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Page 1: Pitch presentation

Attention Grabbing Title

Group members names

Page 2: Pitch presentation

Photo of the Parking Lot.

Page 3: Pitch presentation

Problem # 1

• What is wrong with this parking lot design?

• What harmful effects is it having on the environment around it?– Where is runoff going?– Are there streams or

other sources of water nearby? If so are they possibly being polluted by runoff and snowmelt?

Visual for support

There is no where for rain runoff or snowmelt to drain into.

Page 4: Pitch presentation

Solution #1

• Explain what can be done to fix the problem

• BE CONVINCING• If able estimate price• Explain all advantages

and mention any disadvantages to this solution

Provide a visual

System of semi permeable pavers with gravel underneath.

Page 5: Pitch presentation

Problem # 2

• Explain the problem • Visual

Page 6: Pitch presentation

Solution #2

• Explain • Visual

Page 7: Pitch presentation

Use as many slide that are needed to present and explain the problems with their current parking lot. Include harmful effect to the environment and to water systems. Provide solutions to each problem. Provide advantage and disadvantages to each solution. BE CONVINCING!!!

Page 8: Pitch presentation

Design You will also be responsible for a presentation board size deign that can be used in you pitch presentation as a visual. You may want to elect to use that instead of a slide and the is acceptable.

Design must:•Include a key •Reflect ideas of pitch •Thoughtfully design •Be inventive and creative•Be able to be functional

Page 9: Pitch presentation


• Summary of problems and their effects. Summary of advantages of making the change to green. Any other information that you feel will be beneficial to present. Last minute attention catchers!

• Visuals• How does this ADD to the community??

• ** May add additional slides if needed.

Page 10: Pitch presentation


• Citations need to be present• Done not need to present as part of the pitch • This is for the instructors benefit

• People who's work you use always need to be given credit in all situations.