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    Example Campaign Links with Google Analytics Tags:

    Campaign Source = utm_source referrer: google, yahoo, newsletter newsletter15Campaign Medium = utm_medium medium: email, banner, social media emailCampaign Term = utm_term id our paid keywords (or blank) anyweb,Campaign Content = utm_content differentiate the ads gaga-eventCampaign Name = utm_campaign product, promo code, slogan anyweb_gaga_summer_2011

    Example: Landing page under for gaga-summer campaign promtions

    1. Link sent in Newsletter email: anyweb-gaga-summer campaign ?utm_source=newsletter15&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gaga-event&utm_campaign=anyweb_gaga_summer_2011

    2. Link sent through social media on Facebook: same campaign. ?utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=facebook &utm_content=gaga_event&utm_campaign=anyweb_gaga_summer_2011

    MM2AnalyticsTracking Marketing Campaigns in Google Analytics. Use for measuring success of referrals to site and downloads via marketing campaigns links.

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