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2. MLM SOFTWAREIf a business or a person has a long distribution line to sell his product, he needs asupport to record all his connections.MLM software makes easy to identify the persons working under him. The onlinetools have helped greatly in increasing the efficiency of the business model, and ingenerating more profit for the distributors and network managers. 3. Career PlanSoftwareCareer Income Plan is usually worksperfect with clients who are havingwide range of consumers durableproducts. This plan can be anindependent plan or an add-oncareer plan to any other gatewayplan. 4. MLM NetworkingIn those businesses where building a distribution network is compulsorily needed.Usually such businesses are in need of a good computerized network. 5. Website DevelopmentWebsite Development includes web design, web contentdevelopment, client liaison, client-side/server-sidescripting, web server and network security configuration,and e-commerce development 6. Microfinance SoftwareMicrofinance software has some features like:Recording Location information of groupsvillage, division, cluster and block.Creates Master of groups of members withlocation information.Record personal details of each member of theprogram with contact information, familydetails, asset details, income details and credithistory.Create various account headsCreate various account GL Groups.Stores various system parameters.Create / Modify Users for the software. 7. Print order softwareA printing business needs a software whichis simple user-friendly, easy to use printmanagement and print tracking softwareand track print jobs, invoice and organizethe printer queue to maximize efficiencyand eliminate the confusion. 8. Seo servicesIncrease websites for better performance in the search engines, with greatresults to follow. 9. School softwareUsing the computer hardwareand software in education andtraining is normal now-a-days.The School ManagementSoftware is designed for betterinteraction between students,teachers, parents &management. This managementsoftware very gracefully handlesall the requirements for easyschool management. 10. Hr payroll softwareHR and Payroll software helps organizations to generate their own pay slipsand salary registers. It records the details of the employees like their leaves,overtime, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashment and otherstandard deductions like PF, ESIC etc. 11. Library software Running a library involves a integrated process, it needs a well designedlibrary management system. The library software helps to track items owned,orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed. 12. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Websoftex, one of the well known company in India, which has gained a good reputationin the market with its awesome performance, well trained professional team and its widerange of successfully running services. The adoption of new technology, connecting tothe customers regularly, 24 X 7 availability etc has made the company very flexible toevery type of customers.Websoftex is a software company involved in the business of WEBSITE DESIGNING,SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, SEO SERVICES, MOBILE APPLICATIONSDEVELOPMENT, ETC. 13. SOME OF THE SERVICES OFWEBSOFTEX ARE ::--Website Design Solutions, Website Development, Software Development, E-Commerce,Web Applications, Windows Applications, Web site maintenance, Web Hosting.MLM Software, HR-Payroll Software, Printing Order Management Software, SchoolManagement Software, Inventory Management Software, Microfinance Software, RD FDSoftware, Classifieds Software, E-Commerce Software, photo Gallery Software, LibrarySoftware, Matrimony Software, Real Estate Software, Payment Gateway Method, BulkSMS Software, Online Test Software, CMS Software etc.Matrix Income Plan, Sunflower Income, Board Income-Plan, Generation Income,Revolving Matrix, Uni-Level Income, Australian Income Plan, Auto Fill Income Plans,Tri-Binary, Repurchase Income Plan, Daily Income Plan, Investment Income Plan, BinaryIncome Plan etc 14. CONTACT WEBSOFTEXCONTACT WEBSOFTEXWebsoftex SoftwareSolutionsPvt. Ltd.Websoftex SoftwareSolutionsPvt. Ltd.#240/A, 3rd Cross, Gokula1st Stage,1st PhaseMathikere, Bangalore-560 054, Karnataka, IndiaSantosh [email protected], 9379913407Support Center:- +91-937-991-3407, +91-080-65465475, [email protected], [email protected]