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Updated list of eCairn's List of Virtual Communities as of Jan '11.


  • 1.List of Social Virtual Communities As of 11/29/2010eCairn Inc. 2010 All right reserved.

2. Beauty/ CostmeticsReal EstateHigh TechBeerRunningAgileBeverages all except wine SeniorsAjax Java and XML SW Dev BikingShoeBPMBooks SkiiingBusiness IntelligenceCelebrities TeaCIO & IT strategistChocolate and Candy TennisCloud ComputingCocktailToysCMS/KM CoffeeWeddingCRM/Call CenterCraft WineeCommerceDaddiesEmerging TechnologyCreative-Type DadEnt. Resource Planning (ERP) Deco- Style (Home)MarketingEnterprise 2.0 DietBloggingHigh TechExpecting MothereCommerceInformation Architecture Fashion Bag EmailingInnovation Fashion- OverallInternet MarketingIT Ops/Outsourcing/BPO Fishing SEO/SEMJoomla Fitness Food BBQSocial Media MarketingLinuxMobile Comp (Laptop, tablet) Food Cheese Web AnalyticsNetworking Food ChefOpen SourceFood OverallPerl SW DevFood PizzaB2BPersonal Electronics Food Vegetarian/Vegan AccountingPython SW DevelopmentFootballArchitectureRich Internet ApplicationFootball (Soccer) EducationSales Performance MgtFrugalEnergySecurity Gardening Human ResourceSoftware Dev Ruby on Rails Geeks Law-EmploymenntStorageGeneration XLaw-GeneralSustainable/Green IT GolfLeadership-ManagementSW Dev General GuitarMake Money OnlineSW Development (Adobe) HealthSales ManagementSW Development (Microsoft) Home GreenSmall BusinessSystem Admin Hunting SustainabilityTelecomJewelry VC/EntrepreneurUnified CommunicationKnittingUX/UELatinoVirtualization LuxuryWeb 2.0Men Fashion and SkincareB2CWireless/MobileMicrosoft Career Mommy Investing MotorbikeRetail Movie Personal Finance PokerBaby Boomers Movie IndustryPoliticsAfrican American Music Real EstateAppleOrganic LivingAutomotive OutdoorsTravelBaby Parenting KidsYoga and MeditationBaking- DessertParenting TeenBaseball PerfumeBasketball PeteCairn Inc. 2010 All right reserved. 3. High TechAgile: 107 sources included. Scope: agileCloud Computing: 404 sources4. Emerging Tech | ZDNetdevelopmentincluded. Scope: Cloud Computing, with5. NextGenLog1. LeadingAgilesome flavor of SaaS and SOA too2. NOOP.NL Ent. Resource Planning (ERP): 1. Data Center Knowledge: Data centers, 51 sources included. Scope: Enterprise3. Agile Development Made Easy | Alldesign, power, cooling Resource Planning (but not CRM)About Agile Software De... 2. Software as Services | ZDNet4. LitheSpeeds LitheBlog: Exploring Lean3. CloudAve 1. Irregular Enterprise | ZDNetand Agile4. Rough Type: Nicholas Carrs Blog 2. Between the Lines | ZDNet5. Agile Development Blog: Scaling 5. All Things Distributed 3. A Software Insiders Point of ViewSoftware Agility 4. AccMan CMS/KM: 61 sources included. Scope: 5. The Enterprise System SpectatorAjax Java and XML SW Dev: 113content management and knowledgesources included. Scope: softwaremanagement in the context of the Enterprise 2.0: 199 sources includeddevelopment mostly around Ajax, Java and enterpriseScope: enterprise 2.0, social networkingXMLand web2.0 in the enterprise. 1. Knowledge Jolt with Jack 1. Enterprise Web 2.0 | ZDNet1. Javalobby | The heart of the Java 2. CMS Watch evaluates WCM / CMS, Web 2. The FASTForward Blog: Enterprise 2.0developer community Analytics, and Collabo...Blog: News, Coverage...2. Ajaxian 3. Green Chameleon3. E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside3. developerWorks : IBMs resource for 4. Knowledge Jolt with JackThe Inbox by Luis ...developers and IT pro... 4. Portals and KM 5. Mathemagenic Lilia Efimova on4. Arun Gupta, Miles to go ...: Arun Guptas personal productivity in ...5. Library clipsWeblog CRM/Call Center: 106 sourcesHigh Tech: 316 sources included.5. Kohsuke Kawaguchis blog | Scope: gaming, both consoles and games. included. Scope: Customer RelationshipBPM: 127 sources included. Scope:Management, including call centers and1. Kotaku, the Gamers GuideBusiness Process Management and to customer service oriented blogs.some extent Business Process Outsourcing 2. Joystiq 1. PGreenblog 3. PlayStation Blog : The official PlayStation Blog for news...1. Column 2 : BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and2. crm intelligence & strategytechnology trends in b... 4. VG247 3. Beagle Research Group, LLC | CRM2. Jim Sinur A member of the Gartner market analysis and insi... 5. - For Gamers. ByBlog Network Gamers. * 4. Brian Vellmures CRM Strategies Blog3. On Collaborative Planning | Empowering5. Mitch Lieberman A title would limit my Information Architecture: 148office workers to ...thoughtssources included. Scope: discuss and share4. BPMS Watchbest practices, product reviews or5. Adam DeaneeCommerce: 112 sources included.guidelines around the topic of information Scope: eCommerce, e-retailing; covering and enterprise architectureBusiness Intelligence: 201 sources technology and business.included. Scope: Business Intelligence,1. Todd Biske: Outside the BoxData mining/warehousing and dashboard 1. Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog Get 2. James Governors Monkchips An Elastic Ecommerce Blogindustry analyst blog loo...1. Visual Business Intelligence2. Resources for Online Business Owners | 3. On IT-business alignment and related2. Chris Webbs BI Blog - Windows Live Practical eCommerce things3. Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE 1013. Welcome to E-Commerce Times4. Column 2 : BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and4. BI Questions Blog 4. eCommerce, Marketing, SEO & Usabilitytechnology trends in b...5. Frank Buytendijk Blog Articles | eCommerc...5. Application Platform Strategies Blog 5. FutureNows Marketing Conversion RateCIO & IT strategist: 100 sources Optimization Blog: ...Innovation: 107 sources includedincluded. Scope: CIO, IT strategist andScope: innovation (across the board) butanalyst or about strategy management inEmerging Technology: 26 sources with a spin on technologythe context of ITincluded. Scope: future technology and1. - Where ideas and trends people meet | Fast Company1. Enterprise Irregulars: Smart Thinking for 2. Change This - Were on a mission tothe Smart Enter... 1. Technology Review: The Authority on the spread important idea...2. Future of Technology 3. Seths Blog3. AccMan2. Popular Science | New Technology, Science News, The Futur...4. Innovating To Win4. deal architect 3. 2020 Science Providing a clear 5. Creative Think5. Software as Services | ZDNet perspective on developin...eCairn Inc. 2010 All right reserved. 4. IT Ops/Outsourcing/BPO: 125 1. Groklaw - Digging for Truth3. Beagle Research Group, LLC | CRMsources included. Scope: outsourcing2. - The Standards Blog market analysis and insi...3. 451 CAOS Theory - A blog for the 4. On-Demand Sales Performance1. The IT Skeptic | A sceptical view of ITIL,Management CMDB and whate...enterprise open source c...2. Horses for Sources | Analyzing new 4. | Community plumbing5. Sales Management 2.0 | Home Performance Thresholds...5. tecosystems - because technology is just Security: 666 sources included. Scope:3. Cots People Over Process One footanother ecosystemproduct review, best practices and in the muck, the ot...Perl SW Dev: 121 sources included.experience on the topic of security,4. The Outsourcing Blog: Horses for including endpoint, network and enterpriseScope: software development with a focusSources security.on the Perl language5. Spend Matters1. - blogging the onion1. Krebs on SecurityJoomla: 36 sources included. Scope: 2. Planet Perl Iron Man 2. Schneier on SecurityJoomla .3. Modern Perl Books, a Modern Perl Blog3. TaoSecurity1. The Joomlashack Team Blog4. Shadowcat Systems Limited4. SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security ...2. Joomla tips, How-to Joomla tutorials,5. dagolden Joomla training and... 5. Securosis3. Blog - brian.teeman.netPersonal Electronics: 633 sourcesincluded. Scope: preview, review, speculateSoftware Dev Ruby on Rails:4. Joomla Blog, Joomla Tutorials and News 136 sources includedon and give usage tips about personal- Allediaelectronics and gadgets.1. Riding Rails5. Joomla4Web - All blog entries2. Ruby Inside: The Ruby Blog1. Engadget 3. Professional Screencast Tutorials forLinux: 130 sources included. Scope: 2. Gizmodo, the Gadget GuideLinux operating system Web Developers and ...3. TechCrunch 4. Railscasts - Free Ruby on Rails1. | The source for Linux 4. Boy Genius Report Screencasts information5. SlashGear - Feeding Your Gadget and5. Katz Got Your Tongue?2. Mark ShuttleworthTech Obsessions3. jonobacon@home | At home with Jono Storage: 118 sources includedBacon, Community Manag... Python SW Development: 47 1. StorageRapsources included. Scope: share experience,4. [Phoronix] Linux Hardware Reviews, 2. Storagezillabest practices, product information aboutBenchmarking, & Gaming3. The Storage Architectdevelopment on the Python language5. Welcome to [] 4. - The weblog of an IT1. The Voidspace Techie Blog pro specializing...Mobile Comp (Laptop, tablet): 732. Agile Testing5. StorageMojo Data storage info &sources included. Scope: mobile computing3. - python, programming analysis(laptop and tablet) but not with a focus onand other thingscell phones and smartphones.Sustainable/Green IT: 58 sources4. Ian Bicking: a blogincluded. Scope: shared experience, best1. Liliputing Compact Computing 5. be Groovie practices and discuss the overall issue of2. The Pulse of Mobile Tech - TechnologyRich Internet Application: 229making IT green and sustainable.News and Views from...3. Technology, Gadgets, Mobile Phones,sources included. Scope: share1. Data Center Knowledge: Data centers,iPad, DVR, GPS, Camer...experiences, product review, best practicesdesign, power, coolingabout development on rich internet2. Greener Computing News, Resources,4. CrunchGearapplication framework such asand IT Tools | Computi...5. jkOnTheRun flex/flash/silverlight.3. TreeHuggerNetworking: 401 sources included. 1. theFlashBlog 4. ecoIron - All these whirring boxes.Scope: networking, mainly enterprise. May 2. Adobe - Flex Developer Center5. Green (low carbon) Data Center Blogcontain security networking blogs too.3. Mike ChambersSW Dev General: 228 sources1. Packet Life4. Ryan Stewart Rich Internet Application included. Scope: experience and best2. Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks:Mountaineerpractices on software development and theInternetworking perspectives ...5. gBlog: News and views on technology that goes with it.3. Etherealmind - Human Network Flash, Flex, and A...Infrastructure - When too mu... 1. Joel on Software4. CCIE Pursuit BlogSales Performance Mgt: 44 sources 2. Coding Horrorincluded. Scope: sales performance3. CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to5. A technical CCIEmanagement.Code Better!Blog to help you beco...1. LeapComp - Sales Performance 4. Martin Fowlers BlikiOpen Source: 177 sources included.Management and Incentive Com... 5. Object Mentor BlogScope: open source ecosystem.2. Dave Steins Blog for Sales LeaderseCairn Inc. 2010 All right reserved. 5. SW Development (Adobe): 89 products or services for the telecom 1. Yellow-Brickssources included. Scope: experience, bestindustry.2. Virtual Geekpractices and product for development on3. - The weblog of an IT 1. VoIP WatchAdobes platformpro specializing... 2. CEO Alec Saunders blog Calliflower1. theFlashBlog3. Skype Journal 4. RTFM Education2. TUAW -- The Unofficial Apple Weblog 4. Disruptive Telephony5. | News digest about3. Raymond Camdens ColdFusion Blog5. Wireless Industry, Wireless Technology, virtualization te...4. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, WebWireless Companie...Web 2.0: 113 sources includedTechnology Trends, Social Ne... Scope: web2.0 mostly on the technology Unified Communication: 1055. Ryan Stewart Rich Internet Application side and not so much on enterprise2.0 sources included. Scope: experiences,Mountaineer 1. TechCrunch trends, companies and products aroundSW Development (Microsoft): 204Unified Communication. 2. Social Media News and Web Tips sources included. Scope: aboutMashable The Social Me... 1. CEO Alec Saunders blog Calliflowerexperiences, best practices and product for 3. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Webdevelopment on Microsoft software 2. Unified Communications Strategies - AnTechnology Trends, Social Ne... industry resource ...platform. 4. Learn How Human 3. Skype Journal Business Works - Beyond...1. Home - MSDN Blogs 4. FREE VoIP Information | Smith On VoIP2. ScottGus Blog 5. Search Engine Land: Must Read News 5. Telepocalypse by Martin GeddesAbout Search Marketing...3. Scott Hanselman4. CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need toUX/UE: 213 sources includedWireless/Mobile: 572 sourcesCode Better! Scope: experiences, best practices,included. Scope: trends, companies and5. youve been HAACKED companies and products for design/user product/services in the wireless/mobile experience/user interface. industry - not telecom and mostlySystem Admin: 193 sources included.1. Six Revisions - Web Development and cellphone/smartphone.Scope: system administration orDesign Informationtechnology but written by a system 2. Web Design Resources and Tutorials -1. Boy Genius Reportadministrator Webdesigner Depot 2. MobileCrunch 3. A List Apart3. IntoMobile - Cell Phone News1. Standalone Sysadmin 4. Noupe Design Blog2. http://www.lonesysadmin.net4. SlashGear - Feeding Your Gadget and 5. Blog.SpoonGraphicsTech Obsessions3. My SysAd Blog -- Unix Virtualization: 365 sources included.5. Unwired View Wireless news, views4. Planet Sysadminand reviews Scope: experiences, best practices,5. Everything Sysadmin companies and products for theTelecom: 117 sources included. Scope:Virtualization marketplaceexperiences, trends, companies and 3. Black Entertainment and Sports, African Automotive: 165 sources included. American News, Cu... Scope: the automotive industry, brands and 4. BV Black Spin products.RETAIL 5. Clutch Magazine:1. Autoblog We Obsessively Cover The IndustryBaby Boomers: 778 sources included. Apple: 234 sources included. Scope:2. Jalopnik: Obsessed With The Cult OfScope: about baby boomers and/or fromApple business, rumors, products and Carsbaby boomers, male or female.products running on the Apple platforms3. Autoblog Green We Obsessively (iPad/Mac) Cover The Green Scene1. The Boomer Chronicles 1. Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and4. Green Car Advisor2. Time Goes By - What its really like to get older News You Care About5. Automobiles - Wheels Blog -3. Cultural Travel Hole In The Donut 2. TUAW -- The Unofficial Apple Weblog NYTimes.com4. Gen Plus3. AppleInsider | Apple Insider News and Baby: 186 sources included. Scope:best5. LifeTwo | The Midlife Resource | MidlifeAnalysis practices for baby parenting, health and Crisis, Reassess... 4. Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPodchildcare and associated products.African American: 121 sourcesReviews, Help, Tips, a...1. Booster Shots - latimes.comincluded. Scope: all aspects of African5. Apple - Press InfoAmericans and/or from African Americans.2. Musings of a Distractib...


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