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Oracle Video Feature Overviews

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Oracle’s PeopleSoft and EPM System Information Development teams creates three-to-five minute Video Feature Overviews to provide recorded demonstrations of new and enhanced functionality in Oracle applications. Customers can find the links to Video Feature Overviews in online help, release notes, press releases, Oracle social media feeds including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, Oracle technical blogs, articles, and presentations. These successful videos generate thousands of weekly hits on YouTube.

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How Oracle Uses Video to PromoteNew Features and Functionality

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How Oracle Uses Video to PromoteNew Features and Functionality

David Laux and Loren Davidson

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Program Agenda

• Introduction

• Genesis and History

• Business Case for VFOs

• Tools Used to Create Videos

• Our Processes

• Future Plans

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How We Began

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The Business Case, Briefly…

• Initial Concept: Customer Demos

• Further Uses:– Marketing materials– Documentation– Training.

• Filling the gap: high level marketing materials and product tutorials.

• Identifying the need and creating videos to fill it.

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Where to Produce the Videos

In-House• Cost:

– Already budgeted -- the cost of the employees

• Time to complete:– Generally two-to-four weeks.

– Management can re-prioritize

• Existing product familiarity.

• Production quality:– Depends on the creator

Video Production Company• Cost:

– Extra budget item, usually thousands of dollars.

• Time to complete– Depends on their schedule. Usually one-to-two


– Management can make anxious phone calls

• No existing product familiarity

• Production quality:– Good to great quality

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The Tools We Use

• Camtasia Studio– video capture, editing, production

• MS PowerPoint– static slides & animations

• Audacity/Logic Pro– audio capture & editing

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Video Capture Tools• ActivePresenter

• Adobe Captivate

• Bandicam

• BB FlashBack

• CamStudio

• Camtasia Studio

• Capture Fox

• Epiplex500

• Ffmpeg

• Fraps

• Freeseer

• HyperCam

• Microsoft Expression Encoder

• Nero Vision

• Pixetell

• QuickTime X

• RecordMyDesktop

• Screencam

• ScreenFlow

• Screenpresso Pro

• SimpleScreenRecorder

• Snapz Pro X

• VirtualDub

• Vokoscreen

• Windows Media Encoder

• Wink

• XVidCap

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Recommended Audio Tools/Technologies

• Basic– Recommend an external mic – USB– Freeware audio editing software – Audacity or Garage Band

• Advanced– Audio workstation software (ProTools, Logic)– Professional mic & audio interface

• Soundproofing

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Our Processes

• Create a script– Specifying the steps required to demonstrate the feature– providing a complete narration.

• Record the on-screen demonstration.

• Record the narration

• Edit the video.

• Produce the final video project.

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Our Processes

• Creating a script or storyboard– Step-by-step description of onscreen visuals.– Complete narration.– What we ask for:

• A step-by-step written demonstration and talking points

– What we usually get:• Technical papers.• Outline of features.

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Our Processes• Creating an Effective Script

– Know your audience and purpose– More than narration– Identifies issues with flow and pacing– Identifies “dead spaces”

• Create Scripts that are:– Short– Focused– Informative– Entertaining

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Our Processes

• Script Template

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Our Processes

• Recording the On-screen Demonstration– Use the highest resolution you can.

• At least 720p (1280X720) but full HD (1080p) is better.

– Practice!

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Our Processes

• Record the narration– Do this separately from recording the demo if you are not the

SME.– Practice using your microphone

• Volume• Position of the mic• Get comfortable hearing your voice.

– Find a quiet location to record– Brush up on your speaking skills

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Our Processes

• Edit the video.– Our demos run on the fastest computer in the world!

• Perform a rough edit before adding your narration.

– Use each audio clip to determine what has to happen to the video• Cut any “dead air”

– Apply special effects sparingly.

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Our Processes

• Produce the final video project.– Use 720p HD or higher– We post to YouTube– Production settings will depend on your end use

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Future Plans

• Measuring customer satisfaction– What keeps viewers watching?– What’s good and bad about the videos

• Training others to write & produce – writing is our current bottleneck in EPM

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• Useful tool for communicating with customers

• Fills niche between marketing materials & documentation

• Lower cost-of-entry than professional solutions

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