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  • 1. PRESTO Complex Program Management October 27, 2008 GTEC 2008

2. The General Context

  • GTA is the4 thmost congestedurban area in N. America, with anannual increase of 100,000 people and 50,000 cars one of the fastest growing regions in N. America
  • GTA residents made approximately10 million car trips per dayin 2004
  • Ottawa will experience anincrease of more than 100%in number of privately owned vehicles on the roads by 2021
  • Long commute time takes a toll onlifestyle ,healthand theenvironment

In Canada, the economic cost of congestion is around $2.2 billion per year.Each year, congestion increases greenhouse gas by 1.2 to 1.4 million tonnes. 3. The Business Challenge GO Transit Hamilton Ottawa Oakville York TTC

  • Independent business entities are facing the same challenges
  • To increase operational efficiency
  • To increase revenue
  • To meet increasing demand for more cross regional integration and a seamless customer experience

Burlington Durham Mississauga Brampton 4. PRESTO System Vision Significantly improve customer service & operational efficiency Supports ridership growth PRESTO is a key component in Ontario Governments environmental andpublic transit strategy. Extension to other transit related services Consistent and interoperable transit across Ontario Invaluable strategic management information (planning and investment)Easier payment means; Automatic best fare price Faster movement between vehicles and transit systems Benefits for Customers Benefits for Transit Agencies Easier fare collection and settlement while reducing error New services for transit riders 5. PRESTO System Solution

  • Sell fare media
  • Upload transit schedules and fare rules
  • Order farecards, consumables
  • View and retrieve documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Farecard customer support
  • System monitoring and maintenance

TransitAgency PRESTO Back Office Personnel

  • PRESTO Central System
  • Farecard Management
  • Fare and Topology Management
  • Financial Clearing and Settlement
  • System Supervision
  • Receive reporting

Mail Internet Telephone In Person Point of Sale Bank Ride Purchase Generate Reports Connect with ExchangeData 6. PRESTO System SolutionGO Transit York Hamilton Ottawa Mississauga Brampton Oakville Durham Burlington Other Regions Private sector transit services PRESTO eTicketing Shared Services Unique Transit Operator Services

  • Day to day transit operations
  • Customer relationship management
  • Budget, financial planning and auditing
  • Shared fare collection
  • Shared fare and topology management
  • Shared clearing and settlement
  • Share Point of Sale services

7. PRESTO Program Plan Fall 06 Summer 10 Fall 10 Winter11 Aug 07 Sign Vendor Contract Fall 09 Fall 08 Deploy & Phased Roll Out Regional Expansion Fall 07 Fall 11 Design Aug 08 Fall 05 Fall 04 Dec 04 Procurement RFP Issued RFP Submission Jan 05 RFQ Issued Build & Test 8. PRESTO A Challenging Environment PRESTO Program PRESTOProgram Management Accenture PRESTO Program

  • MTO led program with delivery turned over to GO Transit (one of the 9 transit agencies)
  • Transit agencies seeking to control all aspects of the program
  • Contract management mentality, where process trumped outcomes
  • Little senior business executive involvement
  • Highly visible

GO Transit York Hamilton Missis-sauga Brampton Oakville Burlington Durham TTC 9. PRESTO Our Challenges Lack of understanding of what can be done, and when

  • No business ownership
  • Underestimationof skills and resourcing
  • Basic project processesnot implemented and executed on day 1 (e.g., issues identification and escalation)
  • Governance was driven byfull consensus approach there wasno executive oversightand governance was delegated to working level
  • No change managementprogram in place
  • The Result
  • By December 2007, PRESTO was 9 monthsbehind schedule
  • Emotional levelon all teams was high
  • High level ofmistrust and disbelief
  • Viabilityof the program was in question

PRESTOProgram Management Accenture PRESTO Program GO Transit York Hamilton Mississauga Brampton Oakville Burlington Durham TTC 10. PRESTO Journey to Resolution Executives at MTO, GO Transit, and Accenture assessed the situation and established a game change

  • Reassessed and enforced clear governance
  • Introduced new leadership
  • Refreshed program skills
  • Resolved existing major issues (schedule, approach)
  • Created integrated team structure
  • Undertook major outreach and communications to stakeholders

Unwavering focus on outcomes PRESTOProgram Management Accenture PRESTO Program GO Transit York Hamilton Mississauga Brampton Oakville Burlington Durham TTC 11. PRESTO Our Resolution PRESTOProgram Management Accenture PRESTO Program Steering Committee(Directive) Accenture PRESTOProject Director(Decision Making) City Council / Commissions Board of GO Transit Contract Management GO Transit(Contract Management Agent) Pre April 1 st Executive Committee 12. PRESTO Our Resolution PRESTOProgram Management Accenture PRESTO Program Steering Committee(Advisory) Accenture PRESTOExecutive Director(Decision Making) Executive Committee(Decision Making) Metrolinx Minister DM City Council / Commissions Board of GO Transit ADMs /GO CEO (Management Oversight)

  • Subcontractors
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Farecards

Project Team(Business / Technical requirements / Contract management /Deployment) GO Transit(Contract Management Agent)

  • Sub-Committees
  • Business Operating
  • Deployment
  • Marketing & Comm.
  • Financial

Program model creates a clear expectation of responsibility and path of accountability MTO 13. PRESTO Our Lessons Learned

  • Pay attention to the basics
    • Establish clear responsibility and accountability
    • Manage stakeholder expectations
    • Practice transparency and communicate the right message at the right level
    • Secure and develop right skill set
    • Set issue and risk management early
    • Practice and monitor end to end change management
  • Empower the right people to make decisions and make them in a timely fashion
  • Recognize difference between project and program management and act accordingly
  • Remember that pure contract management does not work
  • Act with urgency when program fundamentals are not in place

Leadership is crucial 14. PRESTO - Question and Answer