Learning Pool Presentation: Maximising the usage of your DLE forums

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Learning Pool presentation from the webinar 'Maximising the usage of your DLE forums'.

Text of Learning Pool Presentation: Maximising the usage of your DLE forums

  • 1. Maximising the usage of your DLE forums

2. Hello!
Aine Bradley
Dave Briggs
3. How this works
Presentation from Dave
Demonstration from Aine
Questions type them in!
What happens next
4. What well cover
What are web forums?
How can they be used
Making them a success
How they work in the DLE
5. What are web forums?
6. Defining forums
All about conversations
Asynchronous (not live)
Structure (forums/topics/threads)
User hierarchy (mods and admins)
7. Some common features
User profiles
Files, media
8. Where youll find them
Standalone forums
Attached to a content driven site
Part of a social network
Within another application
9. Examples of forums
10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Using forums in e-learning
16. Forums in e-learning
Asking questions and clarifying learning points
Discussing issues to enhance understanding
Post course support
Discussion of related issues
17. Making a success of forums
18. You need to:
Have someone looking after it
Have a purpose
Recognise contributions
Encourage recruitment
Seed content
Let debate happen
19. Over to Aine
20. Question Time
21. Whats next?
Well send presentation and link to recording
Get in touch with your account manager to find out more
Discuss with the rest of the community in our forums!
22. Thank you for tuning in