Power Up your Magento eCommerce Store with Cutting-Edge Extensions from MageDelight

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Text of Power Up your Magento eCommerce Store with Cutting-Edge Extensions from MageDelight

  1. 1. support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881 Power Up your Magento eCommerce Store with Cutting-Edge Extensions from MageDelight
  2. 2. Product PDF Print The Magento Product PDF Print Extension is a versatile product from the leading extension developer MageDelight. This extension is capable of printing the product page and the general catalog booklet in a professional PDF format. Features: Export product pages to PDFs with all the details. Create catalog booklet. Support QR Codes. RTL language support. Product PDF with Related and Upsell products. Customize PDF design by change colors and upload font family. $99.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881 BUY NOW
  3. 3. PDF Catalog Print Advance The PDF Catalog Print Magento Extension (Advanced Version) allows the visitor or customer to print/download the PDF Magento product catalog in a document form. Features: Link on for catalog print on each category page. Allows product list in Grid or List view. Allows admin to list out product attributes to make available for catalog document. Generate entire catalog PDF from admin. Design document title/cover page. Design PDF by changing font color, border color, also you can upload new fonts (upload font files). QR code for each product. Admin access to generate catalog PDF for selected categories. Different configuration options for Grid view and List view. Enable/Disable catalog print link on frontend. Store level and user group level access of catalog print on front- end. BUY NOW $159.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  4. 4. Product Bundled Discount The Product Bundles Discount Magento extension makes it very easy for the vendor to define the set of items on which they are willing to offer the group discount. It allows the store owner to easily create promotions for the purchase of a bundle of products that are grouped together as an offer. Features: Allow specific promotions to customer groups and stores. Allow multiple promotion for same product. Special page to list down all promotions. Supports multi-store website. Import / Export product bundle promotions Show appealing/promotional offers on product details page. Determine fix price or percentage discount for the bundled product set. Support products with custom options, configurable options, bundle options as well downloadable product options. BUY NOW $149.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  5. 5. Wholesale Packaged Product The Wholesale Packaged Product extension is capable of adding a whole new product type along with attribute management for sale of products in wholesale mode. For a single product, the extension displays a whole array of item attribute possibilities such as different sizes and colors. Features: Unique extension for wholesale products. Flexible and easy to add and remove products in package. A whole new product type with attribute management, & wholesale. Manage single product, to sale out wholesale product. Allows for an unlimited number of package items. Flexible and easy to manage wholesale products in cart. Access limits on wholesale products for customer groups. Best suitable for industry wholesale, B2B, apparels and fashion stores. BUY NOW $99.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  6. 6. Partial Payment The Partial Payment Extension from MageDelight provides the option to the customer to pay the amount in installments for the product they buy from your eCommerce store. Depending upon the strategy you apply, this extension can be applied in various ways on all products, specific products, or the entire shopping cart. Features: Customers can pay installment from their account. Admin can set the partial payment periods for users. Product based partial payment options. Admin can view and edit the details of the orders with partial payment under sales order module installment details tab. Admin can set the surcharge for the amounts in the partial payment. Reminder email for the payment at selected period of time. Facility to pay installment for whole cart value. Installation confirmation email setup from admin. Payment can be done from backend also. BUY NOW $199.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  7. 7. Price Per Customer The Price Per Customer is an effective yet affordable sales tool which can be used as part of your winning conversion strategy. With Price Per Customer Extension, Magento eCommerce store owners are given a unique possibility to specify different prices for individual customers. Features: Set fixed price for product & discount for individual customers. Sets percentage global discount for entire product catalog per customer. Initiative and easy to use interface/extension. Does not overwrite existing files or override existing controllers/blocks/custom code. Import and export price per customer functionality. Special offer page in front-end contains all special price product per customer. Tier price per customer in case more than one price given to customer. BUY NOW $89.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  8. 8. Per Product Shipment The Per Product Shipment Magento extension sets the individual shipping rate per product, so that it can solve the problem of incorrect shipping rates. Hence, you can also set up the individual shipping rate for each product, while you are creating a new product or editing an existing one in the admin panel. Features: Set up default shipping rate for all product in your Magento product catalog. Enable or disable multiple qty in case same product is added multiple times. Set up default shipping rate per product in case it is applied to all products where shipping rate is not defined. Set up Magento shipping rates per country. Allow free shipping over total & Compatibility with all product type. Sets the sort order value for flat rate shipping option. Set up Free and flat rate shipping per product BUY NOW $69.00 support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  9. 9. Smart Search The Magento Smart Search Autocomplete extension makes it easy for customer to find out precisely what they want to view promptly and conveniently. Features: Results can be display in suggestions below search box. So user can see the result and navigate directly by clicking on that product. Suggestions are coming from Ajax request so not page loading required. Admin can manage the number of items that can be display in suggestions. Product Attributes can be manage from backend so selected attributes of product will be display in suggestion area. Searched Items can be display in customizable layout. Sorting of results in suggestion can be managed by specific attribute to product. User can search by tags, product attributes on frontend. Ability for admin to display out of stock products or not. BUY NOW Free support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881
  10. 10. Multi Product Editor Multi Product Editor Magento extension allows us to create custom options and assign them to all products or any number of products in an easy way. Features: Create predefined custom options for products. Assign predefined custom options for any number of products. Delete predefined custom options under Custom Options tab of a product. Unselect predefined custom options for any number of products. Free extension updates. Life time support. BUY NOW Free support@magedelight.com | www.magedelight.com | +91-(79)-65229881