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New Dawn RoversHumanitarian Aid Project March 2012London - Tindouf Western Sahara

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  • 1. House of Commons 2010 Presentation byMartin Dewhurst

2. 170,000displaced people from the Western Sahara(less than 1% of the world refugee total) 3. aid is costing34,000,000every year 4. Nett result:Aid Dependency 5. Our Vision is:Cultural & Environmental Change through Inspired Action 6. Its time to break thedependency cycle 7. Solution = permaculturePermaculture Research Institute link to short film clip 8. Permanent agriculture making sure we cansustain human activities formany generations to come. 9. Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturallyproductive ecosystems 10. Nadia Lawton Jordan desert before Permaculture 11. Nadia Lawton Jordan desert 12 months on after Permaculture 12. Permaculture stats:uses only20%of the water used intraditional large scale farming 13. Permaculture stats: Renews degraded soil,turns sand into soil 14. Permaculture stats:One 12 acre food forest=sustainability for 120 peopleSelf sustaining in 3 years 15. Hand up, not hand out This is not about making aid effectiveIts about involving the whole communityin ending aid dependency for good 16. Cultural Change through Inspired Action 17. Value proposition Does it add up?Yesand only when wethink out of the box 18. 70,000 school aged children enter theyouth justice system every year 19. Up to 68%Re-offend within one year of release 20. 75%of 18-20 year olds re-offendwithin 2 years of release 21. 40,000every year to keep 1 person in prison 22. Nett result:State Dependency 23. Making Change Happen 24. Using best practice modelsre-offending rate down to 7%(Source: National Grid Young Offenders Programme) 25. 17.4m saving for every 100 young offenders who are turned around (Source: National Grid Young Offenders Programme) 26. UK Youth Training & DevelopmentECO School ProjectConvoy & Discovery TrainingYouth Training Program leading to Partnership with Refugee Groups 27. Creating sustainable food security for refugees and training for UK Youth 28. Starting with a school garden and working towards a series of 12 acre food forests 29. Change happens when people are empoweredto make the change themselvesSelf Discipline, Leadership and Teamwork 30. Sustainable Development and Empowerment Cycle 31. Our VisionCultural change through inspired actionOur MissionTo enable young people to engage in development projects to improve lives and build communitiesHow you can helpSponsorships are available throughout the project. You can sponsor a specific project,a vehicle, a team, a GYO Food Box to support a refugeefamily to grow its own food.Further InformationPlease contact Project Coordinator Martin Dewhurst on mobile 07951 708171, office01422 416157 or email Dawn is a pilot project of The Penny On Trust registered number 1113804