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A brief introduction to Meteor I gave at the February 2014 Portland Meteor meetup before beginning my live-coding session. The code from the live-coding session can be found at


  • 1.Meteor Building your first app@ryepdx

2. curl | /bin/sh@ryepdx 3. Why Meteor? - Simple- Reactive - Batteries Includedcurl | /bin/sh@ryepdx 4. SimpleLess of this. (Thanks, Fibers!) curl | /bin/sh@ryepdx 5. ReactiveFeels like this. curl | /bin/sh@ryepdx 6. Batteries Included* abstrusegoose.comWhat NPM + Meteorite feels like. *Bacon not included.curl | /bin/sh@ryepdx 7. Speaking of Meteorite... (Anyone still need this?)curl | /bin/sh@ryepdx 8. Speaking of Meteorite... npm install -g meteorite@ryepdx 9. Speaking of Meteorite... - Communitys preferred package manager.- Enables smart packages. - Find packages at install -g meteorite@ryepdx 10. Now back to Meteor! But first... git clone install -g meteorite@ryepdx 11. 7 Principles of Meteor 1. Data on the Wire 2. One Language 3. Database Everywhere 4. Latency Compensation 5. Full Stack Reactivity 6. Embrace the Ecosystem 7. Simplicity Equals Productivitygit clone 12. Anatomy of a Meteor app yourapp/ lib/ client/ server/ client/ server/ git clone 13. Lets code! (Anyone still need this?)git clone 14. Thank you! Questions? Ryan Casey / / Twitter: @ryepdx