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  • 1. Shaping the future with Google Glass17 to 19 January 2013 At the WEB SCHOOL FACTORY 208, boulevard Voltaire 75011 PARIS - [email protected] Presentation of the Hackathon

2. Who we are ? PROJECT LEADERSDAVID-HENRI BISMUTHJOSSE BLAISYANN TOLILAGlass Explorer Digital Strategy ConsultantEntrepreneur Student at _Web School FactoryGlass Explorer Digital Strategy ConsultantGlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon2 3. What is Google Glass ?Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with a mission of producing a massmarket ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a Smartphone-like hands-free format, that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands.[GlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon3 4. GlassCamp, a new French community A new momentum of usages, experiences and innovations. Our ambition : Gather the break up Glass lover community in order to boost to innovation. Three key areas : Cultural shared as well as technical. Appointments between passionate. Extensive training dedicated to Google Glass.GlassCamp Presentation of the HackathonBasic Video about the Google Glass (advertising)4 5. Our Philosophy Gather and promote the exchange and production of innovative use Goal driven for the Hackathon participants: --Confront the potential for interaction with the Google Glass. Practice a short but powerful restitution. Develop a network of contacts / skills. Becoming in 36 + hours identifiable information people about Google Glass. Exceed and produce the first applications of Google Glass in Europe.GlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon5 6. How it works ?DISTRIB DESIGNProgramEXCHANGE UNDERSTAND COLLABORATECREATE YTESTIDEAS GlassCamp Presentation of the HackathonVALIDATE6 7. 3 Meetups already organized with more than 500 participantsGlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon7 8. The Hackaton - The Challenge3 days, 36 hours to develop and sell a concept. The Meetup Google Glass France set up a collaboration in the expansion of Google Glass and their ecosystem. From more than 30 pitch of ideas, 5 projects will be selected. From there, the 5 team will have 36 hours to think, develop, design and promote their Google Glass application with the help of one mentor (expert in wearable computing). The application will be tested at the end of the week-end and will be judged on their functions, interface and market potential.GlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon8 9. The Hackaton - Schedule 3 days of adventures and madnessDAY 1 Friday evening night : -Introduction by the organizers Presentation of the mentors Pitch ideas + jury vote Public Vote Selection of the best ideas Constitution of teamsDAY 2 -DAY 3 -GlassCamp Presentation of the HackathonSaturday : Debrief team leaders on the progress of their application Interview Team Leaders Sunday : Delivery of applications to test the jury 19h Overview of Applications (slides + video + real app) Jury vote and selection of the best Google App glass9 10. The Hackaton - The Participants5 Teams with : 2 Developers : one android developer and one web developer1 Designer1 Community Manager / Resp. Com / Students1 Marketer1 MentorGlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon10 11. The Hackaton - The PlaceWeb School Factory : 208, Boulevard Voltaire 75011 ParisAccs transports en commun RER A : station Nation Mtro : ligne 9, stations Charonne ou Rue des boulets Autres mtros Nation : ligne 2, 6 et 9GlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon11 12. Why support us ?The Google Glass Hackton is a great opportunityfor you to gainvisibility on a very innovative product among a community of technologies enthusiasts and benefit from a prototype or new usage projections. We offer you today not to see the future but to shape the future. We are open to any counterpart you will agree to give us.GlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon12 13. Contact usEmail : [email protected] Website : Phone : 06 66 77 16 56 Twitter : #GlassCampGlassCamp Presentation of the Hackathon13