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Text of Looking into layouts for my guide

  • 1. Looking into Layouts for my Guide

2. What I will be looking at

  • For the front cover of the guide I know exactly what I want to do, so over here I will be looking at ways to set out the pages in the guide, as I am having trouble thinking of the perfect way to layout the pages, in order to make it look fun, and readable for my target audience.

3. LAYOUT: 1 http://www.surl.org/usabilitynews/71/images/pgset_1.gif 4. Opinion on layout:1

  • PROs:
  • Lets you give a lot of information, and can be really descriptive as theres a lot of space to write
  • Has some images present, which makes it look a whole lot better, as there is a lot of writing present, so doesnt make it look too boring


  • Might be a bit too boring to look at and read or my target audience
  • Too much writing
  • There arent enough images present
  • It isn't something that would be suitable for teenagers


  • This layout is good because you can give out so much information on each page. However, my main concern by using this layout would be that people wont be willing to read it, as theres so much writing. So one thing I would definitely do is to decrease the amount of writing that is present, because I know that teenagers wont be fond of so much writing, as I am one myself.

6. Layout: 2 http://www.webdesign.org/img_articles/14321/36.jpg 7. Opinion on layout:2

  • PROs:
  • Hasa lot of images, which makes the whole page look a lot more interesting and fun
  • Has little writing, which makes the page suitable for teenagers, as they wouldnt want to read much
  • Has a background- goes with the theme and images present on page


  • Doesnt give much information to the reader as there is hardly any writing on this page
  • Might be a waste of page in my guide, as some people might not get what Im trying to portray if Ichose to keep images to show something


  • This layout is something that I would consider to use for a few pages in my guide. However, it isnt perfect so the things I would change, is to have some writing underneath each image, because I like the idea of having images as it would attract attention; and by having some writing underneath each image, it would make it really clear as to what Im trying to say, so it will look fun as well as being informative for my target audience.

9. LAYOUT:3 http://vanimg.s3.amazonaws.com/psf-11.jpg 10. OPINION ON LAYOUT:3

  • PROs:
  • Has information present, and its not a chunk of writing, so people will be willing to read what you wrote, as it doesnt look boring
  • Also has images present, which makes the whole page look a lot better, and makes it look interesting too


  • Has a really dark background, which makes the whole page look very dull, and puts you off it
  • The writing isnt a good contrast with the background, as it is a little hard to read

11. Ways to make layout:3 better:

  • This layout is really good, and I will definitely be using this type of layout in my guide for sure. However, as I said the only thing I would definitely change are the colours I will use. I really want to make my guide colourful and fun, to make it look more interesting for my target audience as I want it to be successful with them, and I want them to be interested in what theyre reading, instead of not being able to read due to the colours I choose.

12. LAYOUT: 4 http://www.raadesign.com/website%20images/books%20&%20magazines/great%20churches/gc_3.jpg 13. OPINION ON LAYOUT:4

  • PROs:
  • Has lots of images which would definitely attract people to the page
  • Has information along the left side of the images, and even though theres quite a lot of writing, it doesnt look bad as the images kind of invade the writing


  • Is very plain, and there arent many colours used which makes it look a little plain
  • The images look a little messy, and are all over the place- should have been a little more neat
  • The writing, should be a little bigger


  • There arent many things I would change about this layout, as it has both information and images present in a really good way. However, the only thing I would say is the colour. I know that isnt related to the layout, but thats something which is really important to me. But then again I do understand this might have a different target audience to mine, so thats okay, and I can always change the colours for my guide- so thats not a big problem at all.

15. Layouts:

  • Those are all the layouts I searched, and I am happy with what I have, because I like some parts from all the layouts Ive shown, so I will definitely be combing pieces from all layouts, to make the perfect layouts for my guide. Also, I will not be having the same layout for each page in my guide as I want each page to be a little different, so I will be able to use a lot of different layouts, and I will be able to do that through searching into these layouts because I have a lot more ideas after having looked at these layouts