Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Social Bookmarking

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Learn how to use social bookmarking sites to boost your off-page search engine optimization efforts. Read the SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide By Tom Heatherington for more SEO techniques and strategies.


<ul><li> 1. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Social BookmarkingBookmarking the blog pages of your website to several social boorkmarking sites is regarded as theeasiest way for a website owner to save, manage and organize their favorite website URLs. It is theonline version of the bookmarking function of your browsers. You can access your bookmarked pagesusing any computer with an internet access. Related and relevant information can be distributed amonguser with common interests.However, most website owners dont fully understand the value of social bookmarking as a technique foroffsite SEO. Only those who are knowledgeable about off page search engine optimization are aware thatsocial bookmarking services can drive a huge number of visitors to a website or blog. Just by publishing awell-tagged article or webpage to social bookmarking sites including Google, Delicious or Digg, it ispossible to generate essential inbound links that are guaranteed to boost your page ranking whileboosting the current traffic of your webpage or website.Generally, there are several social bookmarking tools that are available on the market today and all ofthese provide a speedy and effective ways of supplying information. One popular automated socialbookmarking tool that many marketers recommend is the Only Wire. This tool can send message to thewebs most popular social networks. There are numerous services like this that are available on theinternet. Another social bookmarking tool that you ought to try is the IMAutomator. One of its knownfeature is that once you paste the URL you wish to bookmark in the appropriate box, the tool will be theone to extract all the essential information such as the page title, description and keywords. WithIMAutomator, you got the ability to choose how frequently you want the page to be bookmarked. Youcan choose 1 day, 15 days or spread over 45 days to simulate a more natural bookmarking sequence.RESOURCE BOX: Learn the importance of social bookmarking to Search Engine Optimization. Getthe book, SEO &amp; Social Media Marketing Guide, for a step-by-step SEO and social media strategies. </li> </ul>