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<ul><li> 1. About NetTantraNetTantra is a creative technology and design company based out of India, US and UK. Weprovide web based solutions and mobile solutions to various industries like manufacturing,consulting, education.We have expertise in various sectors of the web including an array of server-sidelanguages, OpenSource CMS/Blog frameworks, Linux/UNIX system administration,production server backup and recovery solutions, cloud infrastructure set-up and muchmore. Our expertise in providing WordPress based solutions has been acclaimed by manyof our clients and the OpenSource community.We also provide cloud based solutions like migrating existing applications and buildingcloud applications for public or private cloud setups. We are known among our clients foron-time delivery and extraordinary quality of service.In mobile based solutions, we have expertise in developing native applications for iOS andAndroid platforms. We also develop cross-platform mobile applications using SenchaTouch and jQuery Mobile frameworks. 2 of 14 pages </li> <li> 2. Why Hire Us Technology We have expertise in the most cutting edge tools and technologies used in the industry with special focus on OpenSource Technologies We pay special attention to web and network security for all projects Our team follows highly optimized project delivery life cycles and processes Cost We offer the best price to quality ratio Infrastructure Advanced workstations Cutting edge computing and network systems Power packed online servers Smart communications systems Conference halls, CBT and video learning facilities High-speed uninterrupted Internet connection Quality of Service Guaranteed client satisfaction Real-time customer support with the least turn-around in the industry Pre-sales technical and business related support to partners and agencies Ethics and Principles We ensure confidentiality in all our dealings. We offer the most transparent and dependable dealings 3 of 14 pages </li> <li> 3. Our ExpertiseEnterprise Web Applications Web Re-engineeringWe take pride in having a team, Our team of experts helpcompetent in building the next analyze and sort-out websitegeneration Enterprise Web engineering issues in existingApplications. websites and web-applications.Cloud Applications Development Mobile ApplicationWe develop and deploy Our User Interface Designapplications for several cloud experts specialize in websitecomputing platforms like design, application interfaceGoogle AppEngine, Amazon design, mobile applicationEC2, RackSpace Cloud etc. interfaces, touch-screen interfaces, etc.UI/UX Design Web Scalability and PerformanceOur User Interface Design Our team has expertise inexperts specialize in website setting up scalable webdesign, application interface infrastructures using variousdesign, mobile application web technologies.interfaces, touch-screeninterfaces, etc.Hosting and System Administration Real-time supportWe provide web-hosting and We provide email andsupport for managed dedicated telephonic support and&amp; virtual dedicated servers with maintenance for existingsystem administration support software and web our clients. 4 of 14 pages </li> <li> 4. OpenSource ContributionsBuddyPress xProfiles ACL PluginBuddyPress xProfiles ACL creates access control over BuddyPress Extended ProfileGroups.URL: Roles at Registration PluginThis plugin allows the user to choose his role in the website during registration from a list ofselected roles. This also works with BuddyPress.URL: Live Validation PluginIt is a very popular jQuery front-end form validation plugin.URL: MegaMenu PluginIt is a highly acclaimed jQuery Website Mega-Menu generation plugin. The plugin has beenfeatured in popular software/web-script review websites like TagBox PluginIt is yet another popular jQuery plugin developed by us which has featured 5 of 14 pages </li> <li> 5. Technologies PHP/MySQL based web-application development including frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Yii, Symfony CakePHP, CodeIgnitor etc. Symfony, Ruby On Rails and Rails derivatives like Hobo, Rails infrastructure setup with Nginx, Apache, LightSpeed, Cherokee, WebRoar etc. Python based applications like Django Web2Py, WebApp and TornadoWeb Django, WebServers like Nginx, Apache, LigHTTPd Cherokee, LiteSpeed, YAWS, LigHTTPd, and more. Cloud Platforms like Google AppEngine Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and otherAppEngine, AWS based services, RackSpace Cloud etc. Several backup and restoration technologies based on the cloud like the Rsync protocol, Duplicity, Bacula etc. SMS Gateways and API integrations. FaceBook, Twitter and OpenSocial applications. Single Sign On and Common Authentication technologies like Oauth and OpenID. 6 of 14 pages </li> <li> 6. Testimonials If you need WordPress coding, look no NetTantra is very good to work with, further. NetTantra is the BEST. I am a they know their stuff and do not just get very discerning buyer and test for the job done on time for you, they also usability, coding standards, upgradability, will provide you alternatives and ease-of-use etc. etc. NetTantra not just suggestions on how to improve on a satisfied my need for good quality they project/design. I will definitely use their exceeded our expectations. Expect to services for my future projects. Thank see them doing more work for us. you - Rohit Chandra from - Olay Ceesay from FashionAfrican for their WordPress plugin NetTantra provided me a very good NetTantras USP is its imaginative core WordPress plugin development, in the team and client centricity. We were waiting time. This team was always quick looking for a makeover for the sie of our to get back to me and understood what I NGO and NetTantra managed to bring up wanted. an extremely attractive option within a span of 3-4 days. On the technology side, - Bruno Statilane (For WordPress Plugin) the usage of Google docs to display the accounts section on the site was a big plus. Earlier, to make any small change on We have worked with NetTantra since the site, I needed to wade through the the past 4 months and they always did a cumbersome HTML code. Now, very good and serious job. They are fast NetTantras interactive web editing has and provide an excellent support to all made my job a lot simpler. my requests. They worked on design, coding, AJAX, templates integration, etc. - Pranay Kotasthane (Sparsh Foundation) Dont miss your chance to work with this team! - Julien MAGNE ( 7 of 14 pages </li> <li> 7. Our ServicesWeb Design ServiceAll our designs are done using the best design tools and standards available keeping theend-users experience and perspective in mind. We provide the following: Lead generation website design Web application UI design Website redesign Dashboard design Web UI/UX design WordPress template designDevelopment ServiceFrom front-end programming to server-side scripting and database development our teamhas specialists in all areas of development. Custom web applications Enterprise applications Content management systems Off-shore extended developmentMobile App and Web Development ServiceWe design and develop web-based and native applications for iOS and Android baseddevices using several cutting edge technologies. Mobile Web Native Applications HTML5/HTML5 Canvas Apache CallBack CSS3 Appcelerator Titanium Mobile jQuery Mobile Native cocoa base iOS Apps Sencha Touch Native Android Apps WebSQLite and Local Storage 2D/3D Touch Game Development 8 of 14 pages </li> <li> 8. Technical ConsultingOur team of experts can help you figure out solutions is many technologies. CMS/Blog Frameworks MVC Frameworks Databases WordPress Yii MySQL Drupal CodeIgniter PostgreSQL Joomla Symfony SQLite Plone Ruby On Rails MongoDB Radiant, etc. Django, etc. Big Table, etc.Team ProfileWeb Development Team Members: Project Manager, Team leader, Developer, Designer, Tester Team Structure and Composition: Development Team Members, for Front-end development Development Team Members, for database modeling, application architecture and back-end development. Design Team Members, for Wire-framing, UI/Visual Design and User Experience. QA Team Members, for Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing and Load Testing All our Web Applications development teams have the necessary skills and experience to handle web-based projects of varying sizes, ranging from standard websites to complex custom web applications. 9 of 14 pages </li> <li> 9. Mobile Application Team Members: Project Manager, Team leader, Developer, Designer, Tester Team Structure and Composition: Development Team Members, for iOS/Android Development Design Team Members, for Wire-framing, UI/Visual Design and User Experience. QA Team Members, for Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing and Load Testing Our accomplished team of mobile application designers have extensive experience in advanced platforms and technologies that give shape to a custom mobile application or website with immense efficiency and striking visual appeal.Technical Consulting Team Members: Project Manager, Lead Technical Consultant (Information Architect/System Infrastructure Architect/Software Architect/UI Expert etc.), Domain Expert Team Structure and Composition: Requirement Analysis Team Members, for understanding client specific requirements. Solution Provisioning Team Members, for providing solutions for specific problems and verifying the solution by creating prototypes. Implementation Team Members, for implementing the above solution to a scale as needed by the project. Deployment Team Members, for deploying the solution on to production. Our team of consultants have a plethora of experience in several domains to provide the most effective and efficient solutions. 10 of 14 pages </li> <li> 10. Business Model Dedicated Development Team: If you are looking for a new development staff, if your team lacks specialists, if you are ready to move to a new cooperation level with your IT-service provider, then this model is the best option for you. You build new or expand your existing team on our side, and we assist you with it: arrangement of working conditions, preparation of environment to control the team or integration of a new team in your Companys environment. Benefits: Transparent and reduced structure of costs, flexible expansion of the team (you can start working with one specialist), lower cost comparing with fixed price and time-and-material models, you yourself set the working process. Time &amp; Material: When the project scope, specification and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined at the outset or requirements change dynamically during the project implementation process, the time &amp; material model provides flexibility of varying the size and workloads of development team assigned to your project, while optimizing time and costs. Under this model we provide skilled resources and the development effort is billed at the end of every month based on the pre-negotiated and a mutually agreed hourly rate. This engagement can go from a few months to several years. Fixed Price: A Fixed price model is viable for projects with well-defined requirements and schedules. When your need is clearly specified in sufficient detail, we will estimate the project scope and complexity, and provide a project delivery schedule along...</li></ul>