Live a Smart Life, Enjoy Your Smart Home

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We want our home

To help us reduce our cost of living or help us save for a future.

To let us enjoy the comfort of living with the people we care about.To be a place where there are no worries.

To be a place with hassle and complications.To be the center of our family connections

To be a place we keep our loved ones safe.

Family CommunicationsBring your family together by connecting them through Video Calls, VoIP Conferences Calls and Voicemails.Smart Living Live a smart life with a platform that intuitively allows you to enjoy living at your own home.Device IntegrationEasily connect with smart devices for communication, with access point device for security and a host of smart systems.

Video CallingDoorPad can make video calls to registered devices through the built in IP Phone Exchange or downloaded Google Apps.

Registered Devices can make video calls with each other without subscription charges

The built-in SIP Server allows five (5) simultaneous video calls between registered devices.

Video Call RecordingDoorPad can record video calls in MP4 format allowing you to review conversations.

The recording can be saved in its internal memory of 8GB. You may also make use of its external memory by adding a MicroSD of up to 32GB.

Family Communications

Voice CallsRegistered Devices can make voice calls with each other without subscription charges., reducing phone bills

The built-in SIP Server allows fifteen (15) simultaneous voice calls between registered devices. DoorPad tracks all calls made in a call log for review purposes.

Voice Conference CallingTalk about dinner plans with the entire family through Voice over IP

VoicemailsLet your family know your reminders through sending voicemails

Family Communications

Call Receiving PriorityYou can set which registered device can receive video calls first.

You can set an administrator to be responsible for managing your home. When the administrator is unavailable, the call transfers to another registered device.

Group CallingDoorPad allows group calling where a call is directed to a group of people.

Whoever is available to pick up the call can answer and all calls to other registered device automatically stops.

Family Communications

Replace International CallsStay connected with your family across the globe without paying for IDD charges when you replace international phone calls with VoIP Calls. Use the same internet connection you have in your home to stay in touch

Reduce Obsolescence DisposalSession Initiation Protocal (SIP) is the only protocol that negotiates communication parameters with device capabilities. SIP allows you to use older phones with the DoorPad.Family Communications

Device Integration

Security System IntegrationHave full control over your existing security systems by integrating DoorPad with your electronic locks, alarms, sensors, and surveillance

DoorPad in your Living Room by the couch


Device Integration

Control Living ConditionsHave full control over your homes living conditions by integrating lighting, temperature and power.

DoorPad in your Living Room by the couch


Device Integration

Entertainment & Appliance System IntegrationEnjoy staying in your home by integrating your Movies, Music and Media with Doorpad. Easily go through chores by automating smart appliances.

DoorPad in your Living Room by the couch


Intelligent HomeReceive updates on your newsfeed that can help you start the day right. Know where the traffic is before you head out. Understand what is happening in the news. Learn what is new on your select interests. Simply indicate these topics in the newsfeed.

Add applications from Google Play Store and maximize enjoyment in your home. Install music applications to maximize connected entertainment systems. Share video streaming with your smart TV.

Smart Living

Save on CostWith DoorPad, there are no monthly subscriptions to pay so you can make video calls or voice conference calls. Simply use your current internet connection.

Save on energy consumption by programming appliances to function at certain time of day only. Set air-conditioning to maintain certain temperatures against particular sensor readings.

Smart Living

Smart LivingPush NotificationDoorPad will proactively keep you updated with all events through Push Notifications

Email NotificationDoorPad will send you email notifications of any incidents detected even when youre asleep. You can review these incidents on the following work day.


Quick Start Guide (Auto Provision)Register the DeviceTurn on your DoorPad (Device).Using your browser, Go to SIP Support PageEnter the DoorPads Unique ID

Download the ApplicationDownload Supporting Application on your Smart PhoneEnter the DoorPads Unique IDYour App will connect to DoorPad (Device)

Set-up your NetworkUsing the app, select Smart WiFiUsing the app, Select ServerWait for the test call for successful configuration

Ease of Use

Family CommunicationsEase of Use

Device IntegrationSmart Living

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