Profiting From Social Media

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Presentation from Tom Smith of trendstream on why social media is the future of content consumption, how to operate and importantly how to make money. Focus on video including global and US research.

Text of Profiting From Social Media

  • 1.
    • Profiting from Social Media
  • Producing Content for On Demand Markets
  • Wessex media group. 21.01.09

Email:[email_address] Mobile:+447970727061 Twitter:Tomtrendstream 2. Revolution: Future is open

  • Social media is transforming the delivery of content
    • The controllers of content distribution (e.g bbc, ITV etc) will die
  • Everything will be open
    • Only barrier is talent, knowledge and hardwork

3. Opportunity of a lifetime

  • The future is in the hands of content creators
    • consumers, freelancers, production companies
  • The future requires broad skills
    • Production, distribution, writing, community building

4. I will show you how focus on video

  • Why social media is the future of content distribution
  • Rules of content in social media
  • $How to make money$
  • The pioneers

5. Me... OPEN FOR BUSINESS Head of Consumer Futures EMEA Founder of trendstream

  • Created worlds largest social media survey to track global trends in usage
  • Advised clients on social media
  • Launched Global Web Index to track global web trends
  • Advise on future web and social media strategy
  • Global media planning and buying agency
  • Web consultancy dedicated on understanding global web trends and what they mean

6. I developed a global Social Media Tracker

  • Online market research
  • 17,500 people in 29 countries delivering 3 years of trend data
  • Unique set of data
  • Measured social media platforms such as blogging, social networking, video sharing and photo sharing

7. Next: Global Web Index

  • Launching a global web tracking survey that will cover 16 countries to measure usage trends world-wide
  • Measuring all aspects of web usage
  • First wave delivered in June. Test data today from the US


  • Why social media is the future of content distribution

9. Social Media. Everyone involved Web based media driven by consumer content, community and peer to peer distribution Blogs Micro blogging Forums Social Networks Wikis Video sharing sites Podcasts Photo sharing sites Content sharing sites 10. Access is open Free broadband Laptops for 200 HD Video camera for 200 Video on Mobile phones 11. Social media is exploding globally Social Media adoption over time(waves 1 3) Global Average. Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker Power to the People 12. Social media dominates web users lives Global Average. Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker Power to the People 13. Social media impacts everyone Samsung Netbook Consumer generated 14. Consumer content more trusted than professional Thinking about where you find information for products, brands and services that you buy. Please can you rate them interms of how trust worthy the information provided typically is?Where 10 = Very trustworthy and 1 = Not at all trustworthy Global Average Least trusted Most trusted Global Average. Source: Universal McCann When Did We Start Trusting Strangers 15. Moving to every screen PC Mobile TV 16. Not just another marketing channel Past: Terrestrial Cable / Satellite Radio Newspaper CD DVD Future: Web to TV Web to mobile Web to e-paper Web to car Connected by social platforms 17. Why it scares the life out of the system

  • Consumer in charge
  • Ultra transparency
  • Global networks
  • Open platforms = business models destroyed

18. Video online: quickest growth medium in history Global data. Universal McCann Wave 3 Social Media Tracker 19. World-wide trend. Fast growing markets lead Watched video online Universal McCann Wave 3 Social Media Tracker 20. Becoming up-loaders: USA last week Watch Share Upload 72% 39% 32% Source: Trendstream, Global Web Index. Test survey Jan 2009 21. Not just Youtube Source: Trendstream, Global Web Index. Test survey Jan 2009 22. Social networks are now key video platforms Myspace Bebo original Global data. Social Network Users. Universal McCann Wave 3 Social Media Tracker 23. Viewing outside the site is key to growth 24. Consumer distributes How many people did you share it with? Source: Trendstream, Global Web Index. Test survey Jan 2009 25. Bloggers are your distribution 190m Worldwide! 29% of bloggers have posted a video clip Global Average. Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker Power to the People 26. Video Podcasts. Slower than on-demand sites Downloaded video podcast Global Average. Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker Power to the People 27. Moving multi-platform: Mobile now for video 79% of iPhone users have watched video clips on their phoneVERSUS 22% of Nokia users Source: Trendstream, Global Web Index. Test survey Jan 2009 28. Traditional media are responding Kangeroo BBC, ITV and Channel 4 joint venture. coming 2009 29. BUT cant compete

  • They have been successful
    • Great content
    • Cross promotion
    • Huge investment
  • Future is open
  • Future is global
  • Consumer driven
  • No DRM no rights management

30. Living room in 2020

  • Web will deliver content globally on all screens
  • What you watch, listen to and read will be shared with friends on a social platform
  • On-demand will be bigger than live
  • Consumer generators will be on the same platform as professional


  • Rules of social content distribution

32. Not broadcast you need a long perspective Trendstream viewing estimates. TV show versus online 33. A BIG database a mentality change

  • Television expires as soon as it is viewed
  • Web content exists forever
  • Overnight ratings do not matter in a web world
  • Cumulative views do
  • TV is a push medium
  • Web is a pull medium

34. Longtail - Niche is the future Trendstream viewing estimates. Viewing audiences longtail Cable / satellite TVWeb 35. Instant easy access is everything

  • Piracy is about access, not free
  • Piracy is falling because of social media
    • 50% of Youtube views are music videos
    • Undermines the need to own
  • Make it available, make it easy
    • Put Heroes on the web from day one and you destroy piracy

36. Focus on data = gold

  • Web video is more valuable because of the data that surrounds it
    • Who viewed
    • How much they viewed
    • What else they viewed
    • How often they come back

37. More valuable, because its more targeted

  • Watched by people who want to watch it
    • No passive viewing
    • They chose to watch it
    • More valuable to advertisers

38. Be commercial: no line in the future

  • The only thing that matters is that its free to access
  • Commercial involvement is not an issue
  • Brands have interesting stories to tell
  • Great content is great content

39. Multi-platform

  • Content needs to be distributed outside of your website
  • Content should be open and free
  • No restrictions
  • Use tools

40. Create community around content

  • Communities cluster around content
  • Community drives viewing, distributes your content and provides feedback
  • Community should be external as well
    • Youtube channel, Bebo community etc
  • Casual community
    • Blogs, Twitter

41. No such thing as just a video: multi-dimensional

  • You need to blog
  • Share photos
  • Invite user contribution

42. Engineered for search

  • Search terms drives most viewing
  • Critical how you tag and label content
  • Search evolving to look inside the video e.g Blinkx

43. Welcome to the production company of 2020

  • Distributing direct to consumers
  • Community managers
  • Blog writers
  • Global network
  • Consumer network of creators
  • Focus on multiple niches
  • Data experts
  • Linked to an advertising agency

44. Recap:

  • Long term perspective
  • Collections of niche
  • Lifetime content
  • Build community around content
  • Distribute on all sites
  • Broad skillset


  • How to make money $$!

46. Think free world economics

  • You can not charge upfr