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A quick trip through accessibility, WAI-ARIA and where it is going. This was a 10 minute lightning talk for SXSW 09 by Henny Swan, Web Evangelist for Opera Software.


  • 1. Operaaccessibility Henny Swan [email_address] Twitter: @iheni

2. 3. Why bother? It costs money... It only serves a small market... Blind people dont browse car websites... It makes developers go insane... 4. Screen readers are the poster child of accessibility But thats not even half the story 5. Vision, cognition, mobility and hearing Temporary disabilities (RSI, broken wrist...even hangovers) and you... Mobile users Children 6. No one plans on dying young right? The aging market is only going to get bigger Youarethat market 7. Shopping, banking, e-gov, TV Blogs, Twitter, photo sharing, IM via desktop, mobile, devices 8. 9. So how do we make accessible sites? HTML:text alternatives and semantic mark up CSS:separation of content and presentation JavaScript:progressive enhancement, accessible Rich Internet Applications 10. WCAG 2.0:technology agnostic test criteria Combine with user testing Validate Section 508 (US), UK Government Guidlines, EU directives and more 11. Text JavaScript is the work of the devil right? Not so... 12. WAI-ARIA to the rescue! Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Applications 13. Sexy keyboard and screen reader accessible widgets Makes HTML dynamic Supported by Opera 9.5+, FF 1.5+, IE8 and Safari 4Jaws 7.1+, WindowEyes 5.5+, NVDA, and Firevox 14. WAI-ARIA:Role and state Role : I am aslider , therefore I slide State : Feeling prettygoodactually 15. WAI-ARIA:Landmark roles Define areas of a web page


16. WAI-ARIA:Live regions Notifies users of page updates politeassertive RUDE 17. Opera Tools 18. Opera Debug menu Enable and disable CSS, JavaScript, images, multimedia Check headings, lists data tables and semantic markup Mobile view Mobile view 19. Opera Dragonfly JavaScript debugger DOM / CSS inspection Error console Remote debugging 20. Opera Dragonfly 21. Web Standards Curriculumwww.opera.com/wsc Opera Developer Network www.opera.com/developer 22. Thank you and questions [email_address] www.iheni.com @iheni