My favorite yellow things

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  • 1. Things I Like That Are Yellow
    Lauren Costa
  • 2. RubberDucks
  • 3. Sun
    I like the sun. I getsunburns a lot.
  • 4. Lemons
    I love putting a slice of lemon in my water.
  • 5. BellesDress
    I alwayslikedBellesdress but Im not a fan of the bridal version.
  • 6. Daffodils
  • 7. Bananas
    I brought a banana to class tonight to have as a snack. I like bananas.
  • 8. Highlighters
    Did you can highlight the textbooks that you rent from the bookstore? I like to use highlighters.
  • 9. Fisherman Raincoat
    I live in Gloucester and am contemplating buying a fisherman raincoat for myself.
  • 10. Todays presentation was brought to you by the color


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