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Srie grafickch karet Lightning spolenosti MSI, pednho svtovho vrobce zkladnch desek a grafickch karet, si zskala skvl renom jak mezi pokroilmi uivateli, tak ve svtovch mdich. Nejnovj len tto rodiny, MSI N480GTX Lightning, je it na mru pro extrmn petaktovn. MSI pedstavuje uniktn architekturu Power4, kter modelu N480GTX Lightning poskytuje nejsilnj a nejstabilnj vkon a vrazn zvyuje potencil pro petaktovn. Svdky jedinench schopnost karty byli astnci a nvtvnci finle MSI MOA2010 v Taipei, kde vdsk mistr v petaktovn elmor pekonal dosavadn svtov rekord v 3DMark Vantage. Grafick karta MSI N480GTX Lightning je doslova napchovna exkluzivnmi funkcemi, vetn novho systmu chlazen Twin Frozr III, kter je v porovnn s referennm chladiem schopen uchladit grafick jdro na teplotu o 18 C ni. Samozejmost je tak funkce trojnsobn zmny napt (Triple Overvoltage) pomoc uniktnho nstroje pro petaktovn MSI Afterburner.


  • DPS Department Wing Lu edited by Dennis Achterberg Version 1.11EU (October 21, 2010)
  • Dedicated to extreme LN2 overclockers
  • Evolution of MSI Lightning October 5th 2010 February 2009 N480GTX Lightning August 2009 Broke 9 world records at once. Worlds highest core clock on GTX 275 - April 2009 1.3GHz Worlds 1st GTX 260 that reached 1.1GHz
  • MSI Lightning, World Champion Overclocking MSIs N480GTX Lightning already beat the previous highest GTX480 GPU clock by 125 MHz before it is even released! Competitors old highest clock was 1325 MHz (HWBOT) For more information about the world record, please visit .
  • MSI Lightning Power4 Architecture 16 Phase PWM Design Independent Memory Power CopperMOS 4 Proadlizers Extreme OC Military Class Twin Frozr III Triple Overvoltage Functions Components 18 cooler GPU/Memory/PLL Convenient kits for Longer product lifespan than reference design Voltage Adjustment extreme overclocking V-Check V-Switch Points
  • 80 Ampere Design 2 1 3 PWM Comparison N480GTX Ref. GTX Lightning 480 154 1. GPU PWM 12 6 Phase 2. Memory 3 2 480 PWM Phase 3. PLL PWM 1 0 Phase *PLL = PCI-Express clock gen power Max. Current Capability (A)
  • Independent Memory Power Input Power Comparison N480GTX Lightning 480 Reference GPU Input 8+8 pin 8+6 pin Power (Also supports 8+6 pin) Memory Shared PCI- Dedicated 6-pin Input Power Express Power GPU Input Power Dedicated PCI Shared PCI- PLL Power Express Slot Power Express Power (Compatible with 8+6 pin) Memory Input Power Comparison of Memory Current Ref. GTX 480 N480GTX Lightning A lower current wave means a more stable power supply.
  • CopperMOS Double sided cooling for the best thermal performance 20 100% 40 80% Current Capacity (A) Temperature Cooler MOSFETS, higher current capacity
  • Proadlizer Proadlizer Prompt Stabilizer Broadband Next generation capacitor for extreme overclocking Flat footprint, suitable for extreme cooling Extremely High Capacitance: 1000uF & Low ESR: 1 m Placed in the shortest route to GPU and Memory for maximum effect 1 for Memory 3 for GPU Solid Cap Proadlizer Solid Cap Proadlizer Proadlizer Characteristics
  • Active Phase Switching (APS) Active Phase Switching Unlike other solutions, APS works APS is MSIs unique power saving technique that also increases the power efficiency of the N480GTX Lightning. It is fully automatic and independent of the operating system used. PWM clock frequency is adjustable from the Lightning Tweaker Tool Low Load Per GPU Phase load indication High Load Per GPU Phase load indication
  • Twin Frozr III Thermal Design Dual 9cm PWM Fans SuperPipe Technology Dual 9cm fans provide 55% more airflow than the reference 8mm SuperPipes transfer heat much faster to the fins under cooler, to cool down GPU, memory, and PWM. the dual PWM fans,
  • Twin Frozr III Thermal Design Nickel-plated Copper base Large Copper base coated with nickel provides the best heat dissipation and the best contact area with the GPU. Form-in-one Heatsinks Dual Form-in-one Heatsinks cover the front and rear of the PCB to dissipate the heat of memory and other components up to 24% more efficiently. High-Density Fins Ultra high density aluminum fins have a large area for heat dissipation. Spaced equally for optimum efficiency.
  • Triple Overvoltage Triple Overvoltage Combine MSIs Afterburner 2.0 with your N480GTX Lightning and unlock its fullest potential with the Triple Overvoltage Feature. Check voltages with the built-in voltage measuring points! Overclocking Performance N480GTX Lightning 134% (max. voltage setting) Ref. GTX 480 100% (default setting) 3DMark Vantage Extreme *Overclocking results vary per GTX480. N480GTX Overvoltage Competitors Lightning GPU Overvoltage Not Confirmed Memory Overvoltage - PLL Overvoltage -
  • Extreme OC Functions Dual BIOS One default BIOS, another BIOS for extreme settings, to circumvent the GTX480 cold bug. V-Check Points Allows on-the-fly readouts of GPU, Memory and PLL voltages. PWM Clock Tuner Tune PWM clock from 260MHz to 350 MHz for noise/ripple elimination. V-Switch Instant adjust GPU/Memory/PLL voltage. OCP Unlock Remove overcurrent Protection. Reference is 320A, with OCP Unlock unlimited. XtremeCool Dedicated switch to solve cold bug for LN2 extreme overclocking.
  • Military Class Components Tantalum Core Rare metal, incredibly stable Extremely high conductivity 15 times less leakage Stabilizes GPU power, better overclocking Super-Permeability Ferrite Choke 30% higher current capacity 10% better! 10% power efficiency improvement Power stability = better overclocking 30% better! Aluminium Core 10 years ultra long lifetime Extremely low ESR Lower temperatures Higher efficiency
  • Lightning Power Layer The best PCB and power circuit design for extreme overclocking! Independent circuit design for GPU, Memory, and Power layer. Increase power supply stability Eliminate power signal noise (ripple) Better PCB cooling
  • Gold-plated Connectors N480GTX Lightning: All four connectors are plated with gold for the best signal transmission. Dual Link DVI-I HDMI DisplayPort MSI N480GTX Lightning 2 1 1 GTX480 - Other vendors 2 1, mini - Other vendors Only the three default connectors
  • GTX 480 Comparison Product N480GTX Lightning GTX480 - Other vendors CopperMOS - Power4 Architecture - Proadlizer - Memory Power Dedicated 6-pin Shared with PCI Express Overvoltage GPU / Memory / PLL GPU PWM Power 480A 154A # of Fans Dual 9cm Fans Single fan SuperPipe - PWM-Tuning V-Checkpoint Extreme OC Functions - V-Switch OCPUnlock Xtremecool # of BIOS 2, selectable 1 Output DisplayPort/HDMI/ 2x Dual DVI-I Mini HDMI/Dual DVI-I APS -
  • Product Specification Marketing Name N480GTX Lightning Model Name V228 GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Codename GF100 CUDA Cores 480 Units Core Clock 750 MHz Shader Clock 1500 MHz Memory Clock 4000 MHz Memory Size 1536MB GDDR5 Memory Bus 384 bits Output DisplayPort / HDMI / 2 DL-DVI TDP 269 W Card Dimension 305x127x45mm Form Factor ATX DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.0 CUDA Y SLI Y PhysX Y PureVideo HD Y HDCP Y
  • Conclusion Power4 Architecture The most powerful c...