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Ottawa RushHour – 22.04.2008

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Montreal fans go wildCanwest News Service

The Montreal Canadiens arestill 12 wins away from the Stan-ley Cup, but many fans lashed outin a big way last night.

Hordes of rioting fans set fire topolice cars, smashed store win-dows and looted local businessesfollowing the Canadiens’ Game 7playoff win over the Boston Bru-ins. Th

Police arrested 16 people, whoface a number of charges – includ-ing breaking and entering a busi-ness, armed assault on a policeofficer, mischief on a police vehi-cle, assault and various bylawinfractions.

Two 17-year-old males and a14-year-old boy were amongthose arrested.

“After the Canadiens won theirgame, people started attackingprivate businesses, attackingpolice officers and throwing rocksor any objects they could find atpolice cars,” said Montreal PoliceConst. Laurent Gingras.

“Officers had to call for backupfrom the riot squad and fromother parts of the city and controlwas taken back at about 2 a.m.this morning.”

Gingras said 16 police vehicleswere badly damaged and had tobe towed away. As many as sixof those vehicles were torched byrioters. A number of private vehi-cles were also damaged.

Police review of video footagefrom the scene may result in morearrests, Gingras said, adding thatit is not known whether thosearrested were even at the game.

Once the situation returnedto normal, a number of police

patrols remained on duty in thearea.

Police hadn’t yet pegged an esti-mate on the damage to the vehi-cles and businesses this morning,Gingras said.

One police officer was injuredin the fracas, but returned to dutybefore the end of her shift.

Now, with the Canadiens set toenter the second round of theplayoffs, Gingras said tacticaladjustments may be necessary.

canwest news service

The riot squad was called in last night in Montreal after theCanadiens won a playoff game, sparking fans to set six policevehicles, including this cruiser with the graffiti Go Habs Go, ablaze.

Bank of Canadacuts key rateto three per centCanwest News Service

The Bank of Canada cut itsbenchmark lending rate to threeper cent today as the central bankmoved to defend against a sharplyslowing U.S. economy and itsspillover into Canada.

The half-point cut in the bank’srate on overnight loans betweencommercial banks had beenwidely expected by economists asgrowth in Canada slows and theinflation rate remains benign.

The Bank of Canada said it nowprojects the Canadian economywill grow by 1.4 per cent this year.That’s the slowest pace since 1992and lower than the 1.8 per centgrowth forecast by the centralbank in January.

The bank revised down its out-look for 2009, cutting its forecastrate of growth to 2.4 per centfrom 2.8 per cent, and predictedand 3.3 per cent in 2010.

The bank last eased lendingrates – also by a half point – onMarch 4, at the time saying moreaction would likely be needed.

In a statement today, it said thatit is “now projecting a deeper andmore protracted slowdown in theU.S. economy.”

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Jewish worshippers gather today at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, in Jerusalem’s OldCity, for the special blessing during Passover.

Childless and low income? You sleep betterCanwest News Service

Canadian women on averageget slightly more sleep than men,but have a harder time falling andstaying asleep, according to astudy released today by StatisticsCanada.

It also found the more moneyyou make, the less sleep you get.

And, if you’re married with chil-dren, you’re less likely again toget as much sleep as your lower-income or single, childless pals.

The study, entitled Who GetsAny Sleep These Days?, used data

on time use from the 2005 Gen-eral Social Survey.

Survey participants were askedto keep a detailed record of thetime they spent on all activitieson a given day, including whenthey fell asleep in the evening andwhen they woke up the nextmorning.

The survey found that menslept for an average of eight hoursand seven minutes, about 11 min-utes less than women.

But about 35 per cent of womensaid they had trouble falling or

staying asleep, compared withonly 25 per cent of men.

Statistics Canada also says thatthose who made $60,000 or morea year slept 40 minutes less perday than someone who made$20,000.

The agency says high-incomeCanadians tend to dedicate moretime to their paid work, andspend less time with their chil-dren or engaged in leisure activ-ities, which all have an impact ontheir sleep patterns.

The survey also found that peo-ple who worked full time got 24minutes less sleep than those whowere not regularly employed.

Men who worked full time slept14 minutes less than women who

worked full time. That is the equivalent of about

85 hours, or three-and-a-halffewer days of sleep a year.

Married Canadians and thosein common-law relationshipswere also found to sleep less.

People living with a partnerslept about eight hours and fiveminutes per night.

Single people who had neverbeen married slept about 24 min-utes longer.

Canadians with no children gotan average of about eight hoursand 18 minutes of sleep.

In households with childrenunder the age of 15, parents sleptless. And the more children theyhad, the less sleep they got.

Road rage sparkedby honking hornCanwest News Service

Police in Milton, Ont., havearrested a man in connection witha violent road-rage incident morethan two weeks ago that was trig-gered by the honking of a horn.

Police said a man tried to pullout of a plaza in Milton, west ofToronto, on April 11.

But he couldn’t because a FordExplorer blocked the entrance.He honked his horn, according toa police news release. The Ford,however, did not move. Instead,the driver of the Ford got out ofthe car and confronted the man.

The two had a verbal exchangeand got back into their vehicles,the news release said. They thendrove to another location in theparking lot and continued argu-ing outside their cars. During theargument, a passenger in the Fordallegedly brought out a metal barfrom inside the car.

The Milton man was struck sev-eral times with the bar, policesaid.

Ottawa RushHourA teenage girl reported missing

on Friday was found last night,Ottawa police said.

Police had sought the public’sassistance in finding the 14-year-old girl, who had last been seen

by a friend near a bus stop onWoodroffe Avenue and Meadow-lands Drive at about 6 p.m. on Fri-day.

Police said she was not harmedand has been returned to her par-ents.

Missing teen returns home safely

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Obamasays it’llbe close

How votemight play out

Barack Obama and Hillary Clin-ton square off today in Pennsyl-vania – the biggest state remain-ing for the two Democratic pres-idential rivals.

Clinton is struggling to gainground on Obama in delegates tothe August nominating conven-tion and the popular vote. She’sresisted calls to drop out and letObama concentrate on the racewith Republican John McCain inNovember’s presidential election.

Here are some possible Penn-sylvania scenarios:! An Obama win: If he takes astate where Clinton once had abig lead, it would be considereda huge upset and would essential-ly sew up the nomination for theIllinois senator. It would kill Clin-ton’s best hope of gaining groundin delegates and vote totals andlaunch a fresh wave of calls forher to drop out.! If Clinton wins big: A double-digit Clinton victory would giveher a boost in delegates and rein-force her argument she is thestrongest candidate in big statescrucial to Democratic hopes inNovember. It could boost herfundraising and give her momen-tum heading into the next twocontests on May 6, in North Car-olina – where Obama has a bigearly lead – and Indiana, whichis considered a toss-up.

Most importantly, it could senda signal to superdelegates to stayon the sidelines and let theremaining contests play out, giv-ing Clinton more time to catchObama or force him into mistakeslike the furor over his remarks onsmall-town residents.! If Clinton wins narrowly:Given her once huge lead in pollsand the state’s blue-collar demo-graphics, considered ideal for hercandidacy, a narrow win wouldincrease perceptions she can’tcatch Obama. With no more bigstates left to vote, Clinton wouldhave little chance left to changethe dynamics of the race andbuild momentum for the finish.


Democrats in Pennsylvaniamake their choice today in therace between Hillary Clinton andBarack Obama, with Clinton aim-ing for a big win to keep her flick-ering White House hopes alive.

The New York senator isfavoured but needs a convincingvictory to gain ground on Obamaand convince party leaders she isthe best candidate to face Repub-lican John McCain in November.

Clinton’s one-time 20-pointlead in the state has slipped to sin-gle digits in many polls amid anonslaught of ads by Obama, whohas heavily outspent her in Penn-sylvania. Both camps tried to playdown expectations.

“I’m not predicting a win. I’mpredicting it’s going to be closeand that we are going to do a lotbetter than people expect,”Obama said.

The two spent the final day ofan increasingly sharp fight scour-ing the state for support. Clin-ton released an ad with images ofal-Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladenand touting her strength.

“You need to be ready for any-thing – especially now, with twowars, oil prices skyrocketing andan economy in crisis,” the ad’s

narrator says. “Who do you thinkhas what it takes?”

Obama’s camp accused her ofusing “the politics of fear” and hereleased an ad in response. “Whoin times of challenge will unite us– not use fear and calculation todivide us?” the ad asked.

The Pennsylvania contest is thelatest in a series of do-or-die votesfor Clinton, who rallied from thebrink of elimination with a win inNew Hampshire on Jan. 8 andpopular vote victories in Ohio andTexas on March 4.



Barack Obama attends campaign rally just before Pennsylvania vote.

U.S. could ‘obliterate’ Iran: ClintonHillary Clinton warned Iran

today that if she were president,the United States could “totallyobliterate” Iran.

On the day of a crucial vote inher battle with fellow DemocratBarack Obama, the New York sen-ator said she wanted Iran to know

what she’s prepared to do as pres-ident in hopes of deterring anIranian nuclear attack on Israel.

“I want the Iranians to knowthat if I’m the president, we willattack Iran,” Clinton said in aninterview on ABC’s Good Morn-ing America.

“In the next 10 years, duringwhich they might foolishly con-sider launching an attack onIsrael, we would be able to total-ly obliterate them,” she said.

“That’s a terrible thing to saybut those people who run Iranneed to understand that becausethat perhaps will deter them fromdoing something that would bereckless, foolish and tragic.”



Hillary Clinton talks tough before do-or-die primary.

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Rising food prices threaten 100 million peopleA “silent tsunami” unleashed

by costlier food threatens 100 mil-lion people on all continents, theUnited Nations said today.

But the Asian DevelopmentBank said there’s still enough foodand the key is to help the poorafford it. It said Asian govern-ments, which have curbed foodexports, were over-reacting.

Prime Minister Gordon Brownsaid Britain would seek changesto EU biofuel targets if it wasshown that planting crops for fuelwas driving up food prices – a dayafter the EU stood by its plans toboost biofuel use.

Britain also pledged $900 mil-lion to help the UN World FoodProgram alleviate immediateproblems and address longer-term solutions to “help put foodon the table for nearly a billionpeople going hungry.”

World Food Program headJosette Sheeran took part in ameeting of experts Brown calledtoday to discuss the crisis.

“This is the new face of hunger– the millions of people who werenot in the urgent hunger catego-ry six months ago but now are,”Sheeran said before the meeting.

“The response calls for large-scale, high-level action by theglobal community, focused onemergency and longer-term solu-tions.”

The WFP said this was thebiggest challenge in its 45-yearhistory.

Riots in poor Asian and Africancountries have followed steeprises in food prices caused bymany factors – dearer fuel, badweather, rising incomes boostingdemand and using land to growcrops to be turned into biofuel.

“The era of cheap food is over,”said Rajat Nag, managing direc-tor general of the Asian Develop-ment Bank.

Rice from Thailand, the world’stop exporter, has more than dou-bled this year, but Nag urged gov-ernments not to distort marketswith export curbs, and insteaduse measures to help the poor.

“We want to temper what wethink is a bit of an over-reaction.There is still enough supply,” hesaid.

India and Vietnam have limit-ed exports, hoping to tame pricesat home while goading themhigher abroad.

“Banning of exports is no dif-ferent from hoarding at a nation-al level,” Nag said.

The ADB comments echo state-ments by the International Mon-etary Fund and the UN, urgingcountries to put more funds in thehands of the poor for food, in-stead of imposing trade barriers.



A Philippine worker prepares rice for poor people at subsidizedprices. The Asian Development Bank says rice stocks in Asia are attheir lowest in several decades, but still adequate.

China calls Zimbabwe guns‘perfectly normal trade’

South African ruling partyleader Jacob Zuma said todaythat Africa must send a missionto Zimbabwe to end a delay inissuing election results, which hecalled unacceptable.

In his toughest comments yeton the three-week delay in

announcing results of a presiden-tial vote, Zuma said: “It’s notacceptable. It’s not helping theZimbabwean people who havegone out to … elect the kind ofparty and presidential candidatethey want.”


China said today a shipful ofarms for Zimbabwe may returnhome after the ship was unableto unload in South Africa, but itdefended the cargo as “perfectlynormal trade.”

Zambia, which chairs theSouthern African DevelopmentCommunity grouping, has urgedregional states to bar the An YueJiang from entering their waters,saying the weapons could deep-en Zimbabwe’s election crisis.

The ship was barred fromunloading in the South Africanport of Durban, prompting it toset sail again. Mozambique andAngola have since denied it accessto their ports.

Chinese Foreign Ministryspokeswoman Jiang Yu said thecontract was signed last year andwas “unrelated to recent devel-opments” in Zimbabwe.

Jiang said the arms shipmentwas “perfectly normal trade inmilitary goods between Chinaand Zimbabwe,” but because itwas impossible for Zimbabwe toreceive the goods, the companyinvolved is now considering ship-ping the cargo back to China.

South African port workersrefused to unload the arms dueto fears President Robert Mugabemight use them against politicalopponents.


Zuma decries delay in Zimbabwe poll count

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Radieschen, a 20-day-old red piglet, is right at home in Thomas Strubreiter’s farmhouse in the smallAustrian village of Scheffau. The family took the piglet in because its mother didn’t have enough milk.

Networkonline tofind job

Job seekers should tap intoonline networking sites to helphunt down potential employers,new surveys suggest.

The polls, conducted in Cana-da and the United States onbehalf of California-based recruit-ment firm Robert Half Interna-tional, showed most executivesbelieve professional networkingsites will prove useful in the nextthree years for job seekers.

“Networking sites can be usedto identify new career opportuni-ties, create online profiles thathighlight one’s skills and experi-ence and build a roster of busi-ness contacts over time,” said MaxMessmer, chairman and chiefexecutive of RHI and author ofJob Hunting for Dummies.

Of 100 senior Canadian execu-tives interviewed, 67 said theythought professional networkingsites – such as LinkedIn – wereuseful for recruiting new employ-ees, and 25 said they thoughtsocial networking sites such asFacebook would be useful.

In the U.S., of 150 senior exec-utives polled, 62 per cent said pro-fessional networking sites wereuseful for recruiting new employ-ees, and 35 per cent said socialnetworking sites were useful.

But Messmer said job seekersshould continue to use tradition-al job-hunting methods, too.

“Tried and true methods, suchas networking at industry events,submitting well-written resumésand cover letters, and diligentlyfollowing up with hiring man-agers are still essential to landingthe ideal job,” Messmer said.

RHI provided the following fivesuggestions for benefiting fromonline networking:! Craft your profile carefully.! Ask for recommendations.! Build your list of contacts.! Don’t post anything that youwouldn’t want an employer tosee.! Don’t stop networking once youhave a job.


War photos of Paris kick up stormAn exhibit of rare colour pho-

tos of occupied Paris during theSecond World War has sparked acontroversy in France, with somesaying it paints too rosy a picture

of life under the Nazis.Christophe Girard, who heads

the culture department, suggestsshutting down the show of workby French photographer André

Zucca unless organizers counter-balance the cheery vision.

“It doesn’t explain enough thatthis was Nazi propaganda. Thismakes me vomit,” Girard said.

The 270 photos put moreemphasis on joy than the jackboot– which Girard says is inappropri-ate for an occupation still painfulin French collective memory.

“We plan to discuss the matterwith historians and see if we canmodify things to save the exhi-bition. But if we can’t, I’d like tosee it closed,” Girard said.

Photos were forbidden in occu-pied Paris, but Zucca, who diedin 1973, got permits and suppliesfrom his employer, the Nazi pro-paganda magazine Signal.

His happy shots include agrande dame shopping, sun-bathers along the Seine, chicyouths flirting and families spend-ing a day at the races – life goingon as normal.

Many consider Zucca a collab-orator, but that also didn’t keepthrongs of Parisians from pack-ing the historical library housingthe photos last weekend.

reutersPhotos of Paris under the Nazis have revived painful memories.

Page 6: Ottawa RushHour – 22.04.2008


Theatre! A Seaway Story: By Janet Irwin, James Fagan Tait and Dia-logue Theatre Company, to Sunday at Upper Canada Playhouse,12320 County Rd. 2, Morrisburg. Tickets at 613-543-3713.! The Music Man: By Merideth Wilson, presented by Sir Wil-frid Laurier Secondary School, 7 p.m. to Thursday at the school,1515 Tenth Line Rd. Tickets $10 at the door.

Comedy! TailGators, 1642 Merivale Rd.: Best of Absolute Comedy Pro-Am night, 8:30 p.m. $5

Live MusicBlues/World/Folk:

! Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray St.: Beat Kaestli, 9 p.m.! Rasputin’s Folk Café, 696 Bronson Ave.: Great Train Pro-ject.

Jazz:! Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro, 54 York St.: Clay YoungDuo.

Lounges:! The Collection and Bar 56, 56 Byward St.: DJ Joe Juarez.! Friday’s Roast Beef House and Piano Parlour, 150 ElginSt.: Pianist Noel, 8 p.m.! Le Baccara (3rd level), Casino du Lac-Leamy, 1 boulevarddu Casino, Gatineau: Classic harp, 7-11 p.m.

Dance Clubs! Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York St.: Industrial Strength Tues-days with DJs Leslie and Twiin.

Literary Events! Book Launch: Author David Wilson celebrates his new bookThomas D’Arcy McGee with readings and music by The D’ArcyMcGee Band, 8 p.m. at Aulde Dubliner/Pour House, 62 WilliamSt.! Reading: Donna Caruso reads from Journey Without a Map:Growing Up Italian, 7:30 p.m. at Collected Works Bookstore andCoffeebar, 1242 Wellington St. 613-722-1265.

Workshops! Workshop: Conserving works of art on paper, 7:30 p.m. atArteast, 1490 Youville Dr., Orléans. 613-692-5120 or www.arteas-tottawa.com.

Other Events! Around About Ottawa: Guided walking tours of historiclandmarks and famous tourist sites in the downtown. Reserveat 613-599-1016.! Crime and Punishment Jail Tour: 7 p.m. Departs from thelobby of the Ottawa Jail Hostel at 75 Nicholas St. Reserve at613-232-0344.! Ottawa on Foot: Private historical walking tours of the down-town. Reserve at 613-447-7566.! Parliament of Canada Tours: Free guided tours availabledaily. Reserve at www.parl.gc.ca/vis or 613-239-5000.! Supreme Court of Canada Tour: Law students conduct freeguided tours on weekdays at 301 Wellington St. Reserve at 613-995-5361 or [email protected].


Canwest News ServiceScarlett Johansson has been

declared too old for a role, accord-ing to The Hollywood Reporter.

Instead, Emma Watson will playthe title role – well, one of the titleroles – in Napoleon and Betsy, a newmovie about “Betsy Balcombe, ayoung, impetuous noblewomantrapped on the isolated Britishisland of St. Helena who falls inlove with Napoleon, after he isexiled there.”

Poor ScarJo. She’s over the hillat 23, while Watson is a dewy 18.

Nice work if you can get itMadonna will earn a whopping

$24 million US by doing two showsin Dubai, according to the New YorkDaily News. The paper gave nodates, but Madge’s world tour endsthere, in November.

One of these gigs, the paper said,will pay her $15 million for just 90minutes onstage; the other is “amillionaire’s private party” andapparently she charges a flat $10million for such appearances.

Support paymentsThe epic David Hasselhoff-

Pamela Bach child-support duel isover.

Under a negotiated settlement,he’ll pay $25,000 a month to sup-port her and the kids. They’ll main-tain joint ownership of the houseoutside Los Angeles, and willdivide the family’s bank accounts,his various pensions and the auto-motive rolling stock.

Hasselhoff and Bach, married 16years, have two daughters, Taylor,17, and Hayley, 15.

Butler goes youngerScottish actor Gerard Butler, 38,

has dumped Cameron Diaz, 35,and has been seen out and aboutin L.A., all cosy and kissy withCheryl Burke, 23, from DancingWith the Stars.

We don’t know just when Butlerdropped the news on Diaz, but herfather died last week, so excuse herif she’s not very cheerful just now.

Isn’t it funny how guys so rarelyditch their girlfriends for women12 years older?

Now it can be toldHarrison Ford explained, to

Maxim magazine, why he now hasa pierced ear: After “a semi-drunk-en lunch with Ed Bradley andJimmy Buffett, who were bothwearing earrings … I walked downMadison Avenue till I found thefirst jewelry store that piercedears.”

Mariah disappointsWhen you’ve had more No. 1 sin-

gles than Elvis, you can do what-ever you want: an L.A. record storepromised face time with MariahCarey to the first 1,000 buyers ofher new CD. Some people arrivedas much as six hours early.

So they were cross when sheshowed up two hours late, andthen left well before she’d fulfilledthe store’s promise to all 1,000fans. Some are now ex-fans: theybooed, yelled obscenities andtrashed their copies of the CD.

Quote of the dayPete Wentz, who’s engaged to

Ashlee Simpson (who may or maynot be in a Juno-like condition) isgetting cranky about media cover-age, as you can tell by what he toldPeople mag: “I can’t wait for thestory about how I’m really in a gayrelationship and this is all just acover.”


Johansson loses role


Although she was just the rightage to play The Other Boleyn Girl,Scarlett Johansson has beenbumped for a younger Betsy.

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Quality Fireplacesand Grills


1722 Carling at Boyd 728.1775and

1452 Cyrville at Star Top 745.1273



at both locationssale ends Saturday


Canada’s largest fireplace, patio furniture, and BBQ store

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American Idol8 p.m., Fox, CTV

This week, the show featuresthe music and mentoring ofAndrew Lloyd Webber. In his day,he composed 13 musicals, a songcycle, a set of variations, twomovie scores and a requiem mass.There probably won’t be muchcall for the latter here, though.

Working Over Time9 p.m., History Television

Whether trolling for flotsam ina sewer, or grave robbing for med-ical cadavers, Jeff Douglas givesit his all in this program, airing aspart of Worst Jobs Week.

Hell’s Kitchen9:02 p.m., Fox, Citytv

Word to the not-so-wise: whenchef Gordon Ramsay cries, “Holymackerel!” he doesn’t mean it asa compliment. It’s family night.Quick, cover the kiddies’ ears.

Talk ShowsThe Tonight Show With Jay Leno11:35 p.m., NBC, A-Channel

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, JasonSegel, Goldfrapp.Late Show With David Letterman11:35 p.m., CBS, OMNI.1

Helen Hunt, Chris (Mad Dog)Russo, Kathleen Edwards.Jimmy Kimmel Live12:06 a.m., ABC, Citytv

Brad Garrett, Paul Thorn.Late Night With Conan O’Brien12:37 a.m., NBC, A-Channel

Andy Richter, She & Him.The Late Late ShowWith Craig Ferguson12:37 a.m., CBS, E!

Laurence Fishburne, RashidaJones, Joe DeVito.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

New pals for Bambi as Disney eyes EarthMove over Thumper: Bambi

will soon have a lot of new friendsat the Walt Disney Co.

The entertainment giant yes-terday announced the launch ofa new film label, Disneynature,dedicated to producing wildlifeand environmental documen-taries for the big screen, startingwith a 2009 U.S. release simplytitled Earth.

The new venture marks one ofthe most conspicuous moves by amajor Hollywood studio to capi-talize on growing public fondnessfor all things green since the 2006success of Al Gore’s global-warm-ing documentary, An InconvenientTruth.

“Our goal is to bring event films,as only nature can tell, to audi-ences around the world and forgenerations to come,” Dick Cook,chairman of the Walt Disney Stu-dios, said in unveiling the produc-tion banner on the Disney lot inBurbank, California.

Cook said he expects Disney-nature to produce roughly onefilm for commercial release eachyear.

The new label will be run byJean-François Camilleri, a vet-eran France-based Disney execu-tive who co-produced the surprise2005 hit March of the Penguins,which won the Academy Awardfor best documentary the yearbefore Gore’s film did.

Earth, the first U.S. release fromthe new venture, slated to debuton Earth Day next year, will beadapted from the popular BBCtelevision series Planet Earth.

Narrated by actor James EarlJones, it will explore animalmigration patterns, focusing onthe journeys of polar bears, ele-phants and humpback whalesover the course of a single year.

Shot in 2,000 days in more than200 locations spanning every con-tinent, it marks an unprecedent-ed achievement in nature movies,said Alastair Fothergill, its Britishproducer-director whose credits

include the acclaimed marinedocumentary series The BluePlanet.

“Nobody has spent so muchtime, ever, making a wildlifefilm,” he said, adding that he haslong felt confined by the mediumof TV as a nature documentari-an. “Cinema is the place that doesjustice to the natural world.”

Other films in the Disneynaturedevelopment slate include Chim-panzee, Big Cats, Oceans andNaked Beauty: A Love That Feedsthe Earth, a time-lapse spectacleof flowering plants.


Forest friends Bambi and Thumper will no longer be alone in the wildonce Disneynature starts rolling out films such as Earth, inset.

Sparks ill, leavesKeys tour

Jordin Sparks is battling anacute vocal cord hemorrhage, andhas dropped off the just-launchedAlicia Keys tour while she is recov-ering.

Last year’s American Idol win-ner was forced to cancel threeshows on the weekend, and anEarth Day gig in Washington, D.C

“Jordin is on a vocal rest, butshe’s expected to make a fullrecovery and join Alicia on tourin May,” said a spokesperson forSparks’ Jive label.

Sparks has been heating up theBillboard Hot 100 lately, reachinga new peak last week of No. 3with the single No Air.


She’ll be back.Fox has picked up Terminator:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles fora second season.

Yesterday, the network handeda 13-episode order to the sci-fidrama, an extension of the Ter-minator movie franchise that cen-tres on Sarah Connor (LenaHeadey) and her son, John(Thomas Dekker), as they battleenemies from the future with thehelp of a kindhearted terminator,Cameron (Summer Glau).

In the U.S., Terminator, whichlaunched in January, was thehighest-rated new scripted seriesthis season among the coveteddemographic of adults 18 to 49.


Fox gives Terminator second season

Lena Headey stars in Fox’s just-renewed Terminator: The SarahConnor Chronicles.

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Hollywood cleans up its act – but is it enough?In the early 1990s, 100 environ-

mental activists stormed anIndonesian freighter bringingrainforest wood to Hollywood.

But that seems like ancient his-tory now. Actors, agents and exec-utives who once made indulgencetheir mantra are among the lead-ing environmental activists. Butis Hollywood doing enough?

Richard Turco, a professor atthe University of California at LosAngeles who co-authored a studylambasting Hollywood’s environ-mental activities, points to thesheer waste that takes place onmost film sets, along with theexcessive use of polluting fuels.

“Obviously, there is a move bythe industry toward greenerpractices,” Turco said. “But it isan industry; it still uses hugeamounts of material.”

But most environmentalists sayHollywood is ahead of mostindustries. There are solid rea-sons for that.

A-list actors Leonardo DiCap-rio, Cameron Diaz and EdwardNorton have stumped for environ-mental causes, and agencies havefollowed. The William MorrisAgency’s new Beverly Hills officebuilding will be constructedentirely of sustainable materials.

Almost every studio has a pro-green initiative and now employsa cadre of executives in charge ofreducing its carbon footprint.

Comedy Evan Almighty was thefirst completely carbon-neutralfilm. Upcoming The IncredibleHulk went green, though it meantspending “20 to 30 per cent extraon wood” alone, said producerGale Anne Hurd.

Hurd and star Norton boughtcarbon offsets to make up for theirairplane flights.

“It is a business built on excess,built on the lavish lifestyle …,”said activist actor Ed Begley Jr.

Still, “I am very proud of whatmany of them have done.”


Who better to go green thanShrek and his good friendCameron Diaz? LeonardoDiCaprio and Edward Nortonare doing their bit, too.

Elvis’ secret trip lethim be regular guy

Elvis Presley once made a secrettourist visit to Britain.

Theatre producer Bill Ken-wright says Presley, then 23, man-aged to go sightseeing in Londonwith singer Tommy Steele.

The pair’s trip in 1958 includ-ed visits to the Houses of Parlia-ment and Buckingham Palace.

At the time Presley was so pop-ular he needed military guards tocontrol crowds whenever hemade a public appearance whileSteele was his British equivalent.

“It’s quite something, isn’t it –the thought of them wanderingaround London together,” Ken-wright said.


Singers who fight the good green fightBillboard magazine says these

acts try to make a difference tothe environment:! Jack Johnson built a studioinsulated with used denim and

powered in part by solar panels.Trucks and coaches on his 2008tour will run on biodiesel andvenues must follow his rules oncutting waste and recycling.! Willie Nelson’s BioWilliebiodiesel fuel will open Willie’sPlace this year at a Texas truckstop billed as the biggest greentruck stop in the U.S. with all fuelhaving some biofuel.! Dave Matthews Band has cal-culated the CO2 emissions on itsupcoming tour and bought therenewable energy credits to makeup for the footprint left by eachvenue, hotel, flight, tour vehicleand even fan travel. Fans can signup online for a carpool.! Pearl Jam drummer Matt

Cameron last year played a ben-efit for flood victims in Washing-ton, while guitarist Stone Gossardhelped plant vegetation in a Seat-tle park ravaged by English Ivy.! Serj Tankian, The System of aDown front man-turned-solo actfounded website skyisover.net toconnect fans to environmentaland social justice organizations.! Radiohead delivered album InRainbows as a price-optional dig-ital download before putting outa physical product. It preventedmanufacture and disposal ofthousands of CDs. The band trav-els unwillingly and when they do,Thom Yorke and bandmates helpreduce their carbon footprint.



Jack Johnson sings at Australia’sLive Earth Concert last summer.

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ACROSS1 Unit of

capacitance6 Mata Hari, for

one9 Drink slowly12 Kick out of the

country13 Golf instructor14 Tiny Tim played

one, briefly15 Wrinkle remover16 Stop between

flights18 Elementary

particles20 Wet one’s whistle21 Beat walker24 Doubtfire, e.g.27 Frequently, in

verse28 Google

competitor30 Factory yield32 Billy Graham

speech33 Small river dams34 Piercing tool35 Ship, to its


36 ___ Lanka37 Like old bread39 Downhiller’s

equipment43 Vibrating effect46 Cause, like havoc48 Dried grass,

basically49 The Matrix hero50 Fill with joy51 Lamb’s mom52 Peculiar53 Like a Rolling

Stone singer Bob

DOWN1 Valentine’s mo.2 Nerve cell

portion3 Solemn

ceremony4 Audibly5 Skilful with one’s

hands6 Broken-bone

stabilizer7 Shenanigan8 Cellist Ma9 Lincoln Aviator,

for one10 Tina Turner’s ex

11 Part of km/h17 Hollywood

award19 Huck Finn’s

transport22 Resistance units23 Tigger’s pal24 Do some lawn

work25 Feels remorseful26 Start to wake up28 Like old news-

papers, say29 Half and half31 Spectrum

producer32 Q-tip, e.g.34 Ottawa-born

author Margaret37 Fixed a shoe38 Around 6 a.m.,

say40 Prohibited

activity41 Bona fide42 Facts and figures43 Café alternative44 Like sushi45 Needle feature47 Ex-goalie Dryden

Today’s Solutions

Aries (March 21-April 19)Today is a 6 – When one doorcloses, another opens. That’soptimistic thinking. The onethat opens may be a distanceaway, so expand your search.Taurus (April 20-May 20)Today is an 8 – You’re gettingmore convinced and less inter-ested in changing your mind.So explain your position to theones who don’t get it yet. Youcould make a few converts.Gemini (May 21-June 21)Today is a 6 – You can’t getwhere you want to go withouteffort. Even if somebody picksyou up and carries you there,you’ll have to give directions.Cancer (June 22-July 22)Today is an 8 – A fantasy isshown to be without substance.If your money’s involved, avoida deal that sounds too good tobe true.Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)Today is a 5 – It’s not a verygood day to try to sell an idea,or anything else. Buying house-hold items goes well, though.You should be able to find someexcellent bargains.Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)Today is a 9 – Can you take a“well day”? You shouldn’t bestuck inside. You ought to beout exploring the countryside.Do what you can.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)Today is a 6 – Not a good day togo shopping. You’re liable tobuy stuff you don’t need, thatwon’t fit or isn’t the rightcolour. Wait till tomorrow.Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)Today is an 8 – A situation thatseems insurmountable is goingto melt away. You’ll find theperfect way to make the moun-tain into a molehill.Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)Today is a 6 – It’s a safe bet thatthings will not go exactlyaccording to plan. If you hadany false assumptions or weaklinks, they’ll become apparent.Proceed with caution.Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)Today is a 7 – Pay your fairshare, but you don’t have to paya lot more than that. Save somemoney for hidden expensesyou’ll be uncovering soon.Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)Today is a 5 – Keep your philos-ophy to yourself; it’s not a goodday to make converts. Don’teven offer advice. Indicate youhear and understand what’ssaid and nothing more.Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)Today is a 7 – Nobody said itwas going to be a rose gardenout there. Even if it is, roseshave thorns. The point is, pro-ceed with caution.

Today’s BirthdayThis year you’ll build relationships you can rely upon for genera-tions. Make commitments and set mutual goals big enough to over-ride the conflicts that are bound to come up.To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day,0 is the most challenging.

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Ottawa RushHourCan you handle the heat of a chilipepper or two? While this pastadish calls for two of these spicyculprits, you may turn the heaton this recipe up or downdepending on how much yourtastebuds can handle.

Chili Pepper and BroccoliPasta

Serves 42 cups (500 mL) penne1 medium head broccoli1/4 cup (50 mL) extra-virginolive oil2 large garlic cloves, chopped2 fresh red chili peppers,seeded and diced8 cherry tomatoes

1. In a large pot, cook the pastaaccording to package directions,until al dente. Pour into a colan-der and set the pot aside. Rinsethe pasta with cold water anddrain twice to stop the cookingprocess. Set aside.2. Cut the broccoli into small flo-rets and place in a large pot ofboiling water and cook until ten-der-crisp, about 3 to 5 minutes.Drain and rinse with cold water.3. Heat the olive oil in the potused to cook the pasta.4. Add the garlic, chili peppersand cherry tomatoes. Sauté overhigh heat for 1 minute.5. Add the broccoli to the panwith the oil and mix togetherwell.

6. Sauté for 2 minutes, or untilheated through. Add the penneand mix well again. Cook for 1minute longer and serve hot.Substitution: Try any otherpasta in place of the penne.

– From Peak of the Marketat www.peakmarket.com


SHOPPING LISTBroccoliRed chili peppersCherry tomatoes

IN THE KITCHENPenneOlive oilGarlic


Here are some of the majorevents to have occurred on thisday, as compiled by Reuters:

1915: The second battle of Ypresstarted when German troopsreleased clouds of deadly chlo-rine gas on British troops. It wasthe first major gas attack of theFirst World War.1969: British yachtsman RobinKnox-Johnston arrived at Fal-mouth after completing the firstsolo non-stop circumnavigationof the Earth, in 312 days.1990: Robert Polhill, an Ameri-can hostage in Lebanon, wasreleased. He had been held sinceJan. 24, 1987.2000: French far-right leaderJean-Marie Le Pen was deprivedof his right to take up his seat inthe European Parliament in adecree signed by prime ministerLionel Jospin.2005: Zacarias Moussaoui, theonly person charged in connec-tion with the 9/11 attacks, plead-ed guilty and said Osama binLaden had hand-picked him to flya plane into the White House.

Zacarias Moussaoui

Torch relay on grim trip in IndonesiaThe Olympic torch was parad-

ed through a heavily guarded sta-dium in Jakarta, Indonesia, todayafter police stopped about 100anti-China protesters from dis-rupting the latest leg of the torch’sfraught journey around theworld.

Indonesian badminton star andOlympic gold medallist TaufikHidayat lit a cauldron in front ofa cheering crowd as about 2,500policemen and 1,000 members ofthe military guarded the relay,which has been a magnet for anti-China protests in Europe and theAmericas following Beijing’scrackdown last month on protestsin Tibet.

About 80 athletes, officials andtelevision and film stars took partin the seven-kilometre relay. Ear-lier in the day, there was a 30-minute standoff between policeand protesters outside the maingate of Bung Karno Stadium,named after Indonesia’s first pres-ident, Sukarno.

“I’m very proud to be part ofthis. I hope I can win a gold medallike four years ago,” Hidayat saidafter lighting the cauldron.

The relay had originally beenslated to pass through largestretches of the bustling city, butsports officials later said the routewould be restricted to the vicin-ity of Bung Karno Stadium.

“I want to see the parade butthe police wouldn’t allow me in.Olympic events should be foreverybody to see and should notbe exclusive,” said Myrna Chan-dra, a 21-year old student.

About 5,000 guests and accred-ited members of the media hadbeen invited to watch the relayinside the stadium complex.

“I wanted everybody to see butthey (the Chinese organizers)were very fearful,” Sports andYouth Minister Adhyaksa Daultsaid. “There’s nothing we coulddo because we are not the orga-nizers.”

China had hoped the torch’sjourney would be a symbol ofunity leading up to the BeijingGames, but the torch has drawnanti-China protests, as well as pro-China demonstrations, manyinvolving Chinese people study-ing overseas.

The protesters in Jakarta,grouped under the IndonesianSociety for a Free Tibet, shouted“Free Tibet!” and held up bannersreading Olympics and CrimesAgainst Humanity Cannot Co-exist.

Police arrested a Dutch citizentaking part in the protest after hefailed to show his passport, policesaid. Seven other protesters weredetained but released after thecrowd agreed to disperse.

“It’s a shame that the Indone-sian government is being cowedby China,” he said.

The flame travels next to Can-berra, Australia.


Notable Quote“I knew if I continued to look

around … it would be difficult forme to contain my own emotions.So I turned away from the redeyes of the crowd and looked onlyat the red eye of the camera, talk-ing to all the nation.”

– U.S. president RichardNixon, on his departure fromthe White House. Nixon, who

resigned in 1974 because ofthe Watergate scandal,died on April 22, 1994.


Azhar Idris, an Indonesiantsunami survivor, carries theOlympic torch today in Jakarta,Indonesia. Earlier, supporters,below, waved Chinese flagsduring the torch relay.

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