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Online SEO Leader Hi my name is B.S . Varma , iam Online marketer since 9 years long journey . I was research several ways to promote the web site marketing in line- The way to how

Many people think still how they get free traffic web site I was initialize various ways In 2012Google Panda updatesMaximum web site gone down the loosed lot of income loosed Most of the people thinking SEO are goneBut Still Seo is live

How we optimize to get ranking The way is only

On page optimizationOn Page Optimizationis basically the effort which you put on the website and is clearly visible, Like:" Optimizing the existing content" HTML code corrections" remove broken / dead links" Add Meta / Alt Tags" Add Google and XML Site Map" Analytic SetupIt is very important that On Page Optimization is done correctly for a website as this educated search engine crawlers and spiders about the theme of the website and which keywords you are targeting to rank on. On Page Optimization is usually done once on the website howeverOn Page Optimization does after every 3 months to keep the site fresh for Search Engines.

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Optimize your existing contentThe first quick win of doing keyword research should be to optimize your existing content. Does that before you go on to create new content? That means looking again at the content youve already created and seeing what improvements you can make that will increase search engine traffic - and sales - from those particular pages.Youve got to make sure that youve organized your content and that youve used important keywords in all the right places.Site structureYou need to be methodical in your approach and understand the purpose of each page.Thehome pageis the most important page for people doing general research before making a purchase decision. You should optimize your home page for around three important keywords.If you were selling office furniture, for example, you might optimize your home page for the keywordsoffice furniture.

Content optimization comprises not only of reviewing and editing existing content of a website, but also adapting already optimized SEO content to varied demands.Optimizing existing contentIf a website needs to be optimized, it is first necessary to find out which pages are already ranking for topical keywords. In order to improve the ranking of a page for certain keywords, onsite and offsite measures must be taken. A very important onsite action is content optimization that is, revising text according to the SEO rules. Its primarily not about content related changes, but usually about nuances, structural modifications and an optimal keyword presence. A targeted optimization of the content can stabilize and improve rankings. However, this content optimization is not the only mechanism needed in an SEO campaign; it must be understood as an important part in the entire program.And, there is another advantage financially to optimize your current content: What can be optimized does not need to be newly created.Long term content optimizationOptimizing content is an on-going process. Due to modifications in evaluation criteria of search engines, content must be updated constantly. Also, the up-to-date factor plays also an important role: sites that are being actively maintained and updated regularly are evaluated as more relevant in search results than those which are untouched over a long period of time. For this reason, regular review and optimization of the content is important.

HTML code correctionsHere is where we link to all the online tools that we have found or written to help with the creation or validation of HTML, XHTML etc or tools to fix errors in HTML / XHTML and any other online tools we find or make.

Encode your email addresses to hide them from spammers.Now days spammers use automated tools to find email addresses on the internet. This tool encodes not only your email address, it also encodes the mailto: part of the link so automated tools cannot tell that it isn't just a normal link.Tidy your HTML and fix code indenting and errors.An online version of HTML Tidy, it can find and fix HTML errors and make your HTML/xHTML look neat and easy to manage.Validate your HTML / XHTML (NEW!).A beta copy of the very latest W3C HTML/xHTML Validate, in many ways better than the current stable validate. Check your site for coding errors and make cross browser coding easier by sticking to the official standards.Check your site for dead links (NEW!).The latest version of the w3c link checking tool. Insert your URL and find out how many dead links you have on your site.Web safe color chooser and RGB to HEX (and vice versa) converter.RGB colour/color slider. Perfect for finding the new color scheme for your site. Much to my dismay, this tool is currently only fully funcitonal in Internet Explorer. (for now)Password protects a directory. .htaccess / .htpasswd generator.Want some privacy? This tool helps you password protect directories on your host by creating custom .htaccess files to suit your needs. Very easy to use and bulletproof password protection is yours for the taking.

Detecting invalid pages that are indexed by GoogleOnce you have signed up for Google Webmaster Tools and have set it up and verified your site (see GooglesGetting Started guide for GWT), here is the process for finding invalid pages.1Click onDiagnosticsfrom the left menu and selectCrawl Errors.2Select theNot Foundcategory.3If available, click to view which page contains the broken link.4To make sure that the URL is indeed indexed in Google, copy and paste the URL into Googles search and see if any result comes up.

Removing URLs from Googles search results1Click onSite Configuration, and selectCrawl Access.2SelectRemove URL.3Click onNew removal request.

4Select the first option to completely remove a page from Google search results.ORSelect the fourth option in case you want to retain the page in search results but would like to remove the cached version of the page. This is useful in case Google displays an outdated version of the page in the "cached" link.5Click onNext.

6Type the URL of the page you would like to remove from Google.7Make sure the first option is selected and then click onAdd.8The URL to be removed should now appear in the list. If you want, you can add more pages for removal.9Click onSubmit Removal Request.

Your request is now pendingin most cases, it only takes 2 to 3 days for Google to remove the URL.10Click onSite Configurationand selectCrawl Access.11SelectRemove URL.12Make sure the URL you requested to remove does not appear in the list of pending requests.13Click onRemoved URLsto see that the URL is now listed there.To make sure that the URL was indeed removed from Google, copy and paste the URL into Googles search box and see if any result comes up.

Add Meta / Alt Tags

Search engine optimization is the science - some say art - of convincing Google to show your web page orat the top of its results. If you can master SEO, your store will get lots of traffic and youll be flooded with sales. Best of all, SEO costs you nothing and is automatically built into.

Today were proud to announce several features that will make it easier to improve the SEO of your shop without modifying your stores template files. With a few clicks, you can now change page title tags, the homepages Meta description and your image alt tags.Title Tags:The title tag is one of the most important elements of your stores SEO. The title tag appears as the clickable link on the search engine results page:

The words used in the title are used by search engines to determine what a web page is about. Here are a few things you need to consider when writing your title tags:Thecloser the most important keywords are to the front of the title, the more helpful they will be for ranking.Thefirst keyword spot in a title tag is very important, so if your brand doesn't have any weight, it may be best to place it at the end. However, if people recognize your brand, having the brand name at the beginning can help with getting you more clicks.70 characters is the maximumnumber most search engines will display on their search results page.Make sure your title tag isactually readable! You dont want it appearing as a just a bunch of search engine optimized keywords; your search results will just end up looking spammy.Here are some good examples of title tags for products:

When editing the content of a product, collection, or page in you can click Edit title tag and URL in order to see the following options:

Meta Descriptions:While Meta descriptions wont directly help move your online store up in the search results, they are an important factor that will affect whether people click it in the search results. Which of the following would you be more likely to click?

When composing your descriptions, aim to create great ad copy that will draw the user into your site. To set your stores Meta description, click Preferences General Settings