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Manual Testing Questions and answers.


<ul><li>1.Re: what is cyclomatic complexity? plz explain with example Answer Cyclomatic Complexity is a White Box0 # 1 Testing Type. Re: what is monkey testing? Answer Testing Software without any Test case or# 2 formal Procedure. N.. 00000aviating through various screens and checking for the Functionality with some dummy/unformatted inputs and Finding bugs.Re: What is quot;Visible State Transitionquot; test? Give example Answer Visible State Transition means first we # 1 check state of System and then test cases are written to test the triggers (Events) that causes the system transitionRe: How Severity and Priority are related to each other? Answer Severity tells the seriousness/depth of the # 1 bug where as Priority tells which bug should rectify first..Re: I Have a login screen. Us before the release you see the screen and there is a bug. Tell me whats the bug. Screen: Logen : Password : | Submit | (submit is a button) Answer Spelling of Login...its logen on the screen#1 Re: What type testing will be conducted at system testing? Who will conduct each test? Answer System testing is a type of Black box # 3 testing. System Testing means testing the application. After the Integration testing usually will do system testing. Functionality, Regression, and performance testing comes Under system testing. </li></ul><p>2. Re: Tell me the scenario where severity Low and Priority High? Answer Lets take an example of quot;LOGIN # 1 APPLICATIONquot;. U r typing Correct quot;USER IDquot; and quot;PASSWORDquot; and click quot;OKquot; button it Is not going to the next page so this is a bug. This bug Has quot;LOW SEVERITYquot; and quot;HIGH PRIORITY. If in the same Example the systems crashes or hangs then we have to Give quot;HIGH SEVERITYquot; and quot;HIGH PRIORITYquot;.Re: What are the test methodologies?? Answer Test methodology - the process in which # 2 testing activity is Determined Example: water fall modelRe: In which situation or phase or any did u find that Manual testing is a must instead of Automation testing Answer If the requirements are changing # 1 continuously manual testing Is suitable than automation Once the build is stable we go to automation Re: diff between water fall model and v-model? Answer Waterfall model: # 1 In this type of model the flow is sequential starting from The planning, design, coding and after that testing is put Into the testing is after the coding only and Not before that V-Model: In this model the testing starts after business Requirements is finished and furnished And testing continues in parallel with the coding So that we can eliminate error in the earlier stage 3. Re: What are the Techniques to be followed while writing the Test Cases? Answer 1.Boundary value analysis (BVA) and # 1 2.Equilance class partition (ECP)Re: In an Text Box Expected Value is 'icici' where as actual value came up is 'icci'. Now in the Bug Report How will u rate the severity and Priority? Answer Sevirity: low# 1 Prority: high Re: when the test plan will be prepared in waterfall model? Answer After coding phase #1Re: What is the difference between product base company and application company? If product base name few products, if service base name the few services. Answer Product based company Services#1based Company 1) Requirements are 1) req are came from client Defined by company itself 2) If req are not available They will conduct market survey And gather req3) It is 4 market 3) it is 4 particular person 4) Oracle is the product4) an application Re: Write 5 best test cases for : Login screen Login ( Min 5 to max 15 ) Password ( Min 5 to max 15) alphanumeric characters ans case senstive Answer Specification- Login Screen Of Hotmail # 1 User Id-Prajakta Password-GOD12 Test Cases: 1) Go to User Id field and without entering data in that field Press quot;Enterquot; key. Expected-it should prompt message quot; Please enter 'User ID'quot;2) Go to login screen enter quot;User Id and without entering Passwords try to click on quot;OKquot; button. Expected-it should prompt message quot;Please enter 'Password' quot; 4. 3) Go to login screen enter quot;User Id and enter wrong Passwords try to click on quot;OKquot; button. Expected-it should prompt message quot; Please enter Proper 'User ID' and 'Password' quot;4) Go to Login screen enter all required data and press quot;OKquot; Button then software window will open. In that window click On quot;Backquot; button. Expected-It should go back to 'Login' screen and that Screen should not show quot;User Idquot; and quot;Passwordquot;5) Go to login screen enter quot;User Idquot; and enter password asquot;God12quot; try to click on quot;OKquot; button. Expected-It should prompt message for wrong Password.Re: Write 5 best test cases for: Login screen Login (Min 5 to max 15 ) Password ( Min 5 to max 15) alphanumeric characters ans case senstive Answer Test case ID Description Expected #2Actual Severity priority 1 Enter valid username with 10 characters and with Out enter password and click on OK Error message r: Please enter password 2 Enter password only with 6 characters and click On OK Error message r: please enter username3 Enter username with special characters and enter Password with special characters and click on OK Please enter valid username and password without Special characters 4 Enter username with 16 characters and enter Password as 6 characters and click on OK Please Enter below 15 characters for username5 Enter username as 12 characters and enter password 5. As 3 characters and click on OKPlease enter min 5 Characters for password Re: what is traceability matrix. What is traceability template Answer Traceability matrix is nothing but mapping # 1 between Requirements and test cases to ensure that all requirements recovered Re: Tell me the scenario where severity More and Priority Low? Answer In my view there will not be that kind 0Kris #1of situation since The whole purpose of testing is to avoid the bugs that are Affecting the system. Therefore, priority will be definitely High when severity is high. Re: Tell me the scenario where sevirity More and Priority Low? Answer Load conditions (severity- high)# 2 ex: does not allows load(priority-high) ex: does not allow customer expected load(priority-low) Re: where do u store u'r Test cases? Answer Test cases are normally stored in # 1 repositories like 1.VSS - Test cases are written in excel sheets and stored Module by module in VSS. There will be a separate folder Allotted for test cases for every release.2.Test director - In test director there is a separate Location PLAN TEST. Here also we can create different Folders and test set. Re: if i give some thousand tests to execute in 2 days what do u do? Answer If possible, we will automate or else, # 1 execute only the Test cases, which are mandatory.Re: what is verification and validation? 6. AnswerVerification: To ensure that the s/w# 2 correctly implements The specific function. Validation: To ensure that the s/w is satisfied the Customer requirements. Re: What is Traceability matrix? Why itis used? Can u tell me the architecture of that? Answer Traceability matrix is used to map between # 1 requirements and Test cases It is used to check all requirements are covered or not? Re: What is Mean by V-Module? Answer V model is a diagram showing the map # 3 between verification And corresponding validation for the applicationVerification is to see that we are building the product right Validation is to see the the product build is rightRe: What is meant by the bug state quot;Reproducequot; Answer Reproduce is nothing but we need to open # 1 again the bug Which we found in testing with steps what we followed to Open the bug in previous timeRe: HOW TO WRITE THE SCENARIO FOR ATM MACHINE AND COFFEE MACHINE? URGENT Answer ATM machine # 1 Checking balance Withdraw cash Coffee machine Put exact change and get coffee Put money and then cancel the transaction Re: what is debugging and whitebox testing and what is the diff? Answer Debugging and white box testing goes hand # 1 in hand and Typically done by the developers. Debugging is done to verify that the program runs smoothly 7. And running program shouldn't cause any unwanted response By the machine. White box testing is nothing but running the program and Verify the actual behavior/result of the functionality with Expected result as predetermined. Re: Role of Software Test Engineer in Software Company Answer The role of a software test engineer in # 1 company is to find the defect. He/She should have quot;test-to- breakquot; attitude. He/She has to test the application taking the customer into mind. He should work hard for quality.Re: Can u test a website or a webapplication manually without using any automation tool? Answer As per my idea we can test a webapplication # 1 manually without using automation but its time consuming and might have error so to make our task easy and error free we use automations tool like QtpRe: what is stub?Explain in testing point of view? Answer Stub is a part of Intgeration Testing # 5 Intergration Testing 1&gt;Top down-Use stubs to test the module Stub is a dummy module replaced in order to test the main module so that we are sure that the integration between both the modules works fine2&gt;Bottom Up-- Use driver to test the module the test data is sent to main module thru the drivers(also called Test Harness) Re: what is 4 p's? Exact difference between testing and QA Answer Testing: # 1 It is Prodcut level activity. Here the primary principal is Validation. 8. It follows the procedure that is prepared by QA. Its principle is detecting &amp; reporting defects.QA It is Organizational activity. Here the primary principal is Verification. It prepares the procedure that is to be followed by the development and Testing team.Its principle is preventing Defects.Re: what is Scalability,Critical Analysis Answer Scalability is nothing but max no users # 1 that the application can handle Re: what is internalization? Answer Testing related to handling foreign text # 1 and data within the program. This would include sorting, importing and exporting test and data, correct handling of currency and date and time formats, string parsing, upper and lower case handling and so forth.Re: what is the difference between test case and test scenario.Explain with example? Answer Test Case is a Step which has to be # 1 verified in order to test a Scenario. scenario is nothing but a series of testcases inorder to verify one transactional cycle. ex:Scenario: verifying that a user is able to manage his e-mail inbox such as view all messages,send a message,manage folders,logout..etc with a valid user login and passwordtest case: is e-mail login page is displaying is the user able to login using his login id and password is he able to view his inbox is he able to delete unwanted -mails..etc 9. quot;But interviewer expects you to give examples related to your previous job.quot;Re: Diff. between STLC and SDLC? Answer STLC-Software Test Life Cycle and SDLC is # 1 whole Software Development Life Cycle Re: Can any one please tell me the exact difference between the smoke testing,sanity testing and exploratory testing? Answer Sanity testing means initial testing done# 2 to check the environment well suites for the testing process or not.. Smoke testing is similar to sanity but with some specific reason mentioning why our testing process is stopped.. Exploratory testing means testing the process without any specific plans and schedules.Re: What is Retesting? Answer Executing the same test cases on the same # 1 build but with different inputs..Re: Give an example for high severity and low prority bug and as well as low severity and High prority Answer High Severity and Low priority #2It is nothing but when we raise a bug though it's severity is high to fix that bug we need some money definitely we will postpone that bugso low priorityanother example for (High severity and low pririty) some times we get error messages system is crashing do u want to continue like quot;yesquot; OR quot;Noquot;If u press YES Application should crash if u press no application retain it's prevoius state 10. Suppoose if we press no The application is crashing if we pree Yes application retaining 2 it's previous state It is funcntionality defect(High severity) as far as developre is concerned he just replaces the funstionalities of YES and No buttons Low priorityRe: what is mean by end to end testing? Answer end to end testing is nothing but system # 1 testing..testing the application starting from scratch to the end after integrated all the modules..... Re: What is the diffrence between BUILD &amp; RELEASE ? Answer Difference number one:Builds refer to # 1 software that is still in testing, release refers to software that is usually no longer in testing.Re: At wht stage in the SDLC testing should be started? Answer TESTING START FROM THE STARTING STAGE OF # 1 SDLC THAT IS REQUIREMENT STAGE WHERE WE PERPARE SRS OR URS DOC.Re: WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CHOOSE AUTOMATION TOOL?(IBM) Answer We use automation only for version wised # 1 projects, means if the project comes up with different versions. Once we write the scripts for one version, we can use these scripts with mulitple versions with minor changes. So the main advantage of automation is: 1. Saves the time. 2. Saves money. Re: Explain me about test scenarios? How will you write it? Answer test scenario is a series of actions that # 1 the user might 11. perform on the application or tester might plan to do. Ex: drawing money from ATM is a test scenario, similarly checking account is a scenario. Re: what r the contents in usecase? Answer Input actions &amp; flow diagrams. usecase is # 1 prepared by testlead or senior test engineer. Re: In what basis you will write test cases? Answer I would Writed the Test cases Based on # 2 Functional Specifications and BRDs and some more test cases using the Domain knowledge Re: what r the contents in defect reporting? Answer Sl no, Bug description, Steps to reproduce, # 1 Severity, Priority, Bug Identifier name, Submitted date, Build &amp; Assigned to.Re: If the client identified some bugs to whom did he reported? Answer He will report to the Project Manager. # 1 Project Manager will arrange a meeting with all the leads (Dev. Manager, Test Lead and Requirement Manager) then raise a Change Request and then, identify which are all the screens going to be impacted by the bug. They will take the code and correct it and send it to the Testing Team. Re: what is TRM? Answer TRM is nothing but Test Responsibility # 1 matrix. It is the matrix mapped between Development stages and Test factors. Re: How many Test Managers in Test Director? Answer 4 # 1 requirements manager test plan manager test lab manager defects tracking manager 12. for more details refer test director user guide Re: Main Diffrences between Test Director and Bugzilla? Answer Test Director is Test Mana...</p>