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  • 1. What is used to connect two places separated by a body of water?

2. What makes the bridge important? 3. Bagong Ilog Kapasigan CONNECT 4. In Sentences, What is used to connect? What is a ? It is a part of speech that connects two words, sentences or clauses. 5. Activity Directions: Fill in the missing parts of the given sentences from the selection provided. 6. 1. She consulted an Astrologer ____ gave her an answer. 2. The result was void of worth ____ the metals rebelled against each other. 3. It was discovered that the result was void of worth ____ the moulders and bell smiths repeated all the work. nor yet for and or so but and for so 7. 4. Gold and brass will never meet in wedlock, ____ silver and iron will embrace. 5. Ko-Ngai returned home sorrowful ____ she kept all that she heard to herself. 6. The bells tone sounded deeper, ____ also like some vast voice uttering Ko- Ngais name. nor yet for and or so but nor but yet 8. 3 kinds of CONJUNCTIONS 1. COORDINATING 2. CORRELATIVE 3. SUBORDINATING 9. 1. COORDINATING -joins group of words, compund subject, predicate and sentences 2. CORRELATIVE - Pairs of conjunctions that require equal structure after each one. 3. SUBORDINATING - joins main and subordinate clauses 10. 1. COORDINATING conjunction Uses the acronym FANBOYS F - for A - and N - nor B - but O - or Y - yet S - so 11. 2. CORRELATIVE conjunction Also called as PAIRED conjunctions either / or both / and neither / nor not only/ but also whether / or just as / so 12. 2. SUBORDINATING conjunction After Although As Since When Therefore Because Though Where Whenever If Unless However While Until So that Than Whether Even though Even if 13. What is the importance of conjunctions? how does it develop good communication and understanding? 14. Lets be creative! Draw a symbol or icon that would best symbolize conjunctions. BRIEFLY explain why. Minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 sentences 15. Lets check! Directions: On a crosswise sheet of paper On the FIRST LINE, join the sentences by using a conjunction in the MIDDLE On the SECOND LINE, use the conjunction at the beginning. 1. We had a bath. We arrived home. 2. We ate the sandwich. It was lunch time. 3. She did not come. She was grounded by her parents. 4. We still felt cold. We lit a fire. 5. Susan locked the Doors. She left the house. 16. Activity Choose one activity that you could work best at. a) Write a short script that would show the importance of using, and effects of not using conjunctions. (paired work) b) Make a comic strip that shows the use of conjunctions. (paired work) c) Create a conjunction game and include the mechanics which should be written in English. (paired work) 17. Thank you!