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  • 1. icTracker V5.4 Project Management, Bug Tracking, and Task Management Software IC Soft, Inc.

2. Agenda

  • About icTracker
  • Total Solutions
    • Main Features in icTracker
  • Whats Next for icTracker
  • Summary

3. About icTracker

  • It was originally designed and developed as a bug-tracking tool for software developers (something better than bug tracking excel spreadsheet for our corporate clients), icTracker soon proved to be useful for all kinds of information sharing, version tracking, and task management.
  • icTracker lets work groups define their common activities using a simple but powerful project/task/problem model.

4. Total Solutions

  • Web-based Project Management
  • Ease of Use
  • Security and Access Rights
  • Department-Centric Project Management
  • Project-Oriented Bug Tracking and Task Management Software
  • Effective Communication Tool
  • Customization
  • Scalability
  • Easy Administration

5. Web-based Project Management

  • Once installed on your web server, our software is accessible from any browser anywhere.Any employee with access to a browser can easily learn to use the application.
  • No client software to distribute.
  • Typical three-tier application architecture with browser client, web server, and database server.
  • Supports both Intranet and internet installation.

6. Ease of Use

  • Structure, navigation, naming are simple, consistent, and sensible that most users can master the program in about an hour.
  • Easy administration
  • Easy reporting of your projects, problems (bugs), and tasks in the Microsoft excel format.
  • Personalized experience
    • Customize your icTracker preferences such as background images, e-mail notification, description text sizes, and view filtering.
  • Our interface is continually improving, thanks to feedback we get from users.

7. Security and Access Rights

  • Provides an option to enforce Project Level security.
  • If Project Level Security is enforced, icTracker offers three basic security levels:Administrator, Project Manager, and Normal User.
    • Administrator .Administrators are entitled to create and maintain Departments, Personnel records, icTracker application parameters such as Priority code, Project Type, Status (project, task, sub-task, problem), and Category.
    • Project Manager .The project manager has full control of projects.
    • Normal User .Normal users are entitled to create and maintain Tasks, Sub-tasks, Problems within their assigned projects.
  • If Project Level Security is not enforced, icTracker offers two basic security levels:Administrator and Normal User.
    • Administrator(same as above).
    • Normal User .Normal users are allowed to create and maintain projects within their assigned departments.


  • icTracker is organized into Departments, Projects, Tasks, and Problems (Bugs).
  • The icTracker administrator is responsible for defining and maintaining Departments, for managing user accounts, and for assigning users to the staff of particular departments.
  • Each icTracker user operates within a department.
  • Ability to define a department asprivateorpublic .
  • Ability to assign a user to multiple departments.

Department-centric Project Management 9.

  • A Project is a goal-oriented activity performed by one or more members of a Department.
  • Every icTracker User (if Project Level Security is not enforced) is entitled to originate a Project within his or her Department.
  • Every icTracker User is entitled to originate a Task or a Problem (Bug) within his or her assigned Project.
  • Every icTracker User is entitled to attach Notes, Documents, or Sites to Projects, to Tasks, or to Problems and accessed from all Summary View screens.

Project-Oriented Bug Tracking and Task Management 10. 11. See Project Graph by Task Status and Task Assigned is available on the Project Summary TabView completed task(s) Project Detail - Project Summary Tab 12. Effective Communication Tool

  • icTracker is good at helping you keep track of people, projects, tasks, processes, bugs, versions, emails, files of just about any kind.
  • Ability to send emails to your project team members and allow you to view email traces.
  • icTracker assures that all project members are in a communication loop.
    • With automatic email notification, advance query features, and excel reports, everyone on the team (developers, technical writers, testers, users, and project managers) are aware of outstanding problems and tasks that are assigned to them and require attention.

13. Email to project team members is click away. View Email icTracker Effective Communication (Email) 14. Customization

  • Define your own fields (up to 10 custom fields) for projects, tasks, and problems.
  • User defined field attributes (text or combo, field length, field display labels, etc).
  • Ability to define a set of custom field value choices.
  • Ability to disable or filter out predefined custom fields.

15. The easy-to-administer custom fields feature of icTracker lets workgroups design application forms ideally suited to their own process, schedule, communication, and reporting needs.For each application category (Project, Task, and Problem) icTracker provides ten pre-defined custom fields that can be modified to suit user needs. Working with Custom Fields in icTracker 16. Scalability

  • Any organization with up to couple hundred users will function much more efficiently with icTracker on its intranet.In general, icTracker is just as big as your database.
  • icTracker uses the standard relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server to store its data.

17. Easy Administration

  • The icTracker administrator uses simple, persistently accessible tools to perform two kinds of tasks, application specific, and department specific.
  • Application-level tasks embed your companys own vocabulary, processes, and workflow patterns in icTracker.They customize the tool.
  • Department-level tasks include the creation of departments and the management of department assets (people and documents).These tasks put the tool to work.
  • Easy-to-use Web-based Administration screens are click away to maintain departments, users, the icTracker application profile and other parameters.

18. All administrative functions are performed using these links on theAdministration Menuwhich is accessible from Admintoolbar menu. icTracker Administration Menu 19. Whats Next for icTracker

  • Define Project Types by Department.
  • Filtering out Project Statuses in Project Summary View.
  • Additional Summary graphs
  • Better Reporting
  • Personalized, Customized Queries
  • Project Calendar


  • icTracker is easy-to-use, easy-to-administer.It is developed and maintained by IC Soft staff that care about quality software and good customer service.
  • We are committed to continuously improve icTracker for our customers.
  • For more information, or to contact IC Soft directly, visit the icTracker home page at
      • .
      • E-mail at:support@ ic , orsales@ ic
      • Post your questions at our contact page at:
  • Demo Site available at .