Librarians and AnyMeeting: Learning Through Collaborative Tools

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<ul><li> 1. By SarahThompson </li></ul> <p> 2. Technology has become increasingly necessary in libraries in order to remain relevant and provide the services that todays patrons want and expect. 3. New technologies are constantly emerging, and it can be difficult for librarians to learn how to use all of them. How can librarians receive instruction and training in a way that is convenient and efficient? 4. Web Seminars (e.g. SirsiDynix) Online Courses (e.g. WebJunction) In-personTraining Sessions (e.g. Infopeople) 5. Make use of CollaborativeTools, specifically AnyMeeting, to provide instructional sessions for librarians on the use of emerging technologies. 6. CollaborativeTools are a type of software that allow users to interact and work effectively toward a common goal through communication and collaboration. 7. Web conferencing service Allows up to 200 participants Screen-sharing capability Video conferencing for up to 6 participants at once 8. The convenience of learning from home without missing out on the interactive aspects of an in- person class 9. Librarians can practice using the technologies as they are being instructed, allowing them to gain hands-on experience which will reinforce what they are learning. 10. AnyMeeting provides many useful features The ability to discuss technologies face-to-face with colleagues and instructor The ability to share documents can be used to provide handouts The ability to take notes The ability for the instructor to provide follow-up tests in order to gauge how much was learned The ability to record and share sessions 11. Librarians will have a better understanding of how to use different technologies. 12. The librarians who have received the training can train other staff members on the use of the technologies, as well. 13. The implementation of these technologies will help libraries to flourish and gain more personal, interactive relationships with their patrons and communities. 14. The use of these technologies, particularly social media sites, will help the library to promote their events and services and attract new patrons, allowing the library to continue to thrive in the future. 15. Librarians will be able to use their knowledge of technologies in order to provide assistance and instruction to patrons, allowing others to make use of the technologies. 16. Reliable internet connection FreeAnyMeeting account 17. No additional staff would be needed by the library in order to implement this proposal. 18. Allow the librarians who have received the instruction to implement the use of the technologies at the library. 19. A librarian has been instructed on the use of social media. This librarian would be given the task of setting up a Pinterest page for the library and using it in an effective manner to provide information and connect with patrons. 20. This would prove that the librarian had gained practical knowledge of the use of the technology and can put it to use in a way that will benefit the library. 21. Using AnyMeeting to provide instruction and training to librarians on the use of technologies would be a convenient and efficient way for the librarians to learn, and the skills that are learned could be used to benefit the library. There would be no additional costs for the library, nor would any additional staff be needed. </p>