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Use the Pivotal SharePoint Connector to enable integration between your Pivotal CRM system and Microsoft SharePoint® for enhanced document storage capability

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  • 1. Pivotal SharePoint ConnectorUse the Pivotal SharePoint Connector to enable integration betweenyour Pivotal CRM system and Microsoft SharePoint for enhanceddocument storage capabilityMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server provides a single, integratedlocation where employees can efficiently collaborate with teammembers, find organizational resources, search for experts andcorporate information, manage content and workflow, and leveragebusiness insight to make better-informed decisions. By combiningMicrosoft SharePoint and the Pivotal SharePoint Connector you candeliver content specific information where your employees need it,linked to the Pivotal CRM records.The Pivotal SharePoint Connector plugs into Microsoft SharePoint Server and enables it tocommunicate with Pivotal CRM through the supported interfaces.Features Leverage many different site templates so individual company sites have their own look and feel. Relies on Microsoft SharePoint to perform all the heavy lifting and removes the burden of saving attachments in the Pivotal CRM database. Automatically creates unique Microsoft SharePoint sites for both Company and Opportunity records, and can be extended to other functional areas. Site security and access control rights managed within Microsoft SharePoint. Mobile clients can access the Microsoft SharePoint component when connected to the networkThe Microsoft SharePoint connection via web tab on a Company record.

2. Sites created from within the Pivotal CRM framework can also be managed directly from the Microsoft SharePoint environment. Pivotal SharePoint Connector requirements: Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 / 3.0 or Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Pivotal Versions 5.1, 5.7 and 5.9 Windows 2003 Server Operating System Pricing for the Sharepoint Connector Utility includes installation (production and test) and up to eight hours of end-user training and support from Pivotal Professional Services. Contact your Pivotal Professional Services director or account manager for further information.Learn More About Pivotal SharePoint ConnectorTo learn more about how Pivotal SharePoint Connector can meet your firms unique needs, call us today at +1 877-PIVOTAL(+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at www.pivotal.com.Copyright CDC Software 2008. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.