Presenting Akimbo, Adrienne Rochetti

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Presented at SIX event: Social Innovation in the Marketplace: Getting our Young People back into Jobs

Text of Presenting Akimbo, Adrienne Rochetti

  • 1. How it was Step 1: Attend College Step 2: Secure a great job Step 3: Career Growth & Prosperity

2. The Problem Today Old models for higher education and employment no longer work in todays job market and innovation economy. -Michael Alon, Entrepreneur & Akimbo Co-Founder Rising costs to higher education & student loans Jobs deficit & increasing competiveness in the job market Antiquated systems for hiring and evaluating talent Mistreatment of young employees by market systems/corporations Accepted negative cultural dialogue around the potential of Millenials 3. Akimbos Solution RESUME The Akimbo brand is making a strong stance on how an individuals worth, talent, and potential should be viewed. AKIMBO 4. Building Community Among young entrepreneurs and job seekers. We are in this together. Uniting young job seekers and entrepreneurs Online social connectivity around ideas and shared interests Building a network of genuine supporters Offline meet-ups Custom content to tell real stories of both struggle and inspiration; giving our users a VOICE 5. Curating Relevant Opportunities Akimbo looks to connect our members with the jobs, internships, fellowships, volunteer events, project funding, and other opportunities to help them fulfill their dreams. Partnering with forward thinking companies Allowing all members to post and share job listings Finding and sharing relevant and meaningful opportunities Leveraging our own networks to aggregate more exclusive opportunities (opportunities that are posted mainly to the Akimbo community) 6. Authenticity & Human-Centered Design Akimbo was created by young entrepreneurs who deeply understand the issue from an authentic perspective. Communication channels and feedback loops in place to allow for user input Connecting directly with Akimbo staff and leaders on Offline community events focus groups, brainstorms, networking events Targeted content on social media pages and email Engaging other key stakeholders in the process 7. Member Growth & Development Akimbo is looking to partner with content and opportunity providers to help our users continuously enhance their knowledge and skills foundation. Soft and hard skills acquisition (e.g. learn Photoshop or business plan writing 101) Talks from the individuals and companies our users admire on relevant topics Virtual internships/ portfolio building projects from our company partners Funding competitions and other $$$ awards to help with the job-seeking process, freelance needs, and start-up ideas 8. Akimbo Custom Networks Akimbo is a platform technology for creating custom digital communities for nonprofits, social enterprises, and colleges/universities. Niche digital networks for organizations working on professional development and resource access for underserved groups Customized digital tools help individuals overcome the barriers specific to their situation Highlight special skills Legitimize experiences Enhance professional brand Market their products and services (for entrepreneurs) 9. Akimbo will transform antiquated hiring practices and counteract the one-size-fits- all mold that currently exists in market systems around the world.