Microsoft Certifications - Your career path

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Microsoft CertificationsYour career path</p> <p>The Microsoft Certification Programis divided into five main categories:</p> <p>Server</p> <p>Windows Server, Exchange Server, Lync (now focused on Office 365 and Skype), SharePoint and Microsoft Azure certifications</p> <p>Desktop</p> <p>Windows, devices certifications</p> <p>Applications</p> <p>Office, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics certifications</p> <p>Database</p> <p>SQL Server certifications</p> <p>Developer</p> <p>Visual Studio, SharePoint, Applications and Microsoft Azure certifications</p> <p>Certifications within theMicrosoft Certification Program</p> <p>include the followingcredentials:</p> <p>Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)</p> <p>Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)</p> <p>Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)</p> <p>Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD)</p> <p>Microsoft Specialist</p> <p>Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)</p> <p>studies show that IT certificationsincrease the chances of landing</p> <p>a job (or getting a promotion)and 86 percent of hiring managers</p> <p>say IT certs are a mediumor high priority</p> <p>Do you wantto learn more?</p> <p>Do you wantto connect-work-thrive?</p> <p>Check the following Blog</p> <p></p>