Payroll Provider Software Integration Testing Case Study

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  • Payroll Provider Software Integration Testing Case Study

  • Software Assurance, LLC7708 Mapleridge Drive,Plano, Texas 75024, United States.Phone: +1-972-992-4200

    SPA Systems Pvt. Ltd.Offshore Development Center1st Floor, Mahalaxmi Plaza, Sector 3,Vaishali, Ghaziabad 201010

    The client is well known US based company offering various payday loan products to its customers.

    Software Assurance got the responsibility of testing the loan product

    which is different from traditional loan products in a way of its loan

    origination process. This product had integration between Loan

    Management system and number of Payroll Provider Services (like

    HRP, EVO etc.). As this approach was new, there were lots of

    architecture and work flow challenges.


    Software Assurance came out as subject matter expert in this product and provided its expert

    view even in implementation phase. Software Assurance also helped the client to build test

    harness to facilitate testing team in performing execution.

    Software Assurance made number of test cases for each Payroll provider. We also verified

    normalization of data between Payroll Provider and Loan management.

    Improvements in quality of service through near-zero defect delivery. Over 99% of the defects

    in the system were detected before the system went live. Improved quality of software led to

    higher customer satisfaction and delighted them with performance.

    Software Assurance also helped the client reduce testing costs by 45%. Further, economies of

    scale lead to decreasing incremental unit costs. Software Assurance provided 40% more

    coverage of the test cases.


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