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  • 1. THE PRELIMINARYVIDEOThe Video Editing

2. The preliminary video was given to us by our teacher fromhis own memory stick into our own accounts. Thats day sirmade share that we was booked in the Mac room so thatwe can import the videos into Final Cut Express HD. Ones Iimported the video into the software. I was unskilled with this software therefore before I started editing I doodledaround with the tools and played with the setting to getsome idea of how to use it. I was struggling therefore I called my teacher to help me out a bit with the tools and teaching me there job roles. He also reminded me to take some screen shots of how I done the edit so I could make this presentation. 3. As you can see on these screen shots I have imported the video and the tool box is not showing. Therefore I will need to enable it. 4. When we opened the software the tool box wast appearing and obviously I needed the tool box so Icould use some of the toolsto edit the videos. I needed to find the tool palette. Istruggled finding it therefore I asked myteacher so that I could enable it. What I needed to do was to select Windowsthen select Tool Palette andmake sure that it is ticketedon the side which means its on. I have also took ascreen shot of this as youcan see. 5. As you can see on this screen shot that the tool box appears on the side of the movie timeline. There isnt much of tools, only nine was available on the tool box. However Im sure there is much more effects and setting to be used. The only tool that I will be using is the Blade some parts of the video that isnt needed. As far as Im aware this will be easy and simple to use. 6. After I have selected the blade tool I started cutting the areas which I didntt need in the video so that thevideo will play in smoothness and in good time. First of all I needed to find the area where I needed to cut then I selected it and simple cut the area. 7. After I have completed cutting the video, I needed torefresh the video and load up which I had cropped. I done this by going onto the sequence icon on the top thenscrolled down to Render all then select the Both 8. Because we recorded two preliminary videos neededto go through the other onetwo and see if there wasany areas which needed to be cropped. I will be usingthe same software and the same tools to do this. This time because I am a bit more skilled with thesoftware I will be able to dothis without the teachershelp.