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Our Home Garden - May 2007 Update

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Some of the highlights from our garden in May.

Text of Our Home Garden - May 2007 Update

  • 1. Our Home Garden Monthly Update May autumn

2. Our First Banksia Banksias are probably my real love affair when it comes to flowering Australian natives. And while I have two varieties in the garden, with more on the way, neither have flowered until now. This isbanksia ericifolia . Common name: Heath Banksia 3. Gorgeous Browallia This Browallia started flowering in spring last year and hasnt stopped. There are no signs of it slowing down either. 4. One very happy bed While most of our garden is winding down for the winter there are a few little glowing spots if you take your time to find them. This bed with its Mother-in-law Tongues, Exhibition Border and Yellow Sedum are happily displaying their foliage colours. 5. Autumn Colours All our deciduous trees are finally changing colour and shedding their leaves.Its always wonderful to watch our Silver Birch moult before winter and then put it all back on in spring. 6. Variegated Cumquat Autumn is the season when most citrus plants begin to ripen. Our variegated cumquats, Eureka lemons and Tahitian limes are all maturing nicely. 7. Identification please? I have this plant growing in my garden which I bought because I really loved the flowers and berries that it produced (although inedible) but I lost the tags and have no idea what it is. Any ideas? 8. Our Home Garden Come Back Next Month autumn