LD@EM - what Linked Data does, what Linked Data needs

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Business drivers, opportunities and design patterns behind a real life implementation of Linked Data in a global publishing enterprise.

Text of LD@EM - what Linked Data does, what Linked Data needs

  • 1.Linking Data at Euromoney Fabio Colasanti25/02/141

2. A five course menu The problem space Drivers and opportunities Challenges Patterns Next steps 3. The enterprise Part of the Daily Mail group Global publishing & data business Conferences and seminars 32 countries 3.5K employees 13 Business Units 100+ publications 100+ websites 4. Coverage Macroeconomics (BCA, ) Capital Markets (EW, DI, GCM, ) Metals price assessment (MB, AMM, SF, ) Hedge funds investment (HFI, II, IISearches) Legal (IFLR, IP, ITR, ...) Insurance (Insider, Reatcions, ) Specialist (Air Finance, IndMin, ) 5. Project Delphi: drivers and vision Exploit high overlap of concerns to transform bounded information and segregated data into shared knowledge Ability to generate new transversal products offering by leveraging the knowledge graph of existing content 6. Euromoneys Linked Data cloud6 7. Not all fun and games Retain ownership Independent change management Editorial style Ubiquitous language Reference data Information governance Data governance 8. Multi-layered bounded contexts 9. Multi-layered bounded contexts 10. Multi-layered bounded contexts: example 11. Data and Information managementPartitioned by ownership Ontologies Non-Information Resources Reference dataRisk matrix Governance process 12. Labels management @prefix eml: . @prefix emcore: . @prefix rdf: . rdf:type eml:Location ; emcore:canonicalLabel "United States"@en ; emcore:gcmCanonicalLabel "USA"@en ; emcore:bcaCanonicalLabel "U.S."@en ; emcore:alias US"@en , "U.S.A."@en , "United States"@en , "United States of America"@en . 13. Labels management 14. Labels management @prefix emcore: . @prefix owl: . @prefix rdf: . @prefix rdfs: . @prefix dc: . emcore:xyzCanonicalLabel rdf:type owl:DatatypeProperty ; rdfs:subPropertyOf emcore:alias ; rdfs:domain emcore:Concept ; rdfs:range rdfs:Literal ; rdfs:label XYZ Canonical Label"@en ; rdfs:comment "The ABC preferred label for a concept."@en ; rdfs:isDefinedBy ; dc:rights . 15. Labels management Consumer tailored labels Late binding onto semantic predicates No hacking into URIs 16. Go public? Linked Data doesnt have to be no-profit Public vs Proprietary datasets Replicate model on a larger scale Expose public domains for searchability and KB augmentation as semantically rich endpoints 17. Linked Data public access layer 18. Linked Data public access layer: example 19. Its all about quality, its all about people (Get in touch, were hiring) 20. fcolasanti@euromoneyplc.com