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Session by Jethro Seghers at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2014 How can you use the BI Center in Office 365 to make your business decisions? How can BI not only be driven by the Enterprise but also by the end user? In this session were going to cover to different levels of BI provided by SharePoint Online & Office 365. Power View, Data Model, GeoFlow, Power BI Put the power of BI in the hands of your end users, attend this session to learn how and why


<ul><li> 1. Office 365 BI Capabilities Power BI #SPSSTHLM13 Jethro SEGHERS January 25th, 2014SharePoint SaturdayStockholm</li></ul> <p> 2. GoldSharePintBronze Raffle 3. ConsultantBloggerhttp://blog.j-solutions.beTrainer 4. Microsofts BI platform DELIVERYSharePoint Server Excel Reports Dashboards Workbooks Analytic ViewsScorecardsPlansEND USER TOOLS &amp; PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPSExcelPerformancePoint BI PLATFORMSQL Server Reporting ServicesSQL Server Analysis ServicesSQL Server DBMS SQL Server Integration Services 5. Corporate BI vs Self Service BICorporate BI is structured, company driven, slow, not always containing the necessary informationSelf Service BI based on own documents, own data structure, multiple data feeds, private &amp; publicSelf Service BI can consume Corporate data sources.Self Service BI can become Corporate BI 6. Created by End UsersCombination of difference datasources, formal &amp; informalCreated via ExcelPower PivotPower ViewPower MapsPower QueryPublishing via Power BI &amp; Excel Services 7. In short: Creates Cubes in memoryIntegrated in Excel 2013, Add In for Excel 2010Up to multiple billion rowsMultiple different type of data sources available, even local filesEasy Interface make relationship between Dimensions vs MeasuresEasily to collaborate and share through SharePoint OnlineOnly needs Excel Web App to publish 8. Visualization layer in Excel 2013Includes basic BI objects, like graphs, charts, filters, slicer, KPIs, Ideal to create dashboardsNeeds a Data model to work upon, e.g. power pivot, SQL Server, Easily to collaborate and share through SharePoint OnlineOnly needs Excel Web App to publish 9. Codename: GeoFlowPlots Data on a Globe in a timeframeGenerates a Interactive Tour around the dataAt this time not visualize in Office 365 10. Simplifies Data discovery and accessFind and connect data across a wide variety of sources.Merge and shape data sources to match your data analysis requirements or prepare it for further analysis and modeling by tools such as Power Pivot and PowerView.Perform data cleansing operations.Perform Online Search for data from a large collection of public data sources including Wikipedia tables, a subset of Windows Azure Marketplace, and a subset of needs Excel Web App to publish 11. Corporate DrivenDataWarehouseDataMartPublished in SharePoint On Premises: Performance PointPerformance Point not available in Office 365Publishing in SharePoint Online through Excel Web Apps 12. Only in preview, some features only works with the sample dataEasy to write, understand Query LanguageVisualization of Power ViewData Management GatewayPower BI AdminData StewardWindows 8 App </p>


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