Myth Busting Sitecore xDB - St. Louis Sitecore User Group Meetup

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Text of Myth Busting Sitecore xDB - St. Louis Sitecore User Group Meetup

  1. 1. Myth Busting Sitecore xDB SAINT LOUIS SITECORE USER GROUP JUNE 25, 2015
  2. 2. A little housekeeping Call for Speakers/Sponsors Topic Suggestions Whats Next Interested in speaking or want to suggest someone? Interested in co-organizing and sponsoring? All are welcome! See Meetup discussion board for thread to make a suggestion See poll question and vote on recommended topics Bi-monthly meetups, next up August Related events webinars, workshops, etc.
  3. 3. Welcome back and welcome newcomers! 11:30 11:55 Lunch 11:55 12:00 Agenda and Introductions 12:00 12:30 What the heck is it? 12:30 12:45 What does it do? What does it NOT do? 12:45 1:00 What does it cost? Whats included in my license?
  4. 4. Mike Casey Sitecore VP OF SALES ENGINEERING Aaron Branson Roundedcube CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER
  5. 5. Mike Casey Sitecore VP OF SALES ENGINEERING Aaron Branson Roundedcube CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER
  6. 6. What is Sitecore xDB?
  7. 7. OMS. DMS. xDB its all the same thing. I dont know but its going to be expensive. I hear it is going to bog my site down. I cant tell if it is a CRM replacement or not.
  8. 8. What is Sitecore xDB? A feature set of Sitecore that leverages rich customer experience data to deliver the most relevant, personalized experiences you can. It is part of the Sitecore Experience platform not a separate add-on Can I install and use Sitecore without using the xDB?
  9. 9. To Put It Simply Its just a database Prior to the introduction of xDB Required SQL Databases: Master, Web, Core, Analytics Optional SQL Databases: Web Forms Sitecore 8 Experience Platform Required SQL Databases: Master, Web, Core, Reporting Required MongoDB Databases: Analytics, Contact, Tracking History, Tracking Live Optional MongoDB Databases: ECM Dispatch
  10. 10. Whats Different? Sitecore Uses MongoDB Its a NoSQL Database Server What is a Database Server? SQL Server contains multiple databases (master, web, core, reporting) MongoDB Server contains multiple databases (analytics, contact, tracking, etc..) Other Database Servers: MySQL, Oracle Microsoft Access is not a database server, it is just a database SQL databases are relational databases tables, rows, and columns Tables can connect to other tables NoSQL databases are document based a document can have any structure you define and it is not constrained by columns and rows. Learn more about MongoDB at
  11. 11. Why NoSQL for Sitecore Performance & Scalability Writing to a SQL Server database was not fast enough to store all the information Sitecore needs to capture from a single page request Example: a page request could gather the users IP address and what page they viewed. This information would get stored into multiple SQL tables MongoDB stores all the information within a single document Now Imagine this occurring for 400 concurrent page views Sitecores possibility of Fire and Forget operations Ability to control Write Concerns levels (Tech Speak: Nerd Stuff) Prior to 2.6 MongoDBs default write concern was a no tolerance fire and forget
  12. 12. Why NoSQL for Sitecore Who is affected by the MongoDB addition? System Administrators Can your IT department support the database? Does it comply with existing IT policies and standards? Does it meet the security requirements? Is it free? Some company policies require licensed software Review MongoDB Enterprise Advanced ( Developers (system integrators) Integration and customization Content Managers No need to care same as the other databases
  13. 13. MongoDB vs. SQL Server SQL Server is still Sitecores best solution for reporting Periodically data processing is required to support reporting requirements and functions What is a Processing Server How many should I buy? Performance is tricky
  14. 14. xDB On-Premise Needs
  15. 15. Thoughts on Mongo DB Adoption Ease of deployment Enable new ways to store custom data
  16. 16. What does xDB do for me?
  17. 17. xDB Purpose and Value DATA Collect data on every visit and every interaction Connect visits/interactions to real people Integrate w/ CRM and other data warehouses BOOST OTHER EXPERIENCE MARKETING CAPABILITIES Personalization: More insight to tailor personalization rules Analytics: Single source of in-depth analysis on customers Segmentation: More data on which to create Customer Segments Automation: More data/segments on which to create automation states/actions
  18. 18. What about licensing?
  19. 19. Licensing xDB Your Sitecore license includes xDB but to what degree is the question Cost is controlled by measuring two variables: Identified Contacts and Interactions Pre-2015 customers no limit to contacts or interactions 2015+ customers see Base/Plus/Premium editions All can elect the option of xDB Cloud As always, Sitecore licensing is governed by server installs too
  20. 20. Licensing xDB
  21. 21. Licensing xDB
  22. 22. Whats next? Personalization Strategy Webinar: See meetup website for link to webinar replay Next meetup: Targeting June, a poll to determine the topic available within a week Go to Join the group on LinkedIn too! Look for St. Louis Sitecore User Group