Presentation: Snowstorm E-Concept Developer Conference 2014

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  • 1. The Lost Golden Nose A concept by: Ruby Ekkerman Ernesta Civilkaite Andreas Wiberg Sode

2. e-concept developer 3. agenda Comic Relief campaign (Red Nose Day) our game gaming strategy social aspects mobile fundraising 4. Comic Relief London based charity fundraising through the power of entertainment Red Nose Day and Sport Relief 5. Red Nose Day massive TV-show (March 15) re-engage the audience 6. RND today TV showsNOTVArtistsRND Building BlocksCorporate partnersMerchandizePublic fundraisingMobile Application 7. our game location based game application (LBG) the noses of Red Nose Day have gone missing public treasure hunt GPS coordinates augmented reality hide objects (noses) in the environment connects the real world with the digital one 8. engage and reward 9. gaming strategy how do we engage the audience? mini games trophies (achievements) Shop: add-ons boosters audience influence 10. social aspects team up nose-a-gram use items from your inventory invite friends Hi Mom, Im on TV! share share share 11. fundraising What to watch out for? Apple (iOS) guidelines App Store (distribution) charitable donations banned external process the Apple cut our approach: in-game currency (gold coins) optional donation feature optimised campaign website 12. why mobile fundraise? Mobile 92% of all 18-25 will own a smartphone in 2015 more shares more donations optimise for mobile Facebook 21 million users (UK) 4 out 5 on mobile and tablet more donations per share 5 per share 13. mobile growth* 14. mobile vs. desktop* 15. Facebook worldwide* 16. more shares* 17. more donations* 18. options? friend-to-friend fundraising (crowdfunding) Comic Relief JustGiving (UK based company) mobile card reader Google Checkout (now Google Wallet) text-to-give donations 19. the future of fundraising peer to peer payments smartphone to smartphone NFC? Near Field Communication (Bluetooth) Close proximity to another device such as a card reader or another smartphone mobile wallet goodbye big wallet! 20. familiar? 21. mobile wallet 22. questions?? ?? 23. Thank You! 24. suggestions for discussion Transmedia Storytelling Where did the story go? (why down prioritize the story?) Big community (UK and London in particular) vs. a small community (Odense)Convergence Culture: Changing the common Protocols around Red Nose Day (as a brand) Creative ways of using Augmented Reality and LBGs How could the Lost Golden Nose benefit from Cultural Probes?The Lost Golden Nose in the future? Could Lost Golden Nose be combined with 5 seconds of Fame (concept idea) somehow?Media storm: What consequences can the latest media attention have on our concept and Red Nose Day in general? 25. where did the story go? team budget resources time previous experience complex story duration 26. Transmedia Story 27. convergence culture what Comic Relief originally wanted story across multiple platforms (with noses hidden) Facebook and Twitter campaign website video blogs real world locations (our application)everything should lead up to the show on March 15 change the way people experience RND stronger Transmedia story increase the flow of content across many platforms encourage people to seek out new information and make connections among dispersed media content participatory culture invite fans/customers of RND to actively participate in the creation and circulation of content (why have the red noses disappeared?) 28. touch-point timeline