Marionette: Building your first app

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<ol><li> 1. Builofing your first app </li><li> 2. Building your first app Cover core Marionette concepts RoutingLayoutsEventhandlingRendering data </li><li> 3. )Wii *: ;i, i:i; i . lLead developer Pebble Income Generation for Schools Python/ DjangoWeb apps </li><li> 4. JavaScript FrameworkGenerate HTML Server integration Respond to user input </li><li> 5. 2/ ) ivA'|, n . "Ijll.3:_i_i; l : &gt;_ici:4L, LWii }/illilfi x2Backbone. jsNo magic ok maybe a littleActive development Helpful,friendly community </li><li> 6. llll i C:i i,i l 1; iSimple list of tweet-like objectsClick on an item to view connected comments Wont look prettyFocus on the HTML we need </li><li> 7. Marionette - Application Links your page to your app Starts your JavaScript app lnitialise your routes and layouts Feed data into your app </li><li> 8. illMap URL fragments to methods Wire up your controller'/ I'|, '..-jlijlI ,K '- 7 L 1, , _ U (:1 I , l</li></ol>