Next-gen OData/ui5 microservices with Spring Boot

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Jan Penninkhof PhoQus B.V.Next-Gen OData/UI5 Microservices with Spring Boot


What is a micro-service?

StatelessService orientedAutonomously runningContinuous IntegrationLoosely coupledHigh level of resilience

Spring BootGets your started really quickly, but still includes features such as:MetricsPluggable (Social, twitter, persistency, hystrix etc)Run as War in Tomcat or HCP, Runs as Jar on Docker, VM, AzureEasy to transport, easy to scale

Fiori and Micro-servicesEvery tile has its own UI5 app and its own back-end applicationRuns as isolated micro-servicesCommunication with other components through APIsIsolated database persistencyWhat do you think of something like this?

UI5 works best on ODataOLingo is awesomeJust define your entities and youre done!Customizable: include transient/calculated attributes, adapt metadata based on context, add custom/smart annotations

Spring Boot is awesomeJust define your entities and youre done!Codeless repository logic for CRUD + filter-logicUses Liquibase to take care of schema changes and hibernate to connect to your data source. Unobtrusively, no code required!

OData/UI5 boilerplateApplying micro-services patternDeploys on various platforms, including HCP, HANAIncludes plumping to include UI5 appIncludes plumbing to provide OData service based on OlingoIncludes plumbing to link Olingo to JPA data entitiesIncludes boilerplate code for custom/smart annotationsAutomatically creates and updates database-schema based on application entitiesIncludes simple UI5 app to showcase some of the features


What can it be used forRapidly build your own microservice without having to do the basic plumbingQuickly setup a prototype application that includes a back-endWin an Innojam/Hackathon!

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