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OASYS Stonesoft StoneGate Aligned with ITIL V3

Text of Oasys Stonesoft Aligned with ITIL

  • 1. 10 Quick Winswith ITIL Webinar DocumentedCommon Sense June 23, 2009 Matt McKinley, Senior Network Security Analyst Stonesoft[email_address] Chris Johnson, President Matt OBuck, International Account ExecutiveOpen Access Systems Corporation [email_address] [email_address]

2. 3. http://www.oasyscorp.com/itilv3map.html 4. RACI Matrix - Focus on Security Activities 5. 6. CONTROL EVALUATE Detectsecurity breachesReactto the incidentsMAINTAIN Recoveryour systems IMPLEMENTProtectyour assets PLAN Identifythe risks Reviseprocesses &protection Security as a Process 7. 1. One-step Security Management Disparate consoles Labor intensive Manual device updates Inherent human error Slow threat mitigationSingle management console Create once, deploy everywhere Automatic policy/rule execution Real-time accelerated response to threats Virtual FW Virtual FW Virtual FW Virtual FW One-step Management Events Traditional Device Management FW Mgmt IPS Mgmt Incidents 8.

  • Create once, use everywhere configuration
    • Common element database
    • Stores all configurations security policies to OS settings
    • Component re-use = less human errors
  • Always-on management
    • Built-in disaster recovery
    • Repository backup & task automation
    • Customizable roles, rights and actions
    • Simultaneous administration

2. Central Repository(Service Knowledge Database) 9. 3. Role-based Access Control(RACI Matrix)

  • One administrator can have several roles
  • Access control lists enable grouping ofgranted objects
  • Support for RADIUS authentication

10. 4. Logs & Auditing(Reports, Compliance, Access)

  • Use audit logs and element meta data to find out WHAT has been changed, WHO has changed it and WHEN has this happened

11. 5. Next Generation Policy Management

  • Efficient policy management with template-based rule bases and sub-rule bases

12. 5. Next Generation Policy Management (cont.)

  • Find unusued rules, undo/redo changes, create new rules from logs
  • View rule hit counts (within specified time) in the policy editor
  • Undo/redo the changes in the policy editor
  • Organize your policy with the help of collapsible rule comment sections
  • Create new rules directly from the logs
  • Search matching rules quickly

13. 6. Real-time Monitoring & Alerting (Service Operations)

  • Customizable dashboards & alerting chains
  • Geographic pinpointing ofIP addresses
  • Web portal for monitoring security from any device

14. 7. Accelerated Incident Management (Service Operations)

  • Correlated view
  • Real-time & historical views
  • Detailed audit histories
  • Powerful data mining engine
  • Drag & drop log filtering
  • Efficient& accurate data retrieval
  • Statistical event analysis
  • Incident case management
  • Suspect activity centrally collected
  • Investigation audit trail

15. 8. Multi-Link Communication(Availability & Capacity Management)

  • Seamless circuit failover
    • Active/active
  • Eliminates costly failover systems or BGP management
  • Low-cost alternative toFrame Relay, MPLS
  • Scalable and secure
    • Unlimitednumber & typesof connections
  • Support for emerging technologies
    • VoIP, video conferencing

Remote Office Corporate Headquarters MPLS INTERNET DSL CableModem DSL 16. 8. Drop-in Active Clustering (cont.)(Availability & Capacity Management)

  • Firewall/VPN Cluster
  • Uniquely cluster up to 16 devices
  • Achieve Five Nines availability
  • Zero impact to networkre-configuration
    • No maintenance window required
  • Clusters managed assingle instance
  • Clustered VPN providesseamless failover

Node 1 33% Node 2 33% Node 3 33% 17. 8. Dynamic Server Load Balancing (cont.)(Availability & Capacity Management)

  • Eliminates the need for external hardware
    • Unlimited server load balancing
    • Intelligently monitor availability & health
    • Optimized traffic
    • Automatic corrective actions
    • Transparent server maintenance
  • Automatically distribute traffic
    • No restrictions on number of servers orclient connections

Server Pool Load Balancing 18. 9. Interactive Reporting

  • Enhanced customizable graphical reports
  • Automated generation & distribution
  • System auditing reports & audit trails
  • Comparative analysis of security policies

19. 10. Stonesoft Powered by Reliability

  • No forklift upgrades phased-in approach
    • Always-on connectivity technologies
    • Third-party event management
    • Rule-base translation tools
    • Turnkey solutions delivery
    • Direct support vs. tiered support
    • Dedicated engineers, average 6+ yearsexperience
    • Follow the sun Atlanta and Helsinki
    • Commitment to customer success throughout organization
    • Track record of technology innovation
      • 38 patents & 28 patents pending

The superior level of support provided by Stonesoft is the benchmark we use to measure all of our other vendors.-National City Bank 2008 CustomerSatisfaction Results 95% Overall Satisfaction 20. 10 Quick Wins Stonesoft ITIL Win 1.One-step Security Management Single pane of glass view Improves Security Management across the entire enterprise from core to edge. 2.Central RepositoryCurrent, correlated Service Knowledge Database shares information for reporting. 3.Role-based Access Control Centrally managed information access based on roles directly implemented by the SMC. 4. Logs & Auditing Easily accessible and ensures Compliance. 5. Next Generation Policy Management Standardized policies, consistency with less administration , SLA/OLA Management, at perimeter and internal. 6.Real-time Monitoring & Alerting More efficient Service Operations. 7.Accelerated Incident Management Faster Troubleshooting & Resolution; feeds a knowledge error database. 8.Patented Multi-Link Communication,Drop-in Active Clustering,Dynamic Server Load Balancing Guaranteed High Availability at the component and link level for reliability, to ensure Always-on Connectivity; Enhanced and Secure Data Delivery. 9.Interactive Reporting Reports for Continual Service Improvements 10.Stonesoft Reliability Easy Implementation, Reliability, Maintainability& proven long-term Serviceability. 21. Thank You (866) 869-4075 [email_address] www.stonesoft.com