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Alejandro Eusse García Id: 000059033 MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana.

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  • 1. Alejandro Eusse Garca Id: 000059033 MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana.
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    • DNA studies are very important because they try to make a better use of genetic information, and they try to mejorate the people quality of life.
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    • July 14-2011
  • 6. DNA has an important role in the transport of drugs across membranes. DNA boxes are used to alter some intracellular functions .
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    • packaged DNA to then enter in the cells.
    • DNA nucleotide sequences changes some, forming new genetic codes
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    • this study can theoretically stimulate mitosis, without damaging the cell
    • may include gene therapy manipulation of cells introduced by DNA
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    • The study of DNA cages is very important because help to de actual medicine to promove the new kind of drugs management and help to de genetic experiments to implant a new type of genic therapy.
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    • July 19-2011
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    • the study seeks to address the DNA sensitive areas of the cancer.
    • to make in the replication process the affected areas iterchage origin good and non-metastatic cells .
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    • he project seeks to reduce the cancer from the change of altered DNA sequences.
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    • Scientists look for the difference between a cell and another in the proteins expressed.
    • with a group of proteins are looking to improve the dna structure.
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    • The study of DNA is very important for the corect UNDERSTANDING gene expression in humans and it can get to the correction of the errors transcricionales in the genome and thus prevent various malformations
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    • management of genetic material eventhough many organizations do not approve, it serves to make better the quality of life of people.
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    • the alteration of the bad sequences in DNA can prevent some diseases
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    • The DNA medical utility can also be used for mechanisms to improve the use of some drugs or even correct genetic type diseases.
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