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Front covers analysis

Page 2: Page anaysis

• Masthead: NME – The logo. In capital letters, and in a hwite font colour so that it stands out.

• Banner: 28th January 2012 £2.40. • Headline: “I’M A PSYCO!”LANA DEL REY• Cover lines: Noel Gallagher....Pete doherty.....Enter shikari• Capital letters all used for the cover lines, makes the cover

lines stand out.• Secondary lead: Free posters Sex pistols Nirvana Bob

Marley • Feature article photo: Image of lana delrey. Photograph:

Midshot image taken of Lana Delray.• Menu strip: Plus: Biffy clyro Karen 0+ Santigold Tribes

Graham coxon• Colour scheme: The image is the background of the front

cover, so the colours of white and blue are used to stand out against the coloured background witch makes the text stand out.

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• Masthead: Mixmag – San serif, modern looking as unformed. Lower case

• Banner: The worlds biggest dance music and clubbing magazine Superlative, “Biggest”. – Above the logo “Mix mag” and in yellow so that it stands out against the blue background of the sky.

• Headline: DAFT PUNK – In the sweet spot which makes the headline one of the first things you see on the page and therefore draws your attention.

• Cover lines: “Ibiza changed my life, funky house smack down, Q. Which dj remixed the ninja turtles” Capital letters used for the cover lines. Makes the cover lines standout and makes them clear.

• Secondary lead: Free CD ELECTRO HOUSE MAX – In bright neon orange so that it is eyecatching and as it is a big selling point it draws your attention to the magazine.

• Feature article photo: Image of Daft punk. Lower angle photograph.

• Menu strip: Plus Nelly Furtado Bang face Jeff mills small bottom right Z pattern, last thing readers, read.

• Colour scheme: Fonts are in white/yellow and neon orange, so that the fonts stand out against the coloured background.

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Contents page analysis

Page 5: Page anaysis

Page layout: The page layout is in thirds. Use of images: 4 different images have been used have been used on the first page on contents, and another 4 images have been used on the second page on contents, and also their are 2 images of pages from Q magazine, used to help advertise their magazine. The biggest image filling up a quarter of the page is on the first page, filling up more have a quarter of the page, but on the second page the image of the Muppets is also quite large, filling up more than a quarter of the second contents page.Brand identity: Positioned in the top centre of the first contents page is the image of the magazine logo. They have made this the exact same size as the text saying “contents”, this makes it fit in more with the page and also stand out.Issue number: The issue number has been placed in a red circler box, which over laps the main image. This gives a edger and more distinctive effect to the magazine. It also fits in with the colour scheme as the colour scheme is the colour red and black. Each of the images on the pages anchor a piece of text, giving a small piece of information about the page. This is so that the page looks more applying and you are more likely to buy the magazine.

Colour scheme: The colour scheme uses the colours red, for distinctive features, such as the numbers that anchor the image, and also makes parts of the magazine stand out more. The colour black has been used for most of the fonts. This is so that the text stands out on a white background. A white background has been used, meaning that the colours such as the red colours on the page stand out even more than they would do on a coloured background.

Page 6: Page anaysis

Use of images: On the contents page only one image has been used. The image fills up more than half of the page, which makes the image stand out and makes the contents page eye-catching. Text on image: The image is a image of the musician “Curtis Mayfield” we are told this by the text that anchors the image. We have the pragmatic knowledge that this is most likely to be a musician as the image is of him singing and playing a guitar. This is used to relate to the music magazine and also tells us that in the magazine there is going to be a page or pages on him.The main, key image on the page anchors a piece of text, giving a small piece of information about the page. This is so that the page looks more applying and you are more likely to buy the magazineColour scheme: The colours that have been used are the colours of red and black. The most important information, such as the information that needs to stand out. The subheadings and the masthead is in red, as these are the most important pieces of information, and being in red makes the text stand out.The red side bar at the bottom of the page, also stands out and makes the text look more eye-catching, so you are more drawn to that particular section of text.

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Contents page analysis

Page 8: Page anaysis

Byline: The name of the author “Jennyfer .J Walker” and the name of the photographer “Ashley Maily”Headline: “Level up” – Fills up more than half the left page, and overlaps onto the right page. Stands out, and makes the page eye-catching. The headline is in yellow, which makes the text look even more stand out, and dramatic. Also as it’s the brightest colour on the page your eyes are straight away drawn towards it.Drop cap: The letter A in the word “Ask”, indicates the beginning of the article. Written in a pixelated text, which matches the layout and design of the page, also makes a reference to that the magazine is “The video game issue.”Columns: The columns are divided up into 3 different sections in which all the boxes are exactly the same size, making the article look quite neat and tidy. The font used throughout the columns is san serif, which makes the text clear and easy to read.

Page number: The page number relating to the article is placed underneath the first of the 3 columns. This is as it corrugates with the information that’s in the column.The image: There is one key image on the double page spread, which has been used as the background. The image is of the 5 band members, that are being interviewed. This is so that the image relates to the text, and entices you more to read the article.Stand first: The stand first is used to lead you into the article. It’s in the same font that is used on the headline on the page. The font is in a pixelated font, helping to relate to that the issue is about video gaming.

Page 9: Page anaysis

Byline: The name of the photography is of “Paul Harris” is placed just under the coverline.Headline: “Candy Men! Candy Men! Candy Men!” The headline, fills up the top third of both double page spread pages. Colour scheme: The headline stands out as it is in a bright orange colour, and is one of the largest items on the pages. The bright orange colour, helps to relate to the fact that this particular magazine, is based around the theme of halloween, as the colours of bright orange is the main colour associated with halloween.The background is a black colour, which goes quite well with the image as the image is set in a dark setting, and matches the background.Drop cap: The dropcap shows the beginning of the start of the column. The dropcap of a big A, is in the same colour as the headline, and the pumpkin on the page, with makes the dropcap stand out and match the two pages.