Mastering the Mobile Mind Shift

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Mobile has evolved from a channel to being a behavior. As a result, mobile users expect quick and intuitive experiences. We call this the mobile mind shift. Ted Schadler, VP at Forrester breaks down mobile usage and how IT infrastructure can help deliver seamless experiences for Charles Barkley the IT Ringer.



2. I.T. IS A TEAM GAME.To get up to speed on mobility, Ive recruited Ted Schadler, VP at Forrester. 3. TED SCHADLER VP at ForresterPEOPLE DEMAND MORE FROM THEIR MOBILE EXPERIENCES. 4. TED SCHADLER VP at ForresterTHEY EXPECT ANY SERVICE OR INFORMATION TO BE READY AT THEIR FINGERTIPS. 5. WE CALL THIS THE MOBILE MIND SHIFT.TED SCHADLER VP at Forrester 6. 25%The increase in users of networking, researching and shopping apps within the past year.1 7. 9 0 5millionThe expected number of tablets 1 to be in use worldwide by 2017. 8. If your companys mobile experience doesnt measure upYOU WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS. 9. I DONT LIKE TO LOSE, TED. 10. I KNOW, CHARLES.LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU. 11. MOBILE USERS FALL INTO 2 GROUPS: 12. VS .UNSHIFTED This older, less tech-savvy group has just begun taking advantage of mobile access.SHIFTED This younger group has lofty expectations for the mobile experiences companies offer them. 13. VS.78% of U.S. adults.222% of U.S. adults.2 14. The unshifted segment is shrinking.The shifted segment is GROWING. 15. ITS UP TO help deliver seamless mobile experiences for this new breed of mobile users. 16. HE CHALLENGVS.Apps that are integrated with an organizations back-end infrastructure can cost 10 to 20 times more than one-off apps.2 17. I used my back end to put up some big numbers throughout my career. 18. PointsRebounds 19. NU M BE RS DONVPDTLIE,at SC Fo HA rr es DL te ER rTECHARLES. 20. VPTEDat SC Fo HA rr es DL te ER rInvesting in back-end tech infrastructure is money well spent. 21. The lack of proper IT infrastructure can 22. The lack of proper IT infrastructure cancost your company more money in the long run 23. The lack of proper IT infrastructure cancost your company more money in the long runand damage your relationship with clients. 24. ALWAYS LOOK AHEAD 25. Take the steps needed to ensure that your infrastructure is built for the future demands of mobility. 26. THE MOBILE MIND SHIFT Learn how you can optimize your data center for current and upcoming mobility needs at 27. THE MOBILE MIND SHIFT Read an executive summary of Forresters article on how to deal with the Mobile Mind Shift. VIEW ARTICLE AT Purchase is required to read the full article.Forrester Report, Benchmarking Mobile Engagement: Consumers and Employees Outpace CIOs Readiness, May 9, 2013 12Forrester Report, The Mobile Mind Shift Index, April 19, 2013