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Network Enabled Women for �Innovative Pathways to Enterprise

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Join the Glocal Women Network project !Help women escape the poverty trap

Text of Network Enabled Women for �Innovative Pathways to Enterprise

  • 1. Network Enabled Women forInnovative Pathways to Enterprise( NEW Pathways ) Dr. Christine Nielsen Professor ofInternational Business & Strategy Academic Program Director, M.S. in Global Leadership EPWN-IE Presentation November 3, 2011

2. Imagine Is inclusive capitalism just a dream? ~ 1 billion women trapped in poverty 3. Imagine How we can make a difference! 4. What I learned in the Philippines Women lack access to information aboutprofitable livelihood opportunities 5. Visit to Zonta International Chapter 6. NEW PathwaysGoal:Enable women for profitable livelihood opportunities +Financial Rewards + Creativity & Self-Esteem 7. Key Success Factor: TheGL ocalW omensN etwork

  • Participants
    • Local women from disadvantages communities (SHGs)
    • Livelihood and human resource experts
    • Successful entrepreneurs and business innovators
  • Interactions
    • Face-to-face and computer-aided communications (CMC)
  • Roles
    • Increase access to information about livelihood
    • Expand knowledge horizons to include higher value alternatives
    • Enhance decision-making skills
    • Serve on Livelihood Demonstration proposals review panel
    • Offer mentoring
    • Provide linkages to appropriate skills training and financing options

8. Key Success Factor:GL ocalW omensN etwork (SHGs) Indigenous Knowledge Regional, Professional Knowledge External experts, entrepreneurs, business innovators 9. Four Innovations inNEW Pathways Program Element Innovation Social Network GLocal (GlobalandLocal) Network Knowledge Management Exploration: balancing indigenous knowledge & foreign, external knowledge 1 2 3 4 Decision-Making Skills Envision & Create Analyze & Evaluate Set Criteria for Decisions Method 3 IdeaShops (Explore, expand, evaluate) 3 Building Block InterviewsLivelihood demonstration projects 10. NEW PathwaysSocioeconomic Impacts Predicted

    • Income
    • Future income stream
    • % above subsistence
    • Higher value-added work
    • ***********************************************************
    • Opportunities for creativity and self-expression
    • Positive attitudinal perception of aspirations

11. Is NEW PathwaysAffordable and Scalable? *******Year 5: Move to hybrid, GLocal Network with e-Learning Platform******* 24,000,000+ Total $25 6,312,000 10 $100 378,000 5 *************************************************************************** ************************************************************** ********** $800 19,125 4 : $1,667 60 1 $ per capita # of Women Year 12. WHERE do we start? 13. HOW do we start? With the GLocal Network! 14. WHEN do we start?

  • Now!

15. We CAN help women escape the poverty trap!

  • Transforming the lives of women and their familiestakes networks of dedicated people working together
  • Great things can happenif were willing to take the next step
  • Are YOU interested in joining theGL ocalN etwork?
  • I look forward to communicating with you! [email_address]

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