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  • 1. Microsoft Project 2007 Template ProjectChapter 5 - #5
    Alaa Abu Tabanjha
    William Evans
    Brian Barkowski
    Eric Crump
    Ahmad Atiq

2. 3. Critique
The template is very clear in what needs to be done.
It includes the duration (start to finish dates), Who does what, and when it needs to be done by.
The template breaks down tasks, and allows people to work on smaller parts of the whole project.
On a side note I did not like the fact that Microsoft forces you to have cookies enabled in your web browser to download templates (booo!)
4. Software Development Template
Calendar Clear and straightforward
Gant Chart Thorough but unrealistic
Network Diagram Great workflow, detailed and easy to follow
Resource Usage Poor, missing key personnel
5. Marketing Campaign Planning

  • Well Organized

6. Meticulous 7. Too time consuming for certain campaigns