Leveraging Social media for Business

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How to leverage Social media solution for any business. This presentation is more apt for Organizations.


  • 1.Leveraging Social Media for Business @vasanthgvk

2. Lets DemystifySocial Media 3. What is Social Media?

  • >Its a tool that foster exchange of ideas -> Exchanges become conversations -> and then communities form
  • >Users now no longer surf the web they shape it
  • These conversations are voice of people (Influencers)
  • It matters because of:
    • The Trust factor
    • Rapid Word of Mouth
    • Impacts to Google Results
    • Very different than Broadcast Marketing

4. 5. WhySocial Media ? Take a look at these statistics 6. 7. Theres2billion Internet Users across the world Out of which >600million are already on Facebook >126million blogs on the internet >10billion+ tweets sent on twitter since 2006 >2billion videos are streamed each day on YouTube 8. Not Convinced Yet? You would be soon! 9. 10. 11. Social Media for Organization 12. >Corporate & Product Branding >HR Recruitment >Employee Engagement >Internal Collaboration >Channel for Product Marketing & Sales >Customer Service & Support>Customer Feedback for Product development >Rapid Sharing >Executive Leadership & Visibility and lot more How can Social Media be used? Its not just for Marketing.. its for 13. 14. 5 Sound Reasonstoembrace Social Media 15. 1.You are already involved in Social Media > Your employees are doing it > Discussion about your brand are taking place > If you participate you can shape outcomes 2.Comparative advantages > Word of mouth is #1 influencer of purchases > Does not require a media budget > Viral effect can carry a message a long way 3.Revenue growth > Among top 100 Brands, those using social mediasaw 18% lift in revenue(Altimeter / Wet Paint 2009) > 91% of Inc. 500 use social media(Umass Dartmouth 2009) 5 Reasons to embrace Social Media 16. 4. Must-have for Corporate Marketing >Creating brand awareness and consideration > Inbound marketing / research > Community relations > Recruiting / employee relations > Investor relations > Crisis / Corporate communications 5. Search Engine Rankings! > Can produce great results (Google search engine prefers Social media content namely Slideshare.net,twitter tweets, etc) 17. 1 Follow the Rule! 2 Strategize the plan! 3 Go Implement it! How to applySocial Media 18. > Strategize > Listen > Respond, Engage & Be Human > Build > Analyze > Recalibrate, Rinse & Repeat RULES 19. 1.Identify and understand the audience 2.Objectives and metrics for measuring success 3.Team and resources 4.Key influencers and tactics for engaging them 5.Social media sites, networks and groups 6.Setup content guidelines 7.Operational plan for producing, posting, sharing 8.Marketing plan to promote and build network 9.Tools (Influencer tracking, monitoring, reporting) 10. Methodology for translating activity into ROI SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY 20. Now What? All is set Lets go Implement 21. Lets see how business usesSocial Media in Real Time! 22. Facebook Fan Pages Let Businesses Interact with Customers and Prospects 23. Businesses Use Twitter to Converse with Prospects, Provide Customer Service and Drive Sales Dell generated $9 million in direct sales through Twitter and Facebook 24. Coca Colas well-publicized Expedition 206 campaign is billed as the companys largest social media project ever. 25. Starbucks Gets Feedback From its Customers Through Online Community 26. Corporate use them for Branding, Visibility,Announcements, etc 27. Corporate use them for Recruiting people 28. Thank you @vasanthgvk Presented by Vasanth Kumar G