Nokia 3310 Vs Iphone

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Are we moving backwards in technology? Here are some things the Nokia 3310 can do while your shiny new Iphone struggles to keep up.The Iphone vs the Nokia 3310. Things we notice that makes the Nokia 3310 superior to the Iphone were battery life. The battery life of a Nokia lasts a week, The battery life of a Iphone lasts a day. The ability to switch covers. Losing a phone. Dropping an Iphone in comparison to dropping a Nokia 3310. .. the list goes on.

Text of Nokia 3310 Vs Iphone

  • 1. Things this can doThat this cant

2. Battery Life 3. Full Battery =1 Week 4. Full Battery =1 Day 5. Changing Colour 6. You can changecolours 7. You are stuckwith a Colour 8. Loosing a phone 9. Loose this PhoneNo worriesEasily replaced in store for 20.00 10. Loose thisPhoneWorryPlace an order and wait one weekThen give $600 to the store 11. dropping a phone 12. Drop thisBounce 13. Drop thisSmash 14. Booting up 15. Boot up time8 seconds 16. Boot up time22 seconds 17. Falling in water 18. falls in waterDry it out inthe hot press 19. Falls in waterYoure down$600 20. Switching sims 21. Battery runs outSwitch sims toanother phone 22. Battery runs outGame over 23. and wait10 minutesafter initialcharge 24. Changing Networks 25. Switch networksenter a line ofcode in a sms 26. Switch networksStore says:Contact AppleApple says:Contact store 27. But I stillwouldnt switchThis for theworld 28. Follow me on@ronanwalsin/ronanwals 29. Click now to Follow 30. Thank You