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1 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit Mobile Apps, Embedded Apps and the Internet of Things Allen Bonde VP Product Marketing & Innovation Actuate @abonde

Mobile Apps, Embedded Apps...and IoT - session from Data Driven Summit 2014

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Mobile Apps, Embedded Appsand the Internet of ThingsAllen BondeVP Product Marketing & [email protected]# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitAs we have heard today there are a number of elements needed for creating powerful, portable data-driven apps. This session will drill down on mobility and whats needed to bring actionable insights to non-traditional devices. 11/24/2014Actuate Corporation 20141 |Mobile TrendsThe number of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) including sensors and other components in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets shipped every year has increased more than 6x over the last 5 years. Mary MeekerDatapoint:Top 5 functional needs for Mobile BI according to Dresner Advisory Services: View, Select, Drill down, KPIs, Alerts The creation of custom apps to run on mobile devices used by customers and employees is the hottest area in softwareand will grow by 50% in 2014, reaching $7B Forrester

# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitOf course the backdrop is the explosion of mobile apps and sensors creating new data sources, and also how businesses are looking to deliver business intelligence and insights to new mobile users

FitBit, Motion Processor, Car Sensors, NEST thermostats, etc.3 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitOn The Move: Designing for a Mobile-First, Wearable World3 # Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitFrom an Actuate perspective, we can really think of mobile adoption accelerating the notion of BIRT Everywhere and how go about designing for a mobile-first world

Paper to Screen to Phone/Tablet to Watch to ? Fridge, car infotainment, thermostat, smart meter, etc.11/24/2014Actuate Corporation 20143 |

Mobile Requirements SMARTCONNECTED DEMANDING# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitIf we revisit TODAYS DATA CONSUMER, its clear they are mobile-first, so we need to strive for being relevant (responsive); proactive (portable) and timely (personalized) in our interactions; but from a dev perspective we also need to look to REUSE, AUTOMATE, and EMBED (everywhere) heres how

Give me what I need, based on where Im at AND what Im doing. Relevancy is keyAll those combinations, make dev a burden

If ALL apps leverage the same data and tools, we can boost performance and drive reuse

Interact + Reuse# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitInteractivity is key to mobile adoption (just as participation drives social) recall Dresner study. But if we set out to manage assets like charts, tables, graphs centrally, and SERVE them up as needed, mobile becomes just another delivery method, and ALL our apps leverage the same data and tools boosting performance (we only send the most pertinent data) and driving reuse note related to low-code idea

With interactivity, less need to develop permutations.Content reuse across devices promotes lower dev cycles

Automate!If data components are centralized, its easier to create/send automatic alerts

6 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitWhen data components are centralized, its easier to create and send automatic alerts (to Samsung or Apple watch for example) based on location, preference or other events. Alerts are great for connecting to consumers as they interact with brand assets like display ads or retail locations (and in Dresners top 5 for embedded BI) Data also CONNECTS users to your brand via apps and experiences Design for Todays Data Consumer7 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit

EmbedTo bring data everywhere analytic apps need to be lightweight, easy to customize, and brand-friendly# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitEmbedding analytics and insights within non traditional devices is a huge opportunityand our approach keeps mobile and wearable apps lightweight, easy to customize and brand-friendly note related to white label idea

Lightweight API for streaming of data to a device RESTAPI

Enterprise Mobile Needs Support any platform Tap into data from many sources Secure delivery tailored to profile Display in right format for device, location Allow users to interact + take action # Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitRecall, for todays customer its all about the getting the data they want, when they want it, how they want it. SO todays mobile and wearable platforms need to securely manage, access, analyze, and deliver data from a variety of sources, in a variety of formats and to your customers device of choice

iHub is the platform that enables all of the above, as a unified, embeddable, API callable, analytics platform.

Display: 45 pixels per finger vs 3 pixels for mouse + screen size = BIG difference4 Mobile Development ModelsEntire app developed exclusively in native language specific for each device NativeEntire app resides on server and is accessible via mobile browser MobileWebApp components reside on server in non-platform-specific language. Native wrapper used for distribution. HybridSome app components in native, platform-specific language. Other components on server (non-specific). Native/hybridHTML5# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit4 models

10 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitIoT Today: Our WEAR Framework and Beyond10 # Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitOf course you may have noticed the smart watch on the last slide, which is actually an area our team has been exploring under our IoT or Internet of Things initiativeso the next part of this talk actually shares a bit of background for those exploring this area11/24/2014Actuate Corporation 201410 |The Internet of Everything

peoplethings information places# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitFor context, as you may be hearing, enterprises are giving serious thought to the IoT scene. They are finding that an expanded internet is something that is being modeled today, with related software and hardware stacks. In fact IoT is just one part of the IoESowhats the challenge?The Internet is expanding beyond PCs and mobile devices into enterprise assets such as field equipment, and consumer items such as cars and televisions. The problem is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities of an expanded internet and are not operationally or organizationally ready. Imagine digitizing the most important products, services and assets. The combination of data streams and services created by digitizing everything creates a lot of stuff to manage ! Gartner# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitMore broadly heres what Gartner is sayingThat last part I addedbut the point is that we have a lot of new sources and a lot of new display options and places to embed analytics! So one challenge is where to FOCUSfortunately the evolution of BIRT provides some excellent starting points

Fitbit soon is clothing.

Whats next?! Sensors on surf boards, to know when the best ridable waves come based on aggregation from the masses.

13 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitOur Vision: Mobile + Embedded Analytics = Better Engagement13 # Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitBIRT leverages evolving, mobile-friendly web standards like HTML5, plus standard data-connectors like Web Services, JSAPI, REST APIto boost productivity and reach11/24/2014Actuate Corporation 201413 |Access multiple sources via APIsSingle sign-on, manage what each user sees/does Combine dataMobile Development with BIRT Manage access PersonalizeRole- and task-specific designsAnalyze app adoption and behavior in real-time Drive ActionEnable interactivity via efficient queries Adapt App UpdateServer-side updates streamline roll-out14 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitHeres how we think about supporting key tasks faced by mobile data driven app developers; NOTE we favor native/hybrid approach - Some application components developed in native, platform-specific language (typically Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS). Other application components reside on server, are not platform-specific, and are displayed in a frameless browser (WebView) in the mobile app using HTML5.BIRT in Mobile EnvironmentsBIRT iHubScaleStoreManageSecureAny platform:MobileTabletDesktopWearableData objectsDashboardsReportsAnalyticsAlertsEfficient queries sent to server; only relevant data returned to mobile clientsData aggregationVisualization HubPersonalized delivery15 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitiHub becomes an enterprise mobile app hub in this scenario, offering High-Scale, Rich Interactivity, and Low-Code benefits for development teams and their customersBIRT and IoT Connecting Your Car to Your WatchVisualizing IoT data using BIRT, Eclipse.org by Kristopher ClarkData accessVisualizationEmbedded analyticsOBD II SensorAndroid AppMQTT BrokerBIRT iHub F-TypeJavaScript LibraryAlertsDashboard

# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitWith iHub at the core, IoT data is just another source, and it can be accessed and visualized within the information processing layer, then displayed via a mobile web browser (dashboard), android smartphone (as visualizations) and wearable smartwatch (as alerts) as you saw in our opening show and tell; also as I shared in the opening, the amount of MEMS data is exploding, so we expect this type of use case is going to be a lot more mainstream in the near future

WEAR framework Android librariesLow-code toolsiOS sample iPad appsData accessRich, embedded analyticsJSAPI, REST APIsCustomizable UIiHub 3.1Automate!EmbedMobile Web standards17 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummit

Interact + Reuse# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitTo wrap up, as discussed our latest iHub with our reference implementations provides a great starting point to explore BIRT, mobile analytic apps, and IoT the bottom line: this open approach allows us to shift our thinking from developing apps for specific phones, tablets or even smart watches, to envisioning whats possible when we can reuse key assets and interact with enterprise data on any device (shift discussion to user needs)

BIRT iHub is more than just a reporting tool. Its a high performing data engine, married to a visualization platform, which allows for either to be abstracted away, while consistently maintaining user entitlements, business logic, created from the ground up to be embedded.Thank You18 Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitAllen BondeVP Product Marketing & [email protected]# Data Driven Summit 2014 #datadrivensummitFor those looking to dig deeper, we have a number of papers, blog posts and videos on Actuate.com related to mobile and IoT, and with this let me open up for questions before we open our cocktail party11/24/2014Actuate Corporation 201418 |