Looking Beyond Microsoft RDS

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<p>Looking Beyond Microsoft RDSAn Introduction</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>1</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Top 3</p> <p>Contextual &amp; Embedded Security</p> <p>Delightful and productive user experiences</p> <p>Simple, scalable management &amp; supportReasons to look beyond Microsoft RDS</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Delightful and productive user experiences</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Its our obsessive focus on customer experience that differentiates us and is making our vision at Citrix a reality. </p> <p>This is what drives usit is our vision and the people behind our vision who get to experience a better way of working and living thanks to Citrix. </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>StoreFront Deliver the same experience across all devices </p> <p>Citrix StoreFront on Windows devicesCitrix StoreFront on iOS devices</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential StoreFront Key PointsUnified - Same look and feel on any deviceDynamic - smart categories and Device &amp; role contextCustomizable: Easy to customize and integrate</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Self Service Password ResetReduce Helpdesk CallsInstantly unlock accountsAdditional Security QuestionsAimed at XenApp 6.5 organizations that want to move to StoreFront while retaining SSPR</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>5</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Printing is ComplexAnyone that says differently is lying to youPrint Job BandwidthLocally Attached PrintersNetwork Attached PrintersLocation Based PrintersDifferent Types of EndpointsAuto-created PrintersPrint Job RoutingDrivers</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Printing is extremely complex due to the many unique user requirements. Citrix has been developing a complete, printing story for over a decade and it never ends as there is always room for improvement and new capabilities to support the latest functionalitySo anyone who says printing is easy, is lying. 6</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Universal PrintingOptimized printing for all devicesUniversal Print DriverCompresses print job across wireSimplifies management of XenApp VMsUniversal Print ServerExtends universal print driver to network printersCombination of UPD/UPS provides universal printingto any endpoint Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Windows Server 2008, 2012Mac, Linux, and more64% Less!</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Support for Universal print server continues to expand. It includes Windows, Mac, Linux and more. It helps optimize the print job by reducing bandwidth due to integrated compression. And it simplifies management of XenApp virtual machines as we dont have to worry about managing hundreds of print drivers across hundreds of VMs. We manage the drivers on a single server, the universal print server. </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Improved Drawing/Signature tablets on WANSmooth drawing at high latency</p> <p>Two new HDX Policy controlsCapture ModePerfect for signature devicesInteractive ModePerfect for drawing devices</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential And although this last item might be a unique use case, it is becoming more important as users start utilizing touch-pen-based devices like Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro, etc. </p> <p>Citrix has optimized drawing tablets with XenApp/Xendesktop, even on connections with high latency. 8</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>With HDX, users get a rich, High Definition eXperience allowing them to utilize:</p> <p>SmartcardsScannersDrawing tablets As well as any app, regardless of graphical requirements and capabilities</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Key PointsWith Citrix Receiver, a users session will utilize Citrix HDX. With HDX, users get a rich, High Definition eXperience allowing them to utilize smartcards, scanners, drawing tablets as well as any app, regardless of graphical requirements and capabilities</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Watch entire video athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpOSi_FkA7c </p> <p>Which one is a traditional PC and which is XenDesktop?</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Look at the screenshots taken from a Skype for Business call. One used a traditional PC. The other used the latest Citrix optimization pack. Can you tell the difference? Note: The screen on the left is traditional PC, the one on the right is XenDesktopWatch the entire, 2 minute video with the YouTube URL Link10</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Citrix Delivers a High-DefinitionExperience on Any Device RDP works best only for the latest Windows-based operating systemsHDX uses less bandwidth with higher frame rates Enhancements to Skype/ Lync Server 2010, 2013 and 365NVIDIA vGPU GRID solution for challenging 3D use cases with customers in productionNative VDI/RDS printing provides basic printing support to Windows endpointsXenDesktop extends printing with driver-less printing across a variety of endpoints using universal print serverIntent-based protocol for high latency &amp; high packet loss mobile networksOptimized mobile experience (inertia-sensed scrolling, pop-up keyboards, native picker controls)Optimized for drawing &amp; signature tabletsCloudBridge and Multi-Stream ICA provide a better experience over any WAN, Internet or mobile networkGet up to twice the number of users on the same network as RDS saving bandwidth cost.Built-in WAN Optimization Best Mobile ExperienceDriver-less and hassle-free printing Optimized video &amp; best 3D experience</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Theres more </p> <p>Granular policy support for USBUSB 3.0 support H.264 videos on Mobile devices Instant App launch App FoldersAnonymous loginsOptimized Scanning and TWAIN supportUnified Communications Support including Lync 2010 &amp; 2013 &amp; others (Cisco, Avaya)Google Chrome Book SupportFlash RedirectionBoth OpenGL &amp; DirectX support</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Greater density with the latest versions10% greater density with XenApp 7.5</p> <p>Contextual and embedded security</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential One of the main reasons organizations opt for a VDI/RDS solution is it keeps the data internal and more secure. This is why Security is a major focus area for XA/XD, whether it is security of the overall architecture or for how users access the environment. </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Improved SecurityWorldwide recognition as the industry standard for app securityXenApp &amp; XenDeskotp has achieved Common Criteria evaluation milestone, first &amp; only in industry</p> <p>XenApp &amp; XenDesktop are FIPS compliant, simplifying highly regulated compliance </p> <p>FIPS 140-2 Compliant &amp;Common Criteriaevaluation</p> <p>SSL to VDA Encryption</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential In todays fast paced, high tech world secure access to mission-critical app and data is of the utmost importance. Federal Information Processing Standard 140 (FIPS 140) is a U.S. Federal Government standard that specifies a benchmark for implementing cryptographic software. It provides best practices for using cryptographic algorithms, managing key elements and data buffers, and interacting with the operating system. An evaluation process that is administered by the government that allows encryption product vendors to demonstrate the extent to which they comply with the standard and, thus, the trustworthiness of their implementation. To implement secure access to application servers and to meet the FIPS 140 requirements, Citrix XenApp has been certified.TheCommon Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluationis another accreditation process adopted by over 24 different certifying nations through the CCRA (Common Criteria Recognition Agreement). Under theNational Information Assurance Partnership, (NIAP), which is a branch of the Department of Defense, Common Criteria has a much wider review process of overall product design and functionality than FIPS, and covers the product from its inception, to final product and overall use. Common Criteria evaluations can be a very costly and time-consuming process, but the results are a remarkably powerful and secure product. Like FIPS, there are several levels of achievement based on the level of complexity, security and functionality necessary. Evaluated by levels of intensity of 1 through 7, Common Criteria tests products anywhere from a range of secure, to full-fledged national security standards. </p> <p>http://www.cesg.gov.uk/Finda/Pages/CCITSECResults.aspx?post=1&amp;company=Citrix+Systems+Inc&amp;status=In+Evaluation&amp;sort=name</p> <p>13</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Clipboard Control</p> <p>Clipboard Restriction PolicyClipboard Content Policy</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Configration is extremely easy as it is simply a set of policies within XA and XD. You set the restriction policy and the content policy. Assign those to users, catalogs, etc. And if you link this with SmartAccess policies, you can change clipboard functionality based on the users endpoint and location. </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Denying access from jailbroken iOS devicesReceiver for iOS 6.1Receiver for iOS can detect that the device that is jailbroken User can dismiss and continue -OR- Administrators can choose to block published access to apps and desktopsAdministrators have to add a keyword AllowJailBrokenDevices=False in the default.ica file on their StoreFront or Web Interface servers. Modify the default.ica files on ALL their StoreFront and Web Interface servers. When the application or desktop is blocked the user will be shown the same Security Alert.</p> <p>Security AlertCitrix Receiver detected this device has been jailbroken and cannot be trusted to run this app securely.</p> <p>Dismiss</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential How well do we trust users with jail broken devices? For some, this might be a severe security risk. So, lets let the admin configure warning messages or even deny access if this situation appears. </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Session Recording</p> <p>SessionRecording Server</p> <p>Session RecordingPolicy Console</p> <p>SessionRecordingDatabase</p> <p>SessionRecording Player</p> <p>XenApp ServersSession Recording Agent</p> <p>XenDesktop VMsSession Recording Agent</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential With 7.8, Session Recording now supports XenDesktop virtual desktops, in addition to XenApp hosts from a previous release. </p> <p>And as we take security one step further, we can also allow organizations to track user actions with session recording. This capability records each configured session to be played back later, if required. </p> <p>Capture screen updates to a video fileConfigure monitoring of a specific user, app or serverTrusted digitally signed recordingFaster problem resolutionReplay actual screen activity at exact moment of failure Quickly troubleshoot errors through time-stamped visual records Helps address difficult to reproduce errorsEnhanced auditingMonitor activity involving sensitive dataRecord admin screen for change management of critical systemsNotify users of recording to help deter potential misdoing </p> <p>16</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>XenDesktop offers stronger and more flexible securityXenDesktop enhances Native RDS security and control policies. Adds delegated admin features</p> <p>Consolidates points of access by combining your traditional IPSec VPN and secure gateway into a single applianceImproves availability with support for clustering and high availability (HA) pairsXenDesktop provides context aware control and granular access policies by location, user, app and deviceNative RDS/VDI lacks any comparable capability, cant control access by location, apps and device typeSmart Card Integration for iOS &amp; Android for secure mobile accessShareFile integration enables secure data sync for iOS &amp; AndroidDetect and react to jail broken iOS devices Limit clipboard copy direction to better protect user and data centerGranular content mapping between client and hostSession recording capabilities to help monitor activity with sensitive data Content-Based SecurityStronger Mobile SecuritySmartAccessSecure Remote Access </p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Theres more </p> <p>Auditing for Admin AccessRole based delegation End Point Scanning (EPA scans)</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Simple, scalable management and support capabilities</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Now we must as ourselves how good will a solution be if we cannot manage and maintain it. How will we manage our apps, our images and our entire system. But Citrix monitoring goes beyond that. As weve discussed, user experience is paramount to XenApp and XenDesktop. That is why we also natively monitor the user experience to make sure it is performing as expected. </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>XenDesktop management is easier, faster and more effectiveExtends Native RDS/VDI beyond small, simple, single-site deploymentsNative VDI/RDS images utilize SysPrep for initial deploymentProvisioning Services (PVS) manages entire image life-cycle across VDI, RDS and physical.PVS decreases downtime by updating images via simple rebootAdvanced Load Balancing &amp; application throttling for more accurate load balancing across different hardware configurationsCitrix Connector for SCCM unifies and simplifies app deliveryAppDNA technology (in Platinum) is best-in-class helping organizations migrate to Server 2012R2 with confidence.AppDNA leverages App-V and AppDisk for integrated packaging &amp; delivery to XenDesktopXenDesktop helpdesk tools, in every edition, built for desktop admins, multi-site aware and any sized deploymentsRole-based delegated administration, configuration &amp; loggingSession recording speeds troubleshootingBuilt-in support &amp; management tools App migration &amp; remediation tools Advanced Configurations Faster and simpler Image Management </p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential Single Image Management for physical and virtual Windows desktops and servers Native RDS/VDI only manages Windows desktops and physical devices, NOT physical and virtual servers requiring more tool$, consoles and training, and reducing administrator productivity and responsivenessXenApp is able to publish apps and desktops from the same server, while RDS can only do one. This will require an RDS-based deployment to host more servers as the resources cannot be consolidated like XenApp. </p> <p>Application Migration and Remediation Tools Native RDS/VDI cant do app migration or remediation. Our AppDNA technology (in Platinum) is best in class helping customers go virtual with confidence.Native VDI helpdesk tools limited to simple, single site deployments</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Want to explore further?Contact us at 800.424.8749</p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p>Work better. Live better.Work better. Live better.</p> <p> 2016 Citrix | Confidential </p> <p> 2015 Citrix | Confidential </p>