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  • 1. 2010-2011 School Year
  • 2. create robotic characters from ancient civilizations and narrate about their lives. Egypt Greece Rome Character choices were narrowed by History teacher
  • 3. All 4 core teachers involved Social Studies = Research Language Arts = Story writing / StoryboardScience and Math = Building and Programming Tech Ed = Intro and Support
  • 4. Just science and history teachers Too many schedules to arrange Tie in art teacher Adapt to American History
  • 5. Create a robotic rendition of a literary work. Scenery can be robotic 11th grade English class Edgar Allen Poe Unit Graded on: Storytelling Robot Construction Expression Collaboration Storyboard
  • 6. Advanced Proficient Basic Below BasicStorytelling All important parts of story Almost all important parts Quite a few important Much of the story was were included and were of story were included and parts of story were left out or was accurate. were accurate. included and were inaccurate. accurate.Robot Robots were creative, and Robots were constructed Robots were constructed Robots were notConstruction constructed well. No pieces well. No pieces fell off fairly well. No pieces fell constructed well. Pieces fell off during the during the performance. off during the fell off during the performance. performance. performance.Expression Robots showed a lot of Robots showed some Robots showed a little Robots were not expression and emotion. expression and emotion. expression and emotion. expressive.Scenery Scenery was creative, added Scenery was creative and Scenery did not get in Scenery got in the way interest to the play, and did did not get in the way of the the way of the robots. of the robots OR not get in the way of the robots. distracted the audience robots. unecessarily.Collaboration Routinely provides useful Usually provides useful Sometimes provides Rarely provides useful ideas when participating in ideas when participating in useful ideas when ideas when participating the group and in classroom the group and in classroom participating in the group in the group and in discussion. A definite leader discussion. A strong group and in classroom classroom discussion. who contributes a lot of member who tries hard! discussion. A May refuse to effort. satisfactory group participate. member who does what is required.Storyboard Storyboard included all Storyboard included all Storyboard included all One or more required required elements as well as required elements and one required elements. elements was missing a few additional elements. additional element. from the storyboard.