower power, whenand the power battery operationindication light can beconfirmed. KeyboardThe keyboard is Easyto type keyboard expanded up to the and extra number limit width of the mainblock body 1.3 megapixel Webcam for personal Comfortablewebcam (plus built-in video-chatting, communication withoutdigital microphone)instant messaging andany accessories pictures Anytime USB Charge Charge USB devices Shut down your PC functionregardless of theeven if your power supply accessories need to becharged15Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 17. Interfaces LIFEBOOK A531/AH531Audio Memory card slot ExpressCard slot (34 / 54 mm)VGA HDMI USB USB with LAN / Ethernet (RJ-45)Anytime USB Charge ODD DC-inUSBKensington Lock16 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 18. 17 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU